April 30, 2014

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So I know that the majority of my audience are Jason/Elizabeth fans, so you guys would prefer to have a handy list of the stories have them together as a pairing. On this site, I’ve written stories for more then fifteen other couples and usually include anywhere from three to twelve extra characters in the story.

So I’ve been trying to find a way to sort my stories so you guys can view them based on the couple or character, and also the year it was written to avoid ending up with the not so good story. I’m not hapy with my first pass at it — I want to work it out a bit more, but here is my first effort: Tag Archive: Stories Sorted by Couple, Character & Year.

There’s also some reorganization I want to do on the site — adjust how some of the stories are posted (some are in two-four parts and could honestly be just one. I’m going to go through and adjust them, just to make browsing the site more user friendly. It’s my aim to include extra material wherever possible, and I want to make sure it’s actually listed in a way you guys can find it.

If there’s anything exta on this site that you guys might be interested in, please let me know.

So I know it’s not always easy to find stories for your favorite couples or characters. I’ve arranged the top four pairings I tend to write (Johnny/Nadine have fewer stories, but are in a bunch of things coming up). I’m going through all my stories to make sure they’ve been tagged accordingly. Right now, these are listed in order by the date they were posted, so they’re all different lengths.

I apologize that this page is a bit of a mess. I’m organizing how I want to display this information, so hopefully I’ll get it in gear. For now, try to make some sense of this 🙂

If you’d like to see a character or another couple listed (see below for possibilities), please comment.

Most Prominent Couples

Jason Morgan/Elizabeth Webber

Patrick Drake/Robin Scorpio

Johnny Zacchara/Nadine Crowell

Sonny Corinthos/Carly Corinthos

Prominent Characters

I don’t always write a story centered around a pairing. For example, I have several stories in which Jason and Elizabeth are separate characters and not in any pairing whatsoever. Also, if you like Carly, there are stories I write about her in which she’s not in a major pairing, etc.

Jason Morgan

Elizabeth Webber

Patrick Drake

Carly Corinthos

AJ Quartermaine

Brenda Barrett

Stories By Year

Like most writers, I’ve improved over the last twelve years, so I thought it might be a useful for you to have a handy way to weed out the best (beginning with 2014 and going backward). Remember — this is not necessarily the year the story is set, but the year in which I wrote it.

2002 – Stories written in this year run a gamut–some are all right, but the majority are weak.

2003 – This one is kind of the bridge year. The earlier stories are less good, but they improve as 2003 goes on, so it’s less of a crap shoot.

2004 – Relatively clean year.

2006-2008 – Fewer novels written, more short stories. But the quality level is much better.

2014 – The best stuff, in my own opinion.

If there’s any other type of sorting method you’d like to see, please let me know. Otherwise, please comment if you’d like a character listed.

Regarding romantic pairings: Not all couples on this site are featured on the list above. . If you’d like me to add another couple from the list below to the archive, please comment. These couples are listed alphabetically by the male character in the pairing, and include, to the best of my knowledge, every couple I’ve used in a story.

If you’d like to see a character added to the archive, let me know. I’ve written for nearly every single character over a period.

AJ Quartermaine/Courtney Matthews
Brian Beck/Courtney Matthews
Nikolas Cassadine/Emily Quartermaine
Jason Morgan/Courtney Matthews
Dillon Quartermaine/Georgie Jones
Dillon Quartermaine/Lulu Spencer
Jason Morgan/Sam McCall
Jasper Jacks/Carly Corinthos
Jasper Jacks/Skye Chandler-Quartermaine
Kyle Radcliffe/Maxie Jones
Lorenzo Alcazar/Carly Corinthos
Lucas Jones/Sage Alcazar
Lucky Spencer/Elizabeth Webber
Lucky Spencer/Leyla Mir
Lucky Spencer/Sam McCall
Patrick Drake/Elizabeth Webber
Ric Lansing/Alexis Davis
Sonny Corinthos/Brenda Barrett
Zander Smith/Emily Quartermaine

April 29, 2014

So I said I’d probably come back tonight with the last chapter of FWTM: Chapter 24. It’s tonight for me 😛 And it’s exclusive to CG until I have time to post tomorrow night at RTN, Fanfiction.Net and Archive of Our Own. Please enjoy the end of the story, and let me know what you think.  Thanks so much to Cora for proofing the last four chapters 😛

I also decided to post the two plot sketches of this story so if you’re interested in how I intended to write the story (most of the good stuff made it into the finished version) but some things are really different — check out the original plans for the ending! But make sure you read the chapter first.

The first plot sketch — the original one in February.

The second plot sketch — after I finished the first nine or ten chapters and had to really think about the rest of the story.

I also took the password off the ebooks, so please go ahead and download. If you find any typos, please let me know immediately. I can edit them at any time!

This entry is part 5 of 5 in the Workshop: Plot Sketches

After I wrote Chapter Nine and realized Jason and Elizabeth were not going to do anything I wanted them to do, I had sit back and reoutline the rest of the story. This one is a little disjointed and odd, as I was kind of thinking as I wrote, trying to work out what was weak in the original outline. It picks up with Part 2 of the story.

For the most part, this is the outline that ended up being used, but things got shifted around. The major deviations are, again, the ending, which I planned to keep almost until I had to write it, and then secondly, the way Elizabeth and Jason’s relationship developed. I told you guys when I posted that had I written it as it was outlined, you’d want to kill me. I wasn’t going to resolve anything until the last chapter. Haha. I made notes in italics throughout. Hope you enjoy my thought process.


Part I: Setting up the Lie

Part II: Bringing them together

Begins with Elizabeth moving into the penthouse. What’s happened so far? Lots of arguing. Some stuff figured out. Sexy, sexy good times. Little baby steps.

Have to nail Nadine’s voice or eject her from the story. Sprinkle in some more of Aunt Rayleen. Adjust Kelly.

Needs more Emily? Hard to tell. Should Liz call Lucky or Nikolas?

Need to keep tension about the baby, but not insanely. Can’t come to a head until baby is born. Need to do some more with the mob, but dude if I don’t actually understand how the damn mob works. What the fuck is in the shipment? Maybe gambling. Smuggling. Freaking Disney mafia.

Ends with Jason leaving for Puerto Rico before baby is born.

SO!! Next chapter, Jason and Liz in bed. Several weeks (maybe a month later? Get the story moved forward?) He’s been busy. Cops raided the warehouse, another shipment is missing. Money is missing in Puerto Rico. He’s only home for occasional meals, sleeps at home though, so sexy sexy good times continue.

Liz and Carly have a pow wow. Not friendly, but not hostile. Carly presses her on the baby, Liz doesn’t want to deal with it.

Where to go? Need more tension. Need to continue building Liason, but not sure how much to push it. Need more Courtney, that’s for sure. To establish her eventual betrayal.

So…next chapter: Jason/Liz; Liz/Carly; Jason/Sonny? Maybe there are problems in Puerto Rico with the casinos. Jason knows he’s usually the first suggestion to go, but he really doesn’t want to. Sonny decides to go. Jason walks in on a phone call between Liz/Lucky. Nothing tense, but Lucky is sending his best wishes and updating Laura’s recovery. He’s excited for her to have her daughter.

Next chapter: Liz/Carly at Kelly’s. Liz has had doctor’s appointment, but Jason didn’t go. Too busy with business, which she gets. Besides, she’s getting the extra support at home now. He’s busy, but they spend every night together (second trimester libido), and he tries to make at least one meal a day, even it’s just quick from Kelly’s. Security has been relaxed a little, but just that Carly and Liz can leave the penthouse more. Liz and Carly are talking about the baby, Carly’s pushing about the nursery. Courtney sees this closeness and freaks out. Stealing brother, stealing friend, stealing boyfriend and whatnot. Liz tries to remain silent, but her guilt at the situation has lessened. She and Jason are in a good place (even if they’re not talking about the future) She’s annoyed that Courtney, who dated Jason for five minutes hasn’t gotten past it since April. (It’s almost September, which means horsebitch has had five months). Carly is also annoyed, and seeing less and less reasons why she found Courtney amusing. But Courtney strikes a few darts — that Jason didn’t leave Courtney until Elizabeth was pregnant, which means he didn’t really give much a damn about her. Elizabeth knows the truth, but she also knows she and Jason haven’t really spoken about Courtney and Ric. Their discussions all seem to stop with him swearing he wasn’t interested. Also, Courtney brings up the doctor’s appointments. He’s only been to one that anyone’s seen, and they’re still not together in public, due to security.

Perturbed, Carly goes to Jason. She says that for the most part, people have accepted the story, and that Courtney is just seen as scorned other woman. They’ve sold the paternity, particularly since Liz has been living with him for three months. However, Liz herself is another story. She accuses him of keeping Liz dangling on a string, which will just make the two of them miserable in the end. She’s due in just over three months, but she has no concrete plans for the baby. No name is chosen, no room picked out for the nursery, no godparents. Nothing. Carly divulges the confidence that she knows Jason is uncomfortable with the baby. Carly thinks she knows why, but she also knows what Liz suspects. If Jason wants to fix this, and keep Liz in his life, he’s going to have to start preparing for the future and get past his own issues.

Jason knows this is all true. It’s not that he is actually detached from the baby, despite how much he tries. He and Liz are together most nights, which means he sees her nekkid. She’s beautiful, and blossoming and her health has sprang back because she’s just…mostly happy now. He’s felt the baby kick. He sees the baby books. He didn’t know Liz was hiding random baby things under the bed in the guest room. So he decides to fix the problem he can first. He tells Liz that they need to start thinking long-term. They think Ric is behind the territory problems they’re having, but they’re still not sure they can wrap this up soon. He tells Liz to pick one of the guest rooms for the nursery. The men will clean it out, and she can decorate it for the baby. Liz is touched, but still thinks he’s doing it because it’s practical.

Audrey and Nadine visit Carly to discuss a baby shower for Elizabeth. They want to have it in the Towers, but they know security is a deal. Carly can’t believe this is her life, but agrees to start dealing with it. She tells them she’ll get details from Liz about the baby so gift shopping can be done. (Carly does not know that Audrey, Nadine and Bobbe are doing a dual baby shower for both of them, since Bobbie wasn’t involved with Michael, and Carly, haha, has been so good to Liz). (I ended up cutting this idea because I just didn’t feel up to writing it.)

Liz tells Carly she’s picked out the room, and it’s being painted a gorgeous soft yellow. She’s planning on pink and cream borders. Carly approves. How about names? Liz hedges. She’s been dealing with names, but it’s so hard. She tells Carly she has some picked out, but isn’t able to choose. She’s torn between Cadence Audrey, Olivia Charlotte, Mackenzie Grace and Juliet (no middle name in mind for that). Carly says they’re all nice, but she doesn’t think Mackenzie goes with Morgan. Double alliteration sucks. She looks to Jason, whose in the room. Asks for opinion. He says he has none, and leaves. Liz is discouraged, but Carly is just annoyed her best friend is a god damn moron. She tells Liz that this kid’s last name is going to be Morgan, so might as well factor that in. She personally likes Cadence. Elizabeth agrees. Nadine and her grandmother liked it as well, so she’s named her daughter.

Sonny comes home from Puerto Rico after nearly a month. He’s annoyed because the problems in the casinos were way more complicated than they needed to be. He thinks some of the tables were fixed, but he couldn’t prove it at first. Finally, he found the dealers, and it was the casino manager at fault. He wants to link it to something larger, but he can’t. How are things on the homefront? Carly has told him about a baby shower. Jason knows nothing about it, does not want to discuss it. Things are quieting down. Maybe it wasn’t Ric, but one of the Families who was testing the waters and didn’t get anywhere. He wants Liz and Carly to have smooth remainders to their pregnancies, but can’t help but think the other shoe is going to drop. There’s no been no attempt on Liz since the kidnapping in June. It’s September now.

Courtney comes to Emily and says she thinks they’ve been too hard on the situation. Courtney retained her bitterness because she thought Jason still loved her and she saw Carly and Sonny becoming cozy, like Liz was stealing her life, but she has to face facts. Elizabeth and Jason are together now, they’re having a child and there doesn’t seem to be anything Courtney can do about it. Emily agrees. She had thought Elizabeth would mess around, break Jason’s heart, but what little she’s seen of him since their fight leads her to believe he’s happy with the situation, and Elizabeth is stable. Maybe Elizabeth just needed Jason all along, and Jason’s going to have the baby he’s always secretly wanted. Courtney wants to apologize but she never sees Elizabeth alone long enough to do so. Emily thinks about it. Sometimes Liz is alone in Kelly’s, her guards outside, but usually in the hospital her guard is situated at the elevator because Nadine walks her to the elevators and hospital security is relatively tight.

Carly comes over to kick Jason out for the baby shower so she can decorate while Nadine and Audrey keep Liz occupied. She hopes he’s starting to open up to the baby, because Cady is going to be here before he knows it. Jason is confused, and now Carly is ready to toss him over the balcony. He wasn’t paying attention during the conversation about the names, and clearly he never asks Liz about the baby or goes into the painted nursey, because her damn name is on the wall. She asks him if being with Elizabeth makes him happy. He’s annoyed that she’s butting in, which she takes as a yes and tells him if he doesn’t straighten his shit out, loving him or not, Liz is going to walk out the door.

Jason goes to Sonny’s while the baby shower is happening, and Sonny is also trying to probe how Jason is doing with the pregnancy. Jason tells him to drop it and leaves the building all together. He wants to murder the Corinthos.

Liz is startled at the baby shower. Bobbie, Audrey, Nadine, Kelly, Marissa and Penny from Kelly’s, Carly are all there. Carly is touched that she’s got gifts and what not as well, since Bobbie figured Carly would decorate with her tastes. The women enjoy their dual showers, and talk about how excited they’re going to be when Morgan Stone arrives in November, and Cadence Audrey comes in December. Everyone wants to see the nursery Liz has set up. Carly gives her a Wyndham’s credit card and tells her if she doesn’t buy furniture from her and Sonny, then Carly will do it herself, and she might as well get what she wants. (I remember why I cut this now…I shifted the baby shower to write the confrontation Liason scene, which seemed to work better after Morgan was born, before Jason went to Puerto Rico.)

Jason comes home after the shower to find Liz in the nursery sitting in a rocking chair her grandmother gave her. Her grandfather bought it when Liz’s father told him Sarah was born, and when Jeff would visit with the kids, Audrey and Steve would rock Sarah, then Elizabeth in it. She’s holding a beautifully knitted blanket Carly had made. Jason is apprehensive. Cadence is a reality to him now that hasn’t been. There’s a room in his home waiting for a little girl. He wants to ask her more, but he just can’t bring himself to do it. Liz is sorrowful, because she’s beginning to realize that her time with Jason is going to limited. Once Cady is born, the romance will probably fade, and once Ric is gone, she’ll let the friendship fade. This time, she’s determined to let Jason go with fond memories, and not be disappointed or angry he couldn’t accept her daughter.

Carly senses a new sense of purpose in Liz, and wrongly decides she and Jason have discussed the future. She stops bringing up Jason’s relationship with the baby, and starts focusing on her own. She tells Sonny she’s worried about PPD coming back. She misssed so much of Michael, she doesn’t want to miss a moment of Morgan. (This stayed in my storyboarded scenes right up until I went to write it and it just didn’t fit, because I had shifted the timeline of the baby shower to be after the kidnapping.)

At a doctor’s appointment that Jason misses, Elizabeth and Nadine are discussing Elizabeth enrolling in the nurse’s program. She thinks it’d a be a great idea, and she wants to have a stable job for her daughter so they can be supported and independent. Nadine asks if that means she doesn’t plan on raising Cady with Jason, or even being involved. Elizabeth still isn’t positive how it’s all going to unravel (Jason may change his mind once Cady is here, and she realizes she’s clinging to that). She wants her options open. Before they can speak much more, a man jumps out of stairwell and grabs Elizabeth. He starts to drag her away, but Nadine starts kicking him and whacking him with Elizabeth’s chart. She manages to slow him down long enough to grab a nearby fire extinguisher which she bashes him over head. By this time, help is arriving. The man runs for it, but Elizabeth is free.

Sonny and Jason rush to the hospital. Kelly has admitted Elizabeth briefly, just to check the ultrasound and her vitals. She’s shaken, but okay. Jason is pissed, but realizes this wouldn’t have happened if he kept his promise to go to the doctor’s with her. He tells Nadine that he can never repay for her for protecting his family.

Emily learns of the attempt and is shaken, remembering her conversation with Courtney, but decides it’s just not possible. She calls Nikolas to talk to him about the situation, but Nikolas has no solutions for her. She’s the one that has to live with her decision. She decides to remain silent, because Courtney is her friend and would never turn on her brother this way.

Back at the penthouse, Jason apologizes for letting someone get that close to her, but Elizabeth tells him it’s all right. They don’t know where the loopholes in her security are until something happens, and going for her in the hospital was pretty desperate. The hospital has amazing security because of a baby kidnapping a few years earlier, and her guard was around the corner. She doubts he would have gotten her out of the building without being seen. Still, Jason is unhappy with himself because his personal need to stay separate has interferred with Elizabeth and Cady’s safety. It’s not going to happen again.

Jason and Elizabeth visit Carly in the hospital and Elizabeth sees how happy Jason is for them, how he holds Morgan. She wants that for herself, for them, but she’s starting to feel the distance between them again. She’s not sure if Jason is doing it, or if she’s starting to protect her heart. They still spend a lot of time together, but the conversations are so much more superficial and there’s no discussion beyond what’s for dinner.

Elizabeth’s due date is two weeks away. Sonny tells Jason that they’ve had a break—there’s trouble in Puerto Rico again, but this time Stan found evidence that Ric was there. Jason says he’ll go, which shocks Sonny. Elizabeth’s due date is so close, she could go into labor at any point. Jason tells him it’s more important to make sure she’s safe and Ric is out of her life. But Sonny knows what’s happening. He tells Jason he’ll have to tell Elizabeth himself, unless he really wants to push her away forever, in which case he could just leave and let Sonny be the one to tell her.

Jason is ashamed how tempting it would be just to leave and not personally tell her. He is conflicted, because he knows he’s in love with the baby already but thinks to protect himself by not being there when she’s born. If he can clear Ric away, then the threat will be gone. He reluctantly tells Liz the news. Elizabeth is devastated, but tries to hide it. She’s been clinging to the ideal that Jason will change his mind, but to know he’s willing to miss the birth of a child the world believes is his on the possibility to end the situation, she knows now where he stands. He starts to apologize, but she doesn’t want to fight. He’s leaving in the morning, and she knows that this will be the last time they’re in a room together without this situation having been blown up. She tells him she understands, and there’s no point in arguing. He’s doing what he’s promised to do all long. He never promised her more. They eat a quiet dinner and spend the night together. He wakes her up before he leaves to say goodbye. He tells her he’ll see her later, but as he leaves the room, she murmurs Goodbye.

Part III: Fixing their shit.

Begins: Liz in labor. Kicks Jason out of room. Nadine at work. Carly standing in. Cadence Audrey Caroline Morgan born.

Liz and Carly are in the penthouse with Nadine. They’re talking about nonsense, cooing over Morgan. Carly is annoyed that she actually likes these people. Nadine notices that Liz is wincing. Girl is labor. Carly tells Elizabeth to call Jason. Her contractions are 15 mins apart. They have time. Reluctantly, while Carly brings Morgan to Leticia and Nadine fetches Liz’s bag, she calls Jason. He tells her he’s on his way home already, he’s in flight. He’ll be in PC in two hours. (I wanted Elizabeth to start getting upset about Jason not loving Cady, and I thought Nadine being there would be too awkward. Plus, Sonny’s part in this scene ended up far surpassing anything Nadine could have brought to it. so I shipped her to New York for the day)

Jason arrives at the hospital to find Sonny and Carly in the hallway. Audrey is in with Liz right now. Knowing that people see him there, he has to go in. He goes in, Audrey gives them a moment. Jason tells her he’s sorry he almost missed being here. Liz asks who is he acting for? They’re the only ones in the room. Jason is confused, but explains to her they almost nailed Ric but he got away. He promises to keep her daughter safe. Overwhelmed from the pain, she tells him to go. She wants Carly. Nadine is on shift, can’t be there.

Upset, Jason fetches Carly. Sonny asks what happened, and Jason reluctantly admits that Sonny was right about the Puerto Rico trip. It was the final straw and he thinks she’ll really leave him this time. Sonny asks him what he’s going to do about this, but Jason has no answer.

Inside the room, Liz tells Carly that Audrey will be there, but Liz wants Carly, because Carly knows the truth, and that Cady is Morgan and Michael’s cousin. She knows Carly will love her daughter because she’s part of Sonny’s family. She wants Cady to come into this world with people who love her, not people who have spent months ignoring her arrival. Touched and upset on Jason’s behalf (and annoyed as fuck, because what the hell, this is muffin!) Carly agrees. Audrey is confused, but Carly tells her moms do what moms do.

Cadence is born, and Carly loves her immediately. She and Audrey hold her, and tell Liz how perfect she is. Liz loves her daughter and resolves that she will never let her feel like less than the perfect treasure she is. From now on, her life is to make Cady happy. She tells Carly that she’s naming her Cadence Audrey Caroline and thanks her.

Audrey says it’s time for Daddy to meet her. Reluctantly, Elizabeth agrees and asks Carly to go get Jason and Sonny.

Outside, Carly tells Jason, in a low voice, Elizabeth didn’t want him in the room because she knows he doesn’t love Cady, and she didn’t want Cady’s first moments to be with a father who doesn’t give a damn, like Liz has had her whole life. Upset, Jason asks if he should go in. They don’t have a choice, Carly admits. So he better knock this shit off.

Sonny is already inside, and he loves his niece. She’s perfect. He tells Elizabeth that she’s family. She always has been, but this just cements their connction. Audrey is pertubed by this, because well…yeah mobsters. Carly brings Jason, telling Kelly and Audrey that Jason was just nervous. He’s never held a girl before. Sonny hands Jason Cady and he does. He absolutely falls in love with this little girl and understands that despite all his avoidence and reluctance, he loves her. She’s part of Elizabeth, but she’s so obviously her own person, and he knows that he missed his chance to be her father. He was too scared to talk to Elizabeth about his fears and insecurities, and she’ll never believe him now.

Carly and Sonny go home to their kids, and Carly is overcome with emotion. She’s so upset for Jason and Elizabeth, because it’s clear that they love each other, and she just knows Jason loves that baby. Why does he always get in the way of his own happiness? Did she do this to him because of Michael? Because of the two of them together, and Robin? Sonny just doesn’t know.

Emily visits Elizabeth at the hospital, to see Cady. She begins to tell Elizabeth that for reasons she can’t go into (perceived guilt at Elizabeth’s kidnapping) she started to speak to Lainey Winters about her anger towards Elizabeth, which had been building for years and finally exploded with Zander and Jason. Elizabeth is hurt, but Emily tries to explain that she unfairly blamed Elizabeth because Lucky never came back the same. She loves him now, but he was so difficult the first two years she was home, her best friend was gone and she didn’t think Elizabeth was doing enough to get him back. She kept getting distracted by Jason, and it just made Lucky worse. Emily thought Elizabeth was the selfish one, to be thinking of herself when they all needed Lucky so much, and then when Jason left town in 2001, she blamed Elizabeth. The Zander and Jason situation last summer just exacerbated her anger. Elizabeth doesn’t know what to do with any of that, but Emily tells her she’s been working through the anger. She knows now it was irrational, that Emily was being the selfish one. She should have been there for her friend through this, for her brother. She’s happy they’re together now and they have Cady. Elizabeth asks if their friendship is going to be contingent on Jason being happy with her, and Emily tells of course not. She understands now that Jason made mistakes too. She knows it’ll take time for them to work through this, but she wants to.

Jason brings Cady and Elizabeth home. He doesn’t know what to do next. He thinks Elizabeth is done with him, so he doesn’t want to make it worse for himself. He throws himself back into the search for Ric, because he wants them to be safe. He tells Sonny that they’ve wasted enough time. It’s time to end this. Sonny is concerned but agrees.

Elizabeth asks Nadine if she’d be open to being roommates. She’s thinking of moving out with Cady soon. Nadine agrees, but she thinks Elizabeth should really talk to Jason about it. She was so happy this summer.

Elizabeth talks to Carly about her feelings, because she knows the truth about Cady’s father. Carly is annoyed Jason is keeping his mouth shut, but absolutely knows that her meddling will likely make it worse. She’s been trying for months, but Jason hasn’t listened to her. Carly tells Liz that she needs to do what’s right for her kid, but she personally thinks Jason is what’s right, and maybe she should have some patience with the poor bastard. He’s a man, and they’re inherently the dumbest creatures on Earth. Elizabeth reluctantly agrees to give the situation more time.

Emily, Nadine and Elizabeth get together at the penthouse, trying to restore normalcy to their lives. Everyone is absolute alt over Cady, but Emily sees that Cady’s eyes are turning brown. She says nothing, because she knows enough now after Elizabeth’s kidnapping attempts that what’s going on is to protect Cady. Nadine leaves when Jason gets home and Elizabeth puts Cady to bed. Emily tells her brother that she loves him, and supports him no matter what. He’s been given an incredible opportunity to be a father again and she just knows that because Elizabeth is the mother involved, that Jason is going to be able to keep Cady. Jason realizes Emily knows the truth and tells her he wishes that were true.

A month has passed, and nothing has changed. Elizabeth is doing all the work with Cady, which she doesn’t mind because she adores her, but there are moments she’s exhausted and lies in bed in the middle of the night, wishing Jason would get up just once. She tells Nadine, Audrey, and Emily over lunch she’s enrolling in the nurse’s program.

Liz has paperwork to sign for the program, so she asks Carly to baby sit. Carly brings Morgan over, and realizes Jason is home. She’s super annoyed about this, and once Liz leaves, Carly has absolutely had it with this nonsense. Cady is a beautiful little girl that Jason should be raising. She knows for a fact that this is breaking Liz’s heart, and it’s only because Carly suggested she stay that Liz hasn’t made a move towards going. The fact that Liz is thinking about seems to affirm Jason’s decision, but Carly throws something at him, which surprises him. She starts to cry, because she thinks she broke his ability to trust because she gave him Michael, and then ensured Jason lost him by going to the Quartermaines, and then sleeping with Sonny, and giving Michael to Sonny. She’s hysterical because he has been so amazing to her, he’s the only reason she’s happy, that she has her sons and all Carly has ever done to him is cause him pain and it’s her fault that Jason’s losing this chance at a family. Jason is stunned. He doesn’t know what to do with this Carly. He tries to tell her that it’s not her fault, but realizes…it is. In a way. He tells Carly that he knows Elizabeth would never intentionally take Cady away, but the fact remains he thought about Carly, and he thought that about Robin. He loved Robin as much as he’s ever loved anyone, and she took Michael away in an effort to protect him from Carly. Robin never realized that Jason would have been happy to have Carly use Michael as a weapon if it meant he got to stay with him. (Even though in the actual version Liason had fixed their shit by this point, I thought it was important for Carly’s character to have this scene, so I finagled it to keep it.)

Carly begs Jason to talk to Elizabeth about this. She knows Liz loves him, she knows he’s stupid for her, but however bad he thinks it might be when she walks out the door, it’ll be worse when it actually happens. He has to do something about this, he cannot just stand back and let it happen. Jason, wanting to make her feel better, agrees.

That night, Jason and Elizabeth are in their respective rooms. He knows how tired she is from her long day at the hospital and their tense dinner. He knows Cady wakes around 2, so he sets his own alarm and goes in before Cady can start crying over the monitor. He takes Cady downstairs and starts to feed her one of the prepared bottles Liz keeps in the fridge. Liz wakes anyway—she’s used to it at this point, and becomes concerned when Cady isn’t in her crib. She goes downstairs and finds Jason at the window, with Cady, feeding her and talking to her about Rome.

He hears her footsteps and sees her on the stairs. Elizabeth is confused, because it looks like he’s…loves this baby, so what the hell is going on? Jason finally admits that every time he began to think about a family with her and Cady, he’d see Michael and remember that he used to be his father. Even though he’s still in his life, it’s not the same and he doesn’t want to one day be the uncle Cady is fond of. Liz is now confused and pissed, because there were things they could have done to deal with this. She totally gets this fear, remembers him when he lost Michael. Even if Jason isn’t sure of them, and she can’t ignore that, because she wasn’t always, there was always adoption. There were things. She’s torn between being relieved its actually a fear within Jason, and not the external factor that Ric is the biological father. She tells him that they don’t work if he’s not honest with her, and this is the absolute last time she’s going to tell him that. He agrees. They leave it up in the air for the night, but Liz comes back to sharing his room that night (no physical, just comfort since it’s only been a month).

Next day, Liz is at orientation for nursing program. Jason is watching Cady, getting used to her routine. Carly stops by, wondering why Liz never met her for dinner. Jason is confused and calls her guards. Cody says he turned her over to the guard on the door about five. She was going to change, grab her evening guard and Cady, and then meet Carly and the boys. It’s almost seven now. It’s two hours—Liz never came upstairs. Jason tells Carly to stay with Cady. He goes to Sonny’s. Elizabeth is missing. He needs the techs on the elevator and cameras. He calls Nadine, and asks if she’s seen Liz, Nadine says Liz left the hospital about 4:30 to go home to change for dinner. Concerned, Nadine mentions the phone call to Emily, who knows she can’t keep her suspicions to herself now.

At Sonny’s, Jason is trying to keep calm while they organize what they know. The cameras show that Elizabeth left Cody in the parking garage, got on the clear elevator, which then stopped on the fourth floor, where she was grabbed. They know there must be guards in on this, but Liz’s personal security detail looks to be clear. Carly comes in, wheeling Cady’s bassinet. She knows what’s going on now. They grabbed Elizabeth now because Carly figures they want to divide focus. She thinks Ric never bought the paternity story, but waited until the baby was born. The rumors flying around town about Jason being uninvolved told Ric that maybe Jason wanted Liz, but he didn’t necessarily want the kid. So if he takes Liz, Jason will be so focused on getting her back, Cady’s security might be lapsed. Jason knows that Carly has a point and feels sick that his own actions might contributed. Cady is to stay in the penthouse, protected with Michael and Morgan.

Emily rushes in at this point. She’s so upset, she should have said something months ago. After Liz’s kidnapping attempt in the hospital, Emily remembered her conversation with Courtney about her being alone sometimes at the hospital. Sonny is wrecked, but arranges for Max to bring his sister in. Courtney is initially defiant — what the hell are they talking about? But Sonny realizes that in order to pull this off, Ric and Faith had to know which guards were which. Courtney, afraid of Jason and Sonny, eventually admits what she did. She was so angry that Elizabeth had stolen her life that when Faith approached her to get Liz out of Jason’s life, Courtney agreed. She passed information on the guards and the info that Emily gave her, but she swears that’s all she did. She’s so sorry, she just wanted Elizabeth to pay for what she did. Disgusted, Sonny sends her to a room, until they can figure out what to do next. Knowing how it was done doesn’t change anything. They’re searching all Faith’s properties, but they don’t know what to do.

They put the word on the street that the two guards are to be brought to Jason and Sonny as soon as they’re seen. One of them, realizing the price on his head, comes to Jason and Sonny. He helped, he gives them a warehouse address and begs for them to make it quick. Sonny tells him it’s up to Jason. Jason tells him that they’ll deal with him later, to make an example to the other guards of what happens when they mess with his family. He goes to Cady and tells her that he loves her, and that even if it means he won’t come back, he will bring her mother home.

At the warehouse, Faith is arguing with Ric that they need to clear out immediately. It didn’t work. Security on the dumbass kid is as tight as ever and she’s tired of waiting around to ruin Corinthos and Morgan. Ric keeps putting her off, saying it hasn’t been long enough. Morgan isn’t frantic enough. Faith decides to cut her losses, and heads out of town, abandoning Ric and telling her men to draw back. Psychos with personal agendas and no head for business are worthless. Elizabeth pleads with Ric to let her go. Ric refuses. Jason and Sonny show up with their men, but before they can overpower Ric and rescue her, there’s a shootout, and Ric ends up dead while Jason is wounded badly.

Elizabeth and Sonny rush to the hospital. Jason is in surgery, it’s touch and go. Emily tells her he’ll be in surgery most of the night repairing the damage. She should go home, see her daughter. Elizabeth agrees. She’s at the penthouse, rocking Cady when Alexis arrives. She was under instructions from Jason to visit her in the event something like this happened, if Jason were in danger of dying. Elizabeth tells her Jason isn’t going to die, but Alexis still has her instructions. She tells Elizabeth that Jason has left something to Carly’s kids, his sister, etc. but the bulk of his estate has been left to Elizabeth and their daughter, with Cady’s portion in trust until she’s twenty-one and Elizabeth is in charge of that. Shaken, Elizabeth asks when he made these arrangements. Alexis said he started them in May, after Elizabeth learned she was pregnant and adjusted them after Cady was born to reflect that she was not an unborn child, but a living one. And Elizabeth asks if that was the language he used — their daughter, his daughter, not hers. Alexis says those were his words. She also tells Elizabeth that she knew Jason wasn’t the biological father, and had advised Jason to draw up guardianship papers, and adoption papers in case anything happened to Elizabeth. Alexis did so, but Jason never filed any of them because he didn’t know how to talk to her about those things, whether she’d want those things.

Elizabeth asks if Alexis brought any of those papers. Alexis gives her the copies that Jason drew up, but they’re unsigned and unnotarized. She takes Cady to Carly and Sonny’s and goes back to the hospital.

When Jason finally wakes up, Elizabeth is there. She thanks him for saving her life, for saving their daughter. She tells him that she loves him. She gestures to the papers. As soon as he’s well enough to sit up and sign his name, she’s bringing in a notary and they’re signing and filing this. She never wants him to doubt his place in their live. Jason tells her he wishes he had talked to her about this months ago, that he’s wasted so much time, but he loves her so much. He asks her to marry him.

Epilogue, after Cady’s christening, Elizabeth is opening presents and finds the champagne from Faith and her promise to be back.

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Note: If you’ve not read A Few Words Too Many, this outline will give away major details. I would read the story first. This is just for shits and giggles for those of you’ve read the story.


This is the original plot sketch when I sat down to plan the rewrite in late February. It’s shorter than my usual plot sketches, which meant  I had reoutline later. If you’ve read all of A Few Words, you can see where I deviated from my original plans, mostly because the story always takes a different shape once you start writing it.

The ending is different, I changed the name of Elizabeth’s daughter, and maybe the biggest changes are Carly’s role in the story and the Liason relationship. Had I written it this way, you guys would have set me on fire.

So Take One.

Elizabeth learns she is pregnant by Ric. She lets herself into his apartment to tell him the news only to overhear him in his bedroom with Faith Roscoe. She leaves without telling him, and goes back to her studio, upset. She knows Faith is Sonny and Jason’s enemy and wonders if they should know Faith is mixed up with Ric, but fears what might happen with her baby, so she keeps mum. She avoids Ric’s calls, but confides in Emily regarding her pregnancy, without telling her about Faith — just that she’s worried about telling Ric because he’s been different lately. Emily encourages Elizabeth to tell Ric—she thinks he’s good for her, and it’s good that she’s moved on like Jason has. Elizabeth still remains silent.

Ric corners Elizabeth on the docks to find out what’s been happening. She tells him that she doesn’t want to see him anymore, but he’s not taking that for an answer. He asks her if it’s about Jason, she denies it but he can tell she’s not telling him something. He becomes irate, and Jason chases him off. Elizabeth considers telling him about Faith, but stays silent. She thanks him and goes, but he’s concerned that Ric is sliding over the edge.

Ric goes to Emily to try and ferret out what’s wrong with Elizabeth. He manipulates her into telling him just enough to learn Elizabeth is pregnant. Emily is regretful that she told Ric the truth, and forwarns Elizabeth—but she’s glad, because she should have told him in the first place. Elizabeth is panicked and starts working on a cover story.

Sonny tells Jason that Ric has been embezzling money from one of the Five Families, and they’ve got a bounty on his head. Concerned Elizabeth might get caught up in the crossfire, he heads to her place to warn her, maybe offer a guard or sent her out of town for a while. He finds Elizabeth on the docks, and Ric is cornering her, demanding answers about her pregnancy. Elizabeth tries to distract him with news that she knows about his affair with Faith, but he continues to press her about the baby—family is important to him, he tells her. Panicked by his uncharacteristic aggressiveness, she tells him it’s not true, but he doesn’t believe her. Just as Ric grabs her arm, Jason pulls him away and tells him to stay the hell away. He claims the paternity of the baby, and tells Ric that’s why Elizabeth didn’t tell him. But now he knows. He tells Ric that the Family he embezzled from is looking for him. Understanding the threat, Ric goes away.

Shocked, Elizabeth starts to demand to know what he’s about, but Jason takes her back to the penthouse to keep her away from any eavesdropping. He apologizes for jumping in, and tells her that he hopes Ric will just slink out of town, between the threat of the Families, Sonny’s annoyance after the Vineyard incident, and hopefully believing Elizabeth isn’t having his baby. However, if Ric makes a stand and becomes an issue, Jason wants to help.

Elizabeth doesn’t think that Ric is going to be a problem—she agrees he’ll probably head out of town, and wants this claim to stay between them to minimize any damage. Should they discuss what happens if Ric keeps after her? Will Jason press the paternity. Jason agrees to stand by his claims, and tells her that no one should know the truth except for them—everyone should believe the worst, due to what happened with Michael since so many knew the truth. Elizabeth understands, and reluctantly agrees, hoping it isn’t needed.

Unfortunately, Ric does go under radar, but he takes an opportunity of seeing Carly and Courtney at Kelly’s as he’s packing his bags to tell them the good news—which is in the middle of Kelly’s. Soon, practically everyone knows that Jason is supposed to be the father of Elizabeth’s child. Ric heads out, while Carly and Courtney head over to harass Jason. Jason, annoyed at the turn of events, stays true to his word about the paternity, but goes to Elizabeth’s studio to report the new development. Elizabeth is hesitant about continuing, but Jason tells her Ric is too dangerous to mess with. She agrees to keep the charade going.

Courtney is pissed, but Sonny doesn’t buy it. He corners Jason, who remains mum. Sonny gets what’s going on, but stays silent. With Ric as his half-brother, Elizabeth’s child has made her part of the family and he tells Jason he’ll protect her. He hopes Courtney will move on, as she wasn’t really suited to this life.

Emily freaks out on Elizabeth, convinced that this newest development is another sign Elizabeth is a selfish bitch, after sleeping with Zander the the previous summer. Some friend she is that she led Emily to believe Ric was the father, not Jason. Elizabeth is upset, and feels alone with Emily not speaking to her, and Lucky and Nikolas in London with Laura and Luke. At a hospital appointment with Dr. Lee, she meets Nadine, a nurse on the maternity ward who gives her a tour of the area. Nadine overheard Emily’s issue, and feels bad. She buys Elizabeth a coffee and confides in her about her serial killer sister.

After a tense shift at Kelly’s, Elizabeth and Courtney close for the night. In the parking lot, a guard Elizabeth didn’t know about, botches a kidnapping attempt. He calls Jason, who picks up Elizabeth, and Sonny heads off to question the man responsible. Elizabeth is in shock, and learns that the man is one of Faith Roscoe’s soldiers. Jason decides that Ric isn’t giving up his belief in the baby’s paternity, and has teamed with Faith. Ric was obsessive about family before (Sonny situation) and supposes it’s not surprising he’s latching on to this. They’re going to have to step up her protection and his claim to be the father. Elizabeth agrees for the safety of her child, and agrees to move into the penthouse.

This development peeves Carly and Courtney, who aren’t privy to the kidnapping event. Elizabeth asks Nadine to help her move her things, enjoying the company of someone who doesn’t judge her. She tells her the basic details, and Nadine understands—she’s not innocent of the mob life. She used to live in Crimson Pointe, and dated Johnny Zacchara for a while before taking a new job.

The next two months pass in relative peace. Elizabeth and Nadine become closer, she and Jason manage to get into a routine—neither of them mention the baby and Carly is suspicious that Jason is so uninvolved after moving Elizabeth in. She questions Sonny, but he’s not talking. She keeps her concerns to herself, Elizabeth learns she’s having a girl.

With no sign of Ric or Faith, Elizabeth wonders if they’re gone, but Jason isn’t ready to give up the ghost. The Families understand that Sonny is to be kept apprised if anything comes up, and they can’t find him either. He’s so underground that it’s unnerving. Elizabeth struggles with being alone in the pregnancy, and the taunts from Courtney that Jason cares so little about their bastard child that he’s only letting her live with him out of guilt. He never comes into Kelly’s to see her, and bets he never goes to the doctors.

Carly confronts Jason finally with her suspicions. She doesn’t want to know the truth, but if there are people who are supposed to believe that Elizabeth is having his child, then Jason should start acting like it. Doctor’s appointments, getting the penthouse ready for a baby. Acting like he gives a damn about the baby’s mother.

At the same time, Elizabeth’s pregnancy hormones have kicked up her libido. She tells Nadine, who encourages her to talk to Jason about it. Jason tells Elizabeth he needs to be more involved with the baby, which makes Elizabeth irrationally angry—that rather than wanting to be there because they were friends , he has to be told by someone else to do it for appearances sake. She accuses him of only helping her when he feels guilty or obligated. They begin an argument, which ends up with them in bed.

Afterward, Elizabeth is contrite, knowing how much help he is giving her. She apologizes and tells him about the hormones. Jason apologizes for not being there more, he was just unsure of the boundaries. An uneasy truce has been struck, and somehow they fall into the routine of sharing a bed and room, even if they don’t make love every night.

Towards the end of Elizabeth’s sixth month, Nadine approaches Carly about having a baby shower for Elizabeth. She wants to do something fun for her, but doesn’t know a lot of Elizabeth’s friends. Carly, annoyed by the whole situation but clearly knowing what’s going, agrees to help surprise Elizabeth. She gets Jason’s approval, and the day of the party, Elizabeth is overwhelmed by the idea, but is upset when Emily doesn’t show up. After the party, she realizes that the baby stuff now overwhelms the downstairs, and wonders what she’s supposed to do with it. She starts trying to put it in a corner of the penthouse, but Jason catches her doing it. He tells her to pick one of the guest rooms, and they’ll have it decorated. Though Elizabeth knows it’s practical, she’s troubled at the idea that this is going to continue for so much longer.

Courtney tells Emily she’s dating again, and wishes she could reach out to Elizabeth to put everything behind them. Emily has also been feeling regretful, and thinks they should ask Elizabeth out for coffee sometime. Courtney wishes they could do it away from everyone else — it just feels so embarrassing. Emily has seen her at the hospital. Her guards are usually at the elevators, rather than outside the room. Maybe they could try there? Courtney agrees.

Laura gave Elizabeth a book of baby names, which Elizabeth suggests they look through for a name. Jason tells her he doesn’t really have an opinion, and he’s going to meet her at the hospital, since he’ll be late. Taking this as a sign that Jason isn’t really invested in the entire thing, Elizabeth decides she isn’t going to bring it up again.

After the doctor’s appointment, which Jason misses entirely, she begins to have doubts about continuing to live with Jason. Surely he could set up security somewhere else. She confides in Nadine, who encourages her to think about life after the baby is born. She can’t work at Kelly’s forever. She considers enrolling in the nursing program, and maybe sharing a house with Nadine down the road. Nadine is walking her to the elevator, when they pass the emergency stairs. Someone jumps out, knocking Nadine down, and starting to drag Elizabeth towards the stairs. Nadine grabs a fire extinguisher and starts beating the man with it. He lets go, and flees. Elizabeth’s guard hustles the women out.

Jason is upset that his meetings kept him from Elizabeth’s appointment, and she was nearly kidnapped again, but Sonny points out that Elizabeth’s doctor schedule isn’t something just anyone could access. How did they know where Elizabeth is? Jason heightens Elizabeth’s security and tells Nadine how grateful he is.

Emily learns about the attempt from hospital gossip and is stricken, remembering her conversation with Courtney. She can’t possibly believe it might be true, but all the same starts to keep her distance from Courtney.

The last three months of Elizabeth’s pregnancy pass, without another word from Ric. Three weeks from her due date, Jason and Sonny learn Ric was sighted in Puerto Rico. Jason reluctantly decides to go and look into the allegations, trusting Sonny to keep things good at home. Elizabeth keeps it to herself that she’s upset he’s leaving town so close to the baby, but she’s convinced he’s not interested in the baby. She suggest to Nadine about the nursing program and sharing a place. Nadine is in.

Elizabeth, in soap opera form, goes into labor as Jason is flying home. Before he can get to the hospital, Elizabeth has a little girl. He apologizes to her, but she isn’t interesting in hearing it. She’s made her decision about the future.

They take her home, but Elizabeth is having trouble naming her. Carly suggests Audrey or Lila, but Elizabeth wants her to have her own name. Carly asks for Jason’s opinion, but he again has nothing to add. Elizabeth thinks of Sofie, and Carly loves it. After Carly goes home, Elizabeth asks Jason if it’s possible to secure somewhere else for her to live. Jason is troubled, and tries to tell her to put it off a little longer, but she doesn’t want to. The longer they live together, with Jason supposed to be Sofie’s father, the more it becomes apparent how uninterested he is, and she doesn’t want her daughter to spend one more minute with a father who doesn’t love her. She understands it, Sofie isn’t his daughter, they both know it, but the rest of world doesn’t.

Jason has no answer for it, nothing that she’ll understand, so he agrees that they can start searching for somewhere else. A few days later, he comes home to find Nadine baby-sitting Sofie. Elizabeth is at the hospital filling out admissions for the nursing program, and Nadine brought the baby home for her nap. She gives Jason instructions, and then leaves—after all, Jason is the baby’s father. For the first time, he’s alone with the baby. He tells her that he’s sorry, that he thought he could do this, but he can’t bring himself to fall in love her, not after what happened to Michael.

Before he knows it, three hours have passed and Elizabeth isn’t home. Concerned, he calls her cell phone and gets nothing. He calls her guard, who says she got on the elevator with the guard on the evening shift two hours ago.

Panicked, Jason brings Sofie to Sonny’s apartment, hands her to Carly, and they start trying to figure out what happened. Cameras show that Elizabeth got on the elevator, but never got off. Sonny sends their tech guy to figure out what happened on the elevator, but Carly is confused — why grab Elizabeth when she’s no longer pregnant? To get to Sofie.

A day later, Jason calls Nadine to care for Sofie while they’re looking. Emily comes with Nadine, and tells Jason about her suspicions during the last attempt. Jason reluctantly tells Sonny, who questions Courtney. Courtney attempts to play innocent, but finally admits that Faith Roscoe contacted her months ago. Courtney didn’t tell her much, except the thing about the hospitals, and the names of Elizabeth’s guards. Pissed, Sonny puts her on a plane to the island. Suspicion falls on Elizabeth’s guards, and they learn that two must have flipped — her guard on the hospitall, and the one downstairs.

With the word out on the street for the guards, one of them comes to Sonny, giving them the address of a warehouse.

At the warehouse, Elizabeth is pleading with Ric to do the right thing. Even if Sofie were his daughter (and she’s not giving an inch), he could never be any good for her. He waited for her to be born to take Elizabeth, hoping that Jason and Sonny would shift their focus to the search, and loosen the grip on Sofie’s security. Jason sneaks up on Ric, but Ric hears his footsteps. He turns, there’s a shootout that leaves Ric dead, and Jason seriously wounded. Sonny unties Elizabeth, and they start struggling to get Jason into the car for the hospital, but he’s trying to tell her that he’s sorry, that he tried so hard not to love her, but he does, he was just scared…he passes out before he can explain.

At the hospital, Jason is in surgery for hours, clinging to life. Elizabeth goes back to the penthouse, and nurses Sofie. She watches her sleep. Alexis comes in, apologizing, but she has instructions for this kind of thing. She tells Elizabeth that Jason updated his will after Sofie was born, leaving half of his assets to Elizabeth, and the other held in trust for his daughter. She tells Elizabeth that she and Jason also discussed Sofie’s guardianship in the event that something happened to Elizabeth, and that Alexis drew up adoption papers to protect Sofie. He never filed them because he needed her signature. Stunned, but starting to understand Jason’s distance, she takes the unsigned papers and returns to the hospital, having left Sofie with Nadine.

As Jason comes out of anathesia, she tells him that she understands why he hasn’t been involved with Sofie—that no matter what the world believed, he knew he wasn’t her father, and that like Carly, Elizabeth might change her mind, and he’d be out of her life. He was protecting himself against Michael. He knows Elizabeth wouldn’t, but so that they both feel comfortable, if he wants…they can quietly file the adoption papers to make Sofie legally his.

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And life is a road that I wanna keep going
Love is a river, I wanna keep flowing
Life is a road, now and forever, wonderful journey
I’ll be there when the world stops turning
I’ll be there when the storm is through
In the end I wanna be standing
At the beginning with you
– At the Beginning, Richard Marx, f. Donna Lewis


They could hear muffled voices as Jason, Sonny and several of their men drew closer to the back room in the small warehouse on Van Ness Street. There had been no one guarding the exits, and Jason thought that Freddy had been jerking them around until they’d heard sounds from the back of the building.

“Johnny and Louie are on the back exits,” Sonny murmured in his ear, his own gun drawn and pointed toward the ground. “Francis and Marco are covering the left side, Ricky and Oliver are on the other side. We’re going in from the front. We’ve got it as covered as it’s going to get.”

“I don’t like it, Sonny.” He shook his head. “It’s too quiet.”

He slowly eased the door open and stepped gingerly towards the back room. He watched as the men they’d stationed on either side crept towards them. They met in the middle of the room.

“It’s Elizabeth’s voice I hear,” Jason almost breathed. “But where are Faith and her men?”

“Cut her losses maybe,” Francis replied. “Makes life easier if she just abandoned them.”

Maybe, but he wasn’t counting her out.

As they drew closer to the room, the voices became more distinct and he knew how that Elizabeth was in there, with Ric. They stopped just before the closed door, Jason motioning them to hold their positions.

“I don’t care what you do to me,” Elizabeth’s low voice floated through. “You’ll never get near my daughter, so you can kill me—”

“Stop saying that,” Ric growled. “I would never hurt you, Elizabeth. I love you.”

“Well, I never loved you. You were just a way to pass the time.”

Jason closed his eyes and muttered under his breath. Why Elizabeth was taunting the psychopath, he couldn’t imagine.

“That’s not how it was between us and you know it. You loved me, Elizabeth. Now, Jason made you forget that. He talked you out of it, made you feel guilty for moving on—”

Elizabeth’s laughter cut Ric’s words off. “You need to believe that, don’t you? Is that what you’ve been telling yourself all these months I lied to everyone I know and love, telling them Jason and I slept together? I mean, you understand that I blew up my life with that lie and I would do it again if it meant I could have him and you’d be gone. I never loved you, Ric. Not even for a minute.”

Sonny rolled his eyes. “This would be funny if it weren’t so serious,” he breathed.

“That was his idea and I know it,” Ric snarled. “I saw your face, Elizabeth. You were just as surprised as I was. You were faithful to me—”

“Faithful.” She snorted. “That’s a funny word. Because you certainly weren’t. But that’s fair, Ric, because I emotionally cheated on you every time I saw Jason and wished you were anywhere else.”

“Damn it, Elizabeth—”

They heard Ric’s footsteps moving further into the room. Jason nodded to the four other men. “Now.”

Jason kicked open the door, the first to move in, and before Ric knew what was happening, the eight of them had him and Elizabeth surrounded, Johnny and Louie having burst in from the back.

Ric had drawn his gun as soon as the door came down, but rather than training it on Elizabeth they’d expected, he’d pointed it right at Jason. The two men stood there in a silent stand-off.

Sonny and Marco quickly loosened Elizabeth’s knots and she stood, almost swaying from the hours of being tied down. “Francis, take her—”

“No,” Elizabeth shook her head. “Not without—”

“Elizabeth, go with Sonny,” Jason said without sparing her a look. His finger was on the trigger and he was going to pull it as soon as she was in the clear. She might accept what he did for a living, but he wasn’t going to make her see it. “Please. He’ll take you home to Cady.”

“You think you’ve got me, don’t you?” Ric hissed. “You think you’ve got me right where you want me. You may have my daughter, Morgan, but I’m not letting you have Elizabeth.”

“Look around you, Ric,” Jason jeered. “I don’t see you with the upper hand.”

And he saw in Ric’s eyes that the other man did know it. That he was not leaving this room alive.

Which made him dangerous.

“Elizabeth,” Jason began. “I need you to go. Please.”

And this time, she started for the door.

“I love her,” Ric said quietly. “More than you ever will. You didn’t love her enough to go after her. She had to come to you. Do you think she doesn’t know that? That she doesn’t know she was the default, the second choice? She’ll realize it one day, Morgan, and when she knows that you never loved her the way she loves you, it’ll break her heart.”

And then Ric’s eyes shifted past Jason and he knew Elizabeth and Francis were near.

“I’m going to save her from that,” Ric said, his eyes bright and wild. “If I can’t have her, no one will.”

And then he moved and changed his target.

The room exploded in gunfire.

Corinthos Penthouse: Living Room

Carly Corinthos was going to come out of her skin. Two hours since Jason and Sonny had left the penthouse with a cadre of guards, leaving her here with Max and Rocco on the door.

The kids were asleep and it was past midnight, but Carly hadn’t even bothered trying to lay her head on the pillow.

She would not sleep until her husband, her best friend and…well…damn it, her Muffin were back in this building safe and sound. It was the only outcome she was going to accept and she would be damned if anything would come between her and her family.

“If they have so much as a scratch on them,” Carly muttered, turning back from the door to pace towards the mantel, “I will…well, I’ll do something. I’ll figure out something and I will do it, and the world will be sorry they messed with me and mine.”

The door creaked open.

Carly whirled and saw the exhausted form of her husband come through the door first. “S-Sonny…”

And then the Muffin, who was hobbling a little on Jason’s arm.

“Oh, thank God.” She flew at them, hugging and kissing Sonny before moving to Jason and then she threw her arms around Elizabeth.

“What happened?” she demanded, drawing back from the uncomfortable experience of hugging Elizabeth Webber. “You can’t call me, tell me you’re alive? Where is everyone else? What the hell—”

“Carly.” Sonny held up a hand, and watched as Jason helped Elizabeth to the sofa. “We…had to get back in case the cops showed up. There…was some gunfire and we didn’t want to be on the scene too long once we cleaned it up.”

“Where’s Cady?” Elizabeth demanded. Her eyes were bleary, her shoulders slumped. “Is she okay?”

“Fine,” Carly nodded. “I haven’t let her out of my sight all day. Well, out of mine, Michael or Leticia’s sight. And you know Michael takes cousin duties very seriously. We haven’t left this penthouse since we realized you were missing.”

And then Elizabeth straightened and turned to Jason, her fingers clutching at his shirt. “Cody. He was shot when Dominic grabbed me. Is she…”

“He was alive when we found him,” Sonny said. “Harry got him to the private clinic, and the report we got before we left for the warehouse was that he was expected to recover.”

She closed her eyes. “Okay. Okay. He was…he knew something was up when the elevator stopped, but Dominic said there was a security issue, and I followed him because I was scared someone had gotten to the penthouse, but Cody…Cody wanted me to stay back. I thought about just going by myself, but what if I was wrong…and someone was up here.”

“We haven’t found Dominic yet,” Sonny bit out. “But we will.” He rubbed his eyes and headed for a bourbon. “And Faith was gone by the time we got to the warehouse.”

“She was angry,” Elizabeth murmured. “She came into the room as Ric was explaining to me that we should be a family, that he loved me.”

Carly snorted. “After he used her for a year, I’m sure Faith loved that. I’m surprised she didn’t shoot him.” Then she frowned. “But she probably would have shot you, too.” She hesitated. “Did…where is Ric?”

“He tried to kill me,” Elizabeth said softly, and Carly pressed her fisted hand to her mouth. “He was surrounded, and he knew…he knew he wouldn’t make it out alive. I thought…” She closed her eyes and Jason gripped her knee, as if to remind her it was over. “I thought he was going to shoot Jason.”

“But if he was going to die, he wasn’t going to let anyone else have you.” Carly nodded. “What a prince. Was anyone hurt?”

“Francis took the shot for Elizabeth,” Sonny muttered, tossing back the entire tumbler of liquor, “but it only got him in the shoulder.” She saw him stare into the empty glass. “If it weren’t for him…”

“He was aiming for my face.” Elizabeth pressed her fingers to her cheek. “I taunted him. I shouldn’t have, but I thought he was going to kill me anyway with Faith gone. I wasn’t going to beg for my life.”

“I hope he’s rotting somewhere,” Carly snarled. “You know what? Rotting is too good for him. We’ll come up with something else. Maybe we can blow up what’s left—”

“Carly.” Sonny touched her shoulder and she sighed.

“Right. I’m sorry.” She cleared her throat. “Cady’s asleep, and I have enough bottles to get me through tomorrow morning. Why don’t you guys go home and get some rest?”

And as Jason led Elizabeth out the door and across the hall, she realized Jason hadn’t said a word the entire time.

Carly looked at Sonny and frowned. “Is he okay?”

“He made the kill shot,” Sonny said quietly. “And he did it in front of Elizabeth. I think…he just needs to come to terms with the fact that unlike Robin or Courtney, Elizabeth knows exactly what he does as an enforcer, and…she loves him anyway.”

“I should think so, since he was rescuing her.” Carly eyed Sonny, stepping towards him. “You okay? I know…today was difficult for you. You…lost both your siblings.” Her skin crawled knowing what Courtney had done, how she had brought danger into all their lives. If Carly ever saw the bitch again, she would beat her death with a shoe.

A stiletto, even.

“No, I didn’t.” Sonny rubbed his face. “I lost two people who were genetically related to me. Courtney’s gone. Or she will be once I’ve made the arrangements for her house arrest in Puerto Rico. Ric’s already buried.” He narrowed his eyes. “You didn’t hear that from me.”

She raised her hands as if to say she understood. “Still, Sonny…”

“I think it’s more that…” He hesitated. “Jason is like a brother to me. I picked him for my family, like I picked Stone once. And you know, I’ve always had a soft spot for Elizabeth. Since she…dropped to the ground the night Lucky Spencer was in that fire. I caught her, and I…” He looked up and swallowed hard. “I held her as she absorbed the news, I sat next to her until we could get someone to take her home. And then…she came to apologize to me.”

Carly tilted her head to the side. “Sonny…”

“Luke and Laura were blaming me and Jason…which they had a right to, honestly. It was an obvious leap, but Elizabeth had heard the arson report. The fire was caused by candles, and she’d talked to him on the phone, you know. Asked him to light one for her. So it was her fault, really, not mine, she said. And she was sorry people were blaming me.” He paused. “And you know what she did for Jason that winter. She saved his life, and if not for her, if not for the way he felt about her, Carly, he could have held on to the anger and betrayal for much longer.”

“Yeah,” Carly muttered. She folded her arms and looked away. “That’s why I hated her for so long, because I knew I had ruined everything, and there she was, practically perfect for him.” She snorted. “Wench.”

“She was there the night we lost our son, and she sat with me while I grieved. So when I say I didn’t lose anyone important today, Carly, that’s exactly what I mean. Jason has been my brother for so long, and Elizabeth has always felt like family. So, today, Carly, I saved the people who mattered.” He flicked his hand. “And discarded the ones who don’t.”

“I thought I should feel more upset about Courtney,” Carly said slowly. “Because at one point, I thought of her as my best friend, but you know what?” She shook her head. “I forgot what it meant to have a best friend. I hadn’t had one since Carly Roberts in Florida, you know. I wanted you to have your sister in your life, so I forced her to fit. I told myself she was my friend and that she was perfect for Jason, that we could all be one happy family. But she never fit.” She wrinkled her nose. “But Elizabeth did. And does. So I’m with you, Sonny. The people who mattered came home tonight.”

And now Sonny grinned. “You called her Elizabeth.”

“Don’t push it. I’ll never call her that to her face. Never. She’s the Muffin. Forever. Because she has a muffin face.” Carly sniffed. “Bite me, Sonny.”

Morgan Penthouse: Living Room

Jason said nothing when he sat on the sofa and Elizabeth climbed into his lap, curling up into his embrace. They sat there, listening to each other breathe, her cheek against his chest, listening to his heartbeat.

“I told you that you could trust your guards,” Jason said finally. “And one of them betrayed you.”

She sighed, her eyes still closed. “He betrayed you, too. There was no way we could have known. He was friendly with me, not like Cody, Francis or Marco, but I never expected him to be. The other three guarded me before, and they talked to me.” Her throat was thick. “Cody was my friend, you know. He was the first person to see Cady’s sonogram, and he tried so hard to protect me when he thought you were hurting me.”

“He’ll be all right.” Jason’s hand stroked her back. “He was lucky.”

“I wanted to help him, but I knew what he would want me to do. He’d want me to run, you’d want me to run, so I tried, but maybe I hesitated too long—”

“He would have caught you regardless.” Jason exhaled slowly. “I didn’t…I didn’t see what Ric was doing until it was too late, until he went for you. I always thought the threat was to Cady—”

“Why would we think otherwise?” Elizabeth raised her head and looked. “Jason, he told me he didn’t want to be separated from his child. And I didn’t think he was all that attached to me. I heard him with you and Sonny, with Faith. The way he talked about our relationship. I saw his face that first time on the docks when he realized I knew the truth—”

“But we should have realized something was up—he didn’t try that hard to get to you before Cady was born. We thought it was because you were so well-protected, but…he didn’t want to hurt you or the baby. He didn’t take any chances until after Cady was born.”

“Jason.” Elizabeth cradled his face in her hands. “It doesn’t matter anymore. He’s dead. And if you think I give a damn that you were the one that killed him, you’re still not giving me any credit. If I’d had a gun, I would have shot him myself. Jason…” When he looked away, she gripped his chin and turned him back towards her. “He tried to kill me. He aimed the gun at my face and I would be dead right now if not for you and Francis. As long as Ric was on this planet, he was a threat to me, to you, to our daughter. This is the world we live in, and I accept that.”

“I just…” He tilted his head back and looked at the ceiling. “I never wanted you to see me like that.”

“I’ve always known who you were, Jason.” She hesitated. “The first time I saw you, it was at Brenda and Sonny’s non-wedding. I had to steal an invitation to get in, and Lucky still had to vouch for me because a man with a gun thought I might be a threat at the age of fifteen. I was in the club the night Nikolas was shot because he was standing next you. I remember how scared I was, because Lucky made me and Emily duck.”

He sighed but she wasn’t through. “Lucky worked as a courier for you until you quit. And I saw you twist Sorel’s arm behind him like it was nothing, because he talked to me. Jason, I have no illusions about you or your job.”

When his shoulders slumped, she thought he might finally have understood that there had never been a moment in their relationship, even when they’d been nothing more than people with mutual acquaintances, that she hadn’t known exactly who he was.

She slid her arms around his neck, letting her fingers play with the hair at his nape. “You know, Jason, I think I have a resolution for this problem we keep having.”

He frowned and looked at her, loosely wrapping his own arms around her waist. “What?”

“I think…” she began slowly, “we ought to sign some sort of contract that stipulates some sort of…punishment for breaking the terms.” She smiled, a little hesitantly. “Like…a prenuptial agreement.”

His fingers tightened at her hips for a second, and she saw in his eyes that he understood exactly what she was asking. “So…we’d agree on a certain amount of years,” he replied, his voice soft. “And if either of us reneged, there’d be…what…damages?”

“The worst kind,” she murmured, pressing a kiss to the corner of his jaw. “If I left, I’d forfeit something I can’t live without. And if you left, you’d forfeit something you can’t live without.” She swallowed hard. “Like…each other.”

“Hmmm…” His hands slid up from her waist to her torso, his long fingers wrapping around her back, his thumbs brushing under her breasts. “How many years would we…stipulate?”

“Oh…” She could feel tears clinging to her lashes, but these were not the kind of tears she’d cried over him once.

These were tears of joy, tears of disbelief.

“I thought we’d start with fifty years and include an option for more.” She brushed her lips over his, nibbling at his bottom lip until he opened his mouth, letting her control the kiss.

When she drew back, she rested her forehead against his. “Will you marry me, Elizabeth?” he asked.

Her lips curved into a smile. “I thought you’d never ask.”

Sunday, March 7, 2004

Morgan Penthouse: Living Room

Elizabeth stepped off the bottom stair, fastening her earring. “Jason’s meeting us at the church. He and Sonny wanted to go over the security one last time with Father Coates.”

Carly wrinkled her nose and peered at the boxes on the table. “How many of these are from the Quartermaines?”

“Only half of them.” Elizabeth smoothed her strapless white dress and then reached for the soft blue cardigan she was going to wear over it. “You know, Jason told me again last night he could pull some strings and get a marriage license for today. I told him no, because this is Morgan and Cady’s day, I wanted it be about their christening. It’s the third time he’s tried that.”

The blonde snorted as she peered at notes on the beautifully wrapped christening gifts. “Yeah, he’s worried I’m going to plan something ostentatious and completely against his style.”

Elizabeth frowned, stepping into the low kitten heels by the desk. “Jason doesn’t have a style.”

“Exactly.” Carly lifted a box and shook it a little. “And it’s not like you’d let me get away with anything he’d hate.” She set the box down and pointed at her. “It can be a small ceremony and reception, but damn it, you’re having a wedding where people are actually invited. I may not be the maid of honor—”

“Well, no,” Elizabeth allowed, but she arched an eyebrow. “Seeing as how you’re married, so you’d have to be the matron of honor.”

Carly paused and looked at her suspiciously. “Is this a trick? You’re friends with Emily again. There’s that nurse at the hospital. Why would you pick me?”

“Because,” Elizabeth said, joining her in the perusal of the gifts on the table. “I want someone to stand up with me who knows me and Jason, who supported us from the beginning and didn’t let us screw it up. That would be you, Carly.”

She scowled. “How is this our life, Muffin? A year ago, I would have cheerfully set you on fire, and now we’re decorating nurseries, being the godmother to each other’s kids, and now you want me be to be your matron of honor…” Her scowl deepened. “And I’m excited to say yes, I mean what the frick happened to me? I used to be hell on wheels, and now I’m this sappy bitch who…” She waved her hand. “Likes people.”

Elizabeth snorted, and examined a gift which had no note. “Calm down, Carly. I’m not particularly thrilled either, but you know, as you always tell me, we are where we are. Might as well suck it up and enjoy.” She grinned. “And you know it’ll drive Sonny and Jason crazy if we keep getting along. They’re both waiting for you to change your mind.”

“There is that,” Carly mused. “It keeps them on their toes. We have to stage some fights though. I don’t want them thinking we’re predictable.”

That would take the spice out of life.” They both laughed as Elizabeth lifted the rather large box up.

“Who’s that from?”

“It’s not marked, but…” she frowned. “Francis said they swept all the gifts. No explosives or anything.” She hesitantly set it back on the table and began to unwrap it. When the paper was gone, there sat a large white box. She lifted the top and removed a bottle of champagne.

“Hey, that’s an expensive label.” Carly reached for the bottle, and Elizabeth handed it to her as she reached for a beautifully knitted white blanket. A note fell from the folds. Elizabeth leaned it down to pick it up and read the blood red words out loud.

Congratulations on the baby, Princess. I’m sure you and your fiancé are simply thrilled. Have a drink on me and don’t worry—I’ll see you soon.




Author’s Note

I want to thank everyone’s who read this story over the last month. Writing this convinced me that I could still write for the show, for Jason/Elizabeth in  way that writing Shadows didn’t. I wasn’t sure I had it in me to write long novels, anymore. Thanks for sticking by me through the angst and difficulties.

I’ve contemplated reposting the older version of Poisonous Dreams for people to see how far I took this version, but I’m not sure I want anyone to know how bad it used to be. I think that rewriting PD was the best decision I’ve made in my fanfiction career — this version is better written with a more solid plot and deeper characterizations, and writing the sequel, Burn in Heaven, will be easier when I get a chance to play with it a bit later this summer.

I also want to thank everyone who comes to this site, and keeps the stats up so much. I average between 500-1000 visitors a day, which I never expected when I started to move stories over. In fact, I wasn’t sure I would go back to writing when I started to move CG to this location. You guys made all the difference, and any writing I do from now on is always going to be dedicated you.

I hope you like my next efforts half as well 🙂


Melissa (LissieLove)

So we’re edging closer to the end, my friends.  I may post a second chapter tonight (which I wouldn’t post at RTN until later tomorrow because they tend to conslidate my stuff without warning when I post too close together, because..whatevs) because of the Tube strike in London. Normally, these things don’t affect me because the area will I live is super convenient — my grocery store, my favorite places to go are all really close. But a friend is arriving from the airport tomorrow, and we’re going to go get her. I have to get up early, take a bus to meet my friends to take one line to another stop, where we’ll get the train to Heathrow. So…I’d have to get up before 6 to post this.

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A Few Words Too Many: Chapter 23

This entry is part 23 of 24 in the A Few Words Too Many

And the tears come streaming down your face
When you lose something you can’t replace
When you love someone, but it goes to waste
Could it be worse?
– Fix You, Coldplay

Thursday, February 5, 2004

Corinthos Penthouse: Living Room

When Max told him Courtney was outside, Sonny sent Jason upstairs to sit with Cady. He thought Courtney might be more forthcoming without the glare of her ex-boyfriend.

In the hour between giving the order to have her brought here and her arrival, there was very little information. Freddy DiGarno had lit out of his apartment, probably having been warned by his cousin that his connection to the matter was going to be found. Dominic had disappeared. Stan and Spinelli had traced the SUV for half a mile before losing it.

And Elizabeth was now missing for almost five hours.

“Sonny?” Courtney entered the room, hesitantly. He looked at this woman whom genetics told him was his sister. He’d never felt particularly connected to her, but had done what he could to assist her as far as she would allow it. Duty and obligations told him that family should be cared for, but he’d never felt as though she were really part of his family.

And maybe she had sensed it, had sensed that Sonny felt far more fraternal towards the woman who had supplanted her. Elizabeth was now Carly’s closest confidante, though neither woman would have admitted that. Rather than becoming Morgan’s godmother as Carly and Courtney had once discussed, it was Elizabeth who would receive that honor. Emily had stopped talking to Courtney, turning back to Elizabeth. Even Jason had realized where his heart truly lay.

And Elizabeth had been more of a sister to him than the woman standing in front of him.

She looked at him, her eyes wide with confusion and apprehension. And he knew that Emily’s suspicions had been correct.

“Elizabeth was kidnapped a few hours ago,” Sonny said after a long moment.

Courtney blinked and stepped back. “But…why? Where’s the baby?” She looked around. “Is Jason’s daughter okay?”

“Why?” Sonny asked, wishing he could indulge in a Scotch or a bourbon. “Do you really care?”

“Of course…” Courtney swallowed. “Sonny, of course I care. We dated. He was good to me, until…” She shrugged. “But it’s water under the bridge. Why…why are you telling me this…?”

“You didn’t harass Elizabeth at Kelly’s earlier this week?” Sonny demanded. “You haven’t been nasty to her every single time you came across her from the moment Ric Lansing told you she was having Jason’s child?”

“I…tried to be okay with it,” she said softly. “Elizabeth will tell you that I was the only person who didn’t say anything to her. But…” She hesitated. “She started showing, you know. And I realized how true it all was. I think…maybe I could let myself forget. He wasn’t around her, and I thought if I played it cool, he’d remember why he’d left her and come back to me.”

“But it never happened.” Sonny gave in and poured water, just to have the weight of the glass in his hand. He’d allow Courtney to explain herself, if only to make the point that her actions were inexcusable. “Did it?”

“No.” Courtney looked at the floor. “She moved in with him. And I think they started seeing each other again, but I couldn’t be sure. It just…got to be too much, Sonny. She had trapped him. She knew how he felt about children, and she got pregnant on purpose—”

“He loved her long before you came in the picture, Courtney,” Sonny said, almost quietly, wishing he’d said something ages ago, hadn’t ever asked Jason to look after his sister. “Whatever else, I am sorry I couldn’t keep you from being hurt.”

“Well…” She shifted, uncomfortably. “Why…are you even bringing this up? Shouldn’t you be looking for her? Trying to figure out what happened?”

“And what,” Sonny said, slowly approaching her, “do you think I’m doing?”

Courtney’s eyes widened and she looked behind her, where Max was stationed almost as a sentinel. “S-Sonny, you can’t think I…” Her eyes widened. “What do you think I did?”

“I think that you manipulated Emily Quartermaine into talking about Elizabeth, hoping to get something that could be of use,” Sonny said. “And boy, you got something good. You found a hole in Elizabeth’s security.”

“No. I don’t…” But her eyes darted away.

“And you told someone. Someone who tried to kidnap her, while she was seven months pregnant.” He took another step towards her. “Who’d you tell, Courtney? Who did you tell?”

“Sonny, you just…you don’t understand.” Courtney licked her lips. “I just…I wanted her to go away. If she would go away, like she did after she left Jason—she left town for a few weeks, and Jason looked at me. He loved me. But she trapped him. I don’t know how she did it, but she was going to keep trapping him. It wasn’t even his kid, but she suckered him in. I had to stop it.”

Sonny closed his eyes. Another person trying to protect Jason from Elizabeth had put her in danger. Emily had tried to protect him, and had set Ric loose. And now Courtney had done the same.

All these people who thought a woman who measured barely more than five feet three inches and a hundred pounds soaking wet represented something dangerous to a lethal mob enforcer. If it wasn’t so horrible, it might almost be funny.

“You wanted her gone so Jason would look at you again,” Sonny said, his voice flat. “Don’t pretend anything else. You knew he loved her, and you could ignore it when he wasn’t acting on it. But he let you walk away and stayed with her.” He clenched his hand around the glass in his hand. “Who did you tell?”

“I didn’t want Elizabeth to be hurt,” Courtney said quickly. “But she was stealing my life, Sonny. She had Jason and Carly and she always had you. And then Emily, too. Even Bobbie keeps asking me to be a better waitress, to be more like Elizabeth.” A tear slid down her cheek, and she pressed a hand to her chest, much the way he often did. “Don’t you see, Sonny? Everyone had looked at me and found me wanting. I wasn’t their perfect, precious Elizabeth.”

“Such a shame,” Sonny snarled. “Who did you tell, Courtney?”

“So…when I was walking home from work one night…in August…” Courtney cleared her throat. “A woman approached me. I didn’t…recognize her at first, but I knew her voice. She stepped out from the shadows, and I saw it was Faith Roscoe.” She was twisting her fingers together. “I was going to run, but she told me not to worry.” And now her voice was bitter. “I wasn’t important enough to go after. I didn’t matter to anyone.”

Faith Roscoe had seen the bitter wound in Courtney’s soul and exploited it. Sonny closed his eyes, because he could have done more to avoid this. He knew that the fault ultimately lay with Courtney, but he could not ignore his role. “That wasn’t true—”

“Don’t placate me, Sonny,” Courtney hissed. “She was right. She told me I didn’t matter enough, that hurting me wouldn’t make a point, except to say she could. So she asked me if I wanted to matter.”

“And you did.” Sonny walked away from his sister, then, because here was the proof that they were related. They may look as different as night and day, but under the surface, he and his sister were the same. They wanted to matter. They saw something they wanted and went after it, damn the consequences.

“She told me she could get Elizabeth out of Jason’s life. That she knew the baby wasn’t his, that Elizabeth was lying to Ric. I knew it. He was with her because he felt sorry for her,” Courtney spat. “Because Ric went after her because of Jason. I knew he didn’t love her. So I thought I could get Elizabeth and the baby away from him, that he’d see the truth. He’d know Elizabeth was trying to trap him.”

He exhaled slowly and turned. “Courtney…he always knew Cady wasn’t his biological daughter. It was Jason’s idea to claim her, because he wanted to protect Elizabeth and the baby. Because he did love her.”

“No, no…” Courtney shook her head. “If he was just trying to protect Elizabeth, he would have told me. He wouldn’t have let me think he cheated on me. He could have told me—”

“He didn’t trust you,” Sonny interrupted. “He didn’t even tell Carly or me the truth right away. Only…you believed it. Because you knew, deep down, that he loved her. That he didn’t love you. So you justified it by telling yourself Jason was the victim. You justified turning Elizabeth over to a man who you knew was dangerous because you wanted Jason for yourself.”

“You’re not understanding.” Courtney took a step forward. “I told Faith I would help her, but I didn’t want Elizabeth to be hurt. I just wanted her gone. And Faith said she didn’t particularly care what happened to Elizabeth, but she doubted Ric would hurt her. Not until after the baby was here. And maybe not even then.”

“Did she seem annoyed by that?” Sonny asked. “As if it was more his plan than hers?”

“I…” Courtney hesitated. “I guess. She didn’t like Elizabeth, I don’t think. But no, I didn’t think she was happy about it. But it didn’t matter. Elizabeth would be away from Jason. And…that was enough for me. So she gave me a number.”

“Do you have it?”

“I…” Courtney nodded. “Yeah. It’s in my phone.” She lifted her purse and Max took it from her.

“And you called her about what Emily had told you.” His sister reluctantly nodded. Sonny frowned. “Anything else?”

Courtney paused. “I told her about the guard shifts. Who was on them, who I had seen her around. I didn’t remember everyone’s names, but Dominic guarded me a little bit when Jason couldn’t during the stalking. And I knew Francis, Marco. Cody.”

“What else?” Sonny pressed.

“I…didn’t know much else,” she admitted. “Elizabeth and I weren’t working together anymore. I said she was close with you and Carly. That she was on the outs with her best friend.” She shrugged. “I don’t know anything about this new kidnapping, Sonny. I mean, she contacted me around Christmas, and I told her the baby had been born, but I didn’t know anything else. Emily wasn’t talking to me, hadn’t really been since the kidnapping…” She nodded. “Emily realized that I was involved.”

“She protected you longer than she should have,” Sonny said, his back to his sister, unable to look her in the face. “Because she didn’t want to see it.”

“Sonny, I—”

He turned to her. “I didn’t want Jason here when we had this meeting because I wasn’t sure what would happen if he looked at you and realized you were responsible for what happened to the woman he loved, for putting his daughter in danger—”

“She’s not his daughter,” Courtney snarled.

“She’s his daughter in every way that actually matters,” Sonny said, almost patiently. “You know what happened the last time I told Jason he couldn’t deal with one of my half-siblings the way he wanted to. Ten months later, we’re still trying to find the sick bastard. So…I wasn’t sure what would happen when he came face to face with another sibling of mine who had betrayed his family.”

And now, for the first time, Courtney looked nervous. Her fingers played the strap of the purse Max had returned to her after fishing out her phone and taking it to Jason’s penthouse where Stan, Spinelli and Benny were working.

“Sonny…I didn’t want her to be hurt—”

“I’m not sure that’s going to matter if Jason doesn’t find her.” Sonny set the water on the mini bar. “Do you think he’s going to care that this time you weren’t personally involved? Do you know who kidnapped Elizabeth? Who shot her other guard? Who pressed chloroform to her mouth until she passed out and then dragged her away?” He paused. “Dominic. One of the guards whose name you turned over. He turned on Elizabeth, after eight months of protecting her. So, what do you think I should do to you Courtney?”

“I’m your…I’m your sister,” Courtney said, her voice trembling. “It…you can’t.”

“Can’t I?”

“No, you can’t.”

They both turned to see Jason step around the corner, clearly having been standing there for some time. As he stepped down the stairs, Courtney backed up until she was practically against the closed penthouse door. “J-Jason.”

He stopped near the sofa and just stared at his ex-girlfriend. “I started this,” he said slowly. “Because I began a relationship with you when I knew I didn’t care about you the way you wanted me to. I continued to let you believe we had a future, when the truth was I didn’t give a damn about the future anymore.”

Sonny watched his sister swallow, because it was one thing for other people to tell her these things, but even he felt a little sorry for the harsh truths Jason wasn’t holding back.

“I was already trying to figure out how to break it off without making things worse for you, for me…for Sonny.” Jason cast a glance toward him, but Sonny just shrugged. “I don’t know if I thought I could have a chance with Elizabeth again, but being with you wasn’t helping. It wasn’t making me miss or love her less. So I was looking for a way out.”

“And you found it,” Courtney said tightly. “Sonny told me you always knew the baby wasn’t yours.”

“Because I didn’t sleep with Elizabeth.” Jason hesitated, and apparently deciding to channel the Jason of old, he continued, “but if I thought I had the chance to, I might have.”

Courtney’s mouth tightened. “I’m sorry, what’s the point of this?”

“I didn’t tell you the truth about the baby,” Jason said, as if she hadn’t spoken. “But you should know Elizabeth wanted me to tell you. She knew you would be angry about it, that you might not forgive a lie, but I didn’t care. Because I think, even then, I knew I couldn’t trust you. There was no way I was potentially placing Elizabeth’s life and her child’s in your hands.”

Courtney lifted her chin. “Then you should have killed Ric when you had the chance and none of this would have happened.”

“I’m sorry for hurting you,” Jason said, again ignoring her. “But that’s where the guilt stops. Because I didn’t force you to continue holding onto the anger. I never gave you an indication once you broke up with me that I wanted to have anything to do with you. I didn’t lead you on after that. Elizabeth never did anything to you that you didn’t deserve. You crossed a line, Courtney, when you agreed to help Faith Roscoe. When you gave information that placed Elizabeth and my daughter in danger, when you turned over the names of the men guarding Elizabeth. If you were anyone else, I wouldn’t wait for Sonny to give me permission, you’d already be dead.”

The blonde swallowed. “S-Sonny…Mike would never forgive you.”

“Why should he have to know anything?” Sonny said, taunting her. “We can have you leave a message on his machine. You’re leaving town, you’ll be in touch. We can even send him letters that eventually fade away. You and Mike didn’t know each other for most of your life, who would be surprised if you fell out touch?”

A muscle leaped in Courtney’s throat and she swallowed. “I—”

You wanted to play in this world, Courtney,” Jason said, his voice devoid of emotion. “You made that clear when you told Faith about the security hole, about Dominic.” His eyes hardened. “The birth of my daughter. You put yourself in this world, why are you surprised Sonny and I might treat you accordingly?”

And for a moment, Sonny believed Jason meant it. And if he did, then Sonny would let him. It was his fault this was happening. It was his family, his blood, that threatened everything that mattered the most to Jason.

“It’s up to you, Jase,” Sonny said. He looked at his friend to make sure he understood that he really meant it. “It’s your family in danger. It’s your fiancée missing.”

“F-fiancée?” Courtney blinked. “I…” She squared her shoulders. “Emily knows I’m involved. If I disappear, she’ll know.”

“I don’t think she’d argue about it,” Sonny retorted. “She came to us. Not the police. She knew what we would do.”

“Ending your life won’t bring me Elizabeth,” Jason said after a long moment. “It won’t tell me where she is, if Ric is hurting her. It would just make me feel better, and it’s not enough right now. So I’m going to do what Elizabeth would want.”

Courtney blanched, probably because the bitch knew what she would do if the situations were reversed.

“I’m going to let you live, but you’re going to go away, Courtney.” Jason stepped towards her, his hands fisted at his sides. “I think sending you to live in Puerto Rico with constant guards is almost too kind, but it’s what I can live with. Maybe after five years of living under constant guard, of never having the freedom of movement, you might understand…just a little…the kind of stress Elizabeth lived under while she was pregnant.” He stepped back. “Is that acceptable to you, Sonny?”

“Little nicer than I had anticipated,” Sonny said after a moment, “but it’s something I can live with, too.” He nodded to Max. “Please take Ms. Matthews to the apartment directly under us. Keep her under guard until I say differently.”


When Elizabeth finally opened her eyes, she tried to move. Her arms were twisted behind her, tied to a chair. She blinked, blearily, saw that her legs were also lashed to the bottom rungs. “W-What?”

“I’d like to untie you, Beautiful,” came the silky soft voice she’d only heard in her nightmares these last few months. Ric Lansing bled out of the shadows, stepping in front of her for the first time since that awful day on the docks when Jason had almost killed him.

“O-Okay…” Elizabeth cleared her throat, and coughed. It was too dry. “Why d-don’t you?”

He lifted a bottle of water from a nearby table and held it out to her. “You can see I haven’t removed the cap. It’s not drugged.” When she nodded, he twisted the cap off and then held it to her lips. At the brush of his skin against hers, she almost twisted away. Instead, she drank thirstily, wetting her throat.


“I can’t untie you,” he said. He stepped back and leaned against the table. “Because I’m not sure you won’t leave.”

She hesitated. “Why did you kidnap me?” she asked. “How…does this help you against Sonny?”

“I’m not as interested in Sonny anymore.” Ric shrugged. “Faith still wants to take him down, and I suppose if I can, I will. But you know…that’s all changed.” He stepped towards her, and she saw that smile on his face, the one that she’d once found so attractive.

She pressed her lips together, refusing to ask him why again.

You changed it for me,” Ric told her. He crouched in front of her, and she felt nauseous at the soft look in his eyes. “When I found out you were pregnant…I was so angry that you were trying to take our child away from me. Like my father did with my mother. I scared you, and I shouldn’t have. I should have understood that you were upset, that you realized our relationship was less honest than you believed.”

“I just…I want to go home to my daughter,” Elizabeth said softly. “Let me go home to my daughter, Ric.”

“I never knew my mother,” Ric continued. “Because of Sonny. I wouldn’t take you away from our daughter, Elizabeth. I know what it’s like when a child grows up without both parents. I wouldn’t do that.”

Her chest was tight, because she was starting to understand. “Do you think…”

“It’s true that I initially targeted you because of Sonny and Jason,” Ric admitted, almost sheepishly. “And by now, you realize that I was having an affair with Faith while we were seeing one another.”

Her eyes were gritty and burning, but she couldn’t close them. Couldn’t let him think she was weak. That’s why he thought this would work. He believed her to be weak, that she might give in, let her daughter near him.

He could kill her for all she cared, her daughter was safe. Jason would raise her, he would protect her.

“I should have broken things off with you as soon as I realized Jason Morgan didn’t give a damn about you.” Ric stood and started to pace. “But I couldn’t. You…you’re so beautiful, Elizabeth. Inside and out. I wanted you to love me.”

“Sleeping with Faith Roscoe seems like an odd way to make that happen,” she bit out. “Or telling Jason and Sonny that screwing me was useless but oh, so much fun.”

“I…I had to keep face with them, Elizabeth. They couldn’t see what you mean to me.” He pressed a hand to his chest, and in her bleary vision, her exhaustion, she almost thought he looked like Sonny with the motion. “If they knew, they’d know they could use you against me.”

“Funny…” Her throat was thick. “You never thought that was Jason’s reason. You wanted me to believe he didn’t care about me then, and that he doesn’t care now.”

“He wanted our daughter, Elizabeth,” Ric said, still using that careful, charming tone. “I know how he feels about kids, and he saw you as a way to have a child. And bonus, he could get rid of me. Elizabeth, if he really loved you, he would have done something about it before you needed protection.”

“Do you think you can really convince me to leave Jason, to bring my daughter to you…so we can…” Elizabeth blinked, shook her head. “So we can raise her together? What…what can you possibly be thinking?”

“We could be a family. You, me…Adela.” Ric paused. “I want us to be a family.”

“Her name is not Adela. Her name is Cadence Audrey Caroline Morgan, and she is not your daughter. Not in any way that matters.” She struggled with the bonds around her wrists. “And I don’t care if you kill me, you will never come close to being in her life.”

His eyes narrowed, but he took a deep breath. “You’ve had a rough year, Elizabeth. I understand. That’s why we connected so well. I understood how hurt you were. I tried to show you that Jason won’t change. All those business problems, he was never home again. I know he never went to the doctor’s appointments, that he never took you out anywhere. He doesn’t love you the way I do. I would give you the finest things—”

“You don’t know a thing about me, Ric. You never did.” She shifted in her chair. “Jason will protect our daughter from you, and if you take him out, Sonny and Carly will protect her. And if by some impossible means you get past all of them, well then I hope you’re ready for Edward Quartermaine, because he’ll set the world on fire before he lets another great-grandchild out of his clutches. I will never let my child know you.”

Our child,” Ric said, his teeth clenched. “She’s my daughter, Elizabeth. I named her for my mother—”

“We will never be a family,” Elizabeth snarled.

Faith Roscoe bled out of the shadows, a perturbed look on her face. “You know…I have had nearly enough of this.”

Corinthos Penthouse: Living Room

Seven hours.

Courtney had been taken to a secure location, but her information had offered them nothing substantial, only an explanation for October’s attempt. They’d lost the car with Elizabeth inside after almost a mile, but Jason knew Stan and Spinelli hadn’t given up on that angle. None of them knew anything about the location of Freddy or Dominic, no sign of Ric or Faith.

The only reason Jason hadn’t crawled completely out of his skin was that he now believed Elizabeth had been part of Ric’s plan all along. He thought…he might not hurt her. Not this soon. Maybe eventually after she made it clear his plans weren’t going to work. But not seven hours after finally getting his hands on her.

The door pushed open and Sonny strode in, Max dragging someone behind him. “Look who came straight to us,” his friend all but snarled. He yanked his coat off and tossed it on the sofa.

Jason shot to his feet. Freddy DiGarno, cousin to Dominic and the man on the inside at the warehouse. The man was short, stocky and brunette. His dark eyes were bulging as Max kept one clamped around his neck, never letting the man stand fully on his own weight.

“He came to us?” Jason said, his hands fisting at the sight of one of the men responsible for the last seven hours of his life. For the last ten months. “Is he stupid?”

“Not so much.” Sonny gave Max a signal, and the guard released Freddy. The other man collapsed to the ground, gasping for air. “He came to Benny. Hoping Benny might help him. Put in a good word.”

“Good word?” Jason growled. He strode forward, not entirely sure what he might do if he reached the piece of shit. “You worked with Faith Roscoe—”

“I just want to die quick!” Freddy scrambled to his feet and held his hands up in front of his face. “You was going to find me, I knew it. Dom left me high and dry. I don’t know nothin’ about disappearin’ and I tried to get out of town, but I saw the men near the highway ramp and the docks, and the airports, the train station, the bus depot. There’s no way out.”

“You got that right.” Jason took another step, but Sonny held up his hand.

“All in good time. Freddy here knows about a warehouse. And more importantly, he knows why Dominic picked today.”

Jason huffed. “I don’t care why today—I want the warehouse.” He advanced again and Freddy actually hid behind Max for protection. How had they allowed this miscreant into their organization in the first place…

“It seems Spinelli was on the right track with those numbered accounts,” Sonny said, and Jason knew he was trying to keep them both calm. To keep this situation under control. They had their break, now they had to take advantage of everything this man knew so that Ric and Faith couldn’t catch them unaware. “He not only found Freddy’s account, but he was getting pretty close to Dominic’s. And once you found both of them, he knew he’d lose his chance to grab Elizabeth.”

“So he contacted Ric or Faith to tell them to move up their plan.” Jason’s eyes snapped back to the traitor. “What was the original timeline? How much longer were they gonna wait?”

“I d-don’t know for sure,” Freddy replied. “Maybe a few more weeks, but Faith Roscoe was gettin’ impatient. Talkin’ about cuttin’ her losses, you know. And how much she hated the…” He swallowed hard. “She’s not real fond of your…um…well…she’s not fond of her.”

They’d been right. Faith had been playing along with the plan, but it had been drawn out too long and it was clear now to Faith that Ric was using her to get Elizabeth as well. A pissed off Faith Roscoe was not something either of them should underestimate. “So your covers were almost blown.” Jason nodded. “I want the warehouse address. How many men?”

“Maybe half a dozen,” Freddy all but whimpered. “Faith don’t have the resources to keep anyone around for long, and Lansing kept refusing to use his own money, it would draw attention.” He reeled off an address. “I just…I don’t wanna suffer.”

Sonny raised his eyebrows and looked at Jason. “Well, Jase, it’s your woman he helped to kidnap. Your daughter he placed in danger. You get to decide what happens to him. I’ll get the men together in the garage and work up a plan.” He left the penthouse, leaving Freddy alone with Max and Jason.

Part of him wanted to snap this man’s neck like twig right here and now, but every second spent dealing with him was one more Elizabeth was alone with Ric. He looked at the little dirtbag. “If you were Dominic, the man I entrusted with her safety for eight months, depended on to keep her safe…if you were the man who shot Cody, and drugged Elizabeth as she kicked and screamed to get away, then I’d make you suffer. Personally. For hours.”

He stepped closer, saw the man’s eyes nearly roll back in his head. “Maybe even days. But you’re nothing to Dominic, Ric or Faith. They left you holding the bag, and for that, I’m not going to do a thing.” He saw Max and Freddy jolt in surprise. He continued, “Not because you deserve mercy, but because I don’t want to waste any more time.”

He looked at Max. “Make him disappear. How and where is up to you.”

When Max had dragged the traitor out, Jason started up the stairs to check on his daughter before joining Sonny in the garage.


Ric stepped back and cleared his throat. “Faith…you were supposed to be arranging our exit.”

Elizabeth’s darted between the two co-conspirators, and her lips curved. “Oh, you mean Faith doesn’t know your master plan? About dragging me here to convince me we should be a family.” She clucked her tongue. “Not very up front of you, Ric, after everything Faith has done to help you.”

Ric blanched, but Faith smirked and raised one slim brow. “I completely agree, Princess. Not sporting at all.” Dismissing her then, Faith turned to look at her captor. “We had a plan once, Ric. You were going to go after the women. Gain their trust. You went after Morgan’s waif, but he didn’t seem to care. You got messy with Corinthos’ wife and the Families, but you told me you had an endgame that they’d never see coming.”

She picked her away across the room, her stiletto heels clicking across the cement floor as she drew closer to Ric. “You told me you wanted your child because it would screw with Corinthos and Morgan. Because they’d be distracted looking for the waif, and we could take them apart.”

“Faith,” Ric began, switching the charm to the blonde. Elizabeth rolled her eyes. He had just one shtick.

“But every time it didn’t work that way, I questioned you.” She planted her hands on her hips, the black coat, parting to reveal an equally black dress underneath. “I questioned whether you wanted to bring down Sonny, because all you could talk about was the little bastard you’d sired.” From an inside pocket of her coat, she withdrew a gun.

Elizabeth straightened in her chair, and now even Ric looked wary. “Listen, I know we’ve had some setbacks—”

“You used me, Ric.” Faith tilted her head to the side and pursed her lips. “And I don’t like being used.” She tapped the blood red tip of a nail against the silver metal of the gun. “What should I do about that?”

Elizabeth remained silent, understanding that her future rested on what Faith did next. She could eliminate them both if she wanted to. Instead, Faith just smiled.

“I think…I’m going to take my men and leave,” she murmured. She stepped back but now trained the gun on Ric. “I’m going to leave you with your delicate little princess, because after all, you think you can convince her to leave that strapping Jason Morgan and bring her kid to you. Isn’t that why she’s here?” Faith’s eyes positively danced with amusement. “So you can use that legendary charm to sweep her off her feet again?”

Her eyes hardened. “You should know, Ric, your charm only works once. We believe you once. And then we never believe you again. Because once you see through that smile, you understand what’s beneath it…nothing at all.”

“Faith, you don’t understand what’s happening,” Ric began.

“I think it’s you who doesn’t understand. Goodbye, Ric.” Faith cast her eyes towards Elizabeth. “Good luck with your waif, but somehow, I just don’t see the two of you lasting.”

She waited one more second and then turned and left.

Ric turned his eyes back to Elizabeth, and in them, she saw the truth. Without Faith’s men to back him up, he didn’t have a prayer of going against Sonny and Jason.

Which meant she was a liability.

Corinthos Penthouse: Morgan’s Nursery

Carly had set Cady up in a portable crib in a corner of Morgan’s room. Jason stepped through the doorway and gently lifted his sleeping daughter into his arms. She fussed and made a few sounds, but he arranged her against his chest and pressed his cheek to her head.

“Sorry, Cady,” he murmured. “I didn’t want to wake you, but I wasn’t sure…” He swallowed. “I’m going to get your mother, and I promise you, if it’s the last thing I do, I’m going to bring her home to you.”

Cady batted her fist against his t-shirt, and his chest tightened. “I might…not come home, though. But you should know that I love you. I loved you long before you were born, before I could admit it to anyone. You were always mine, no matter what anyone says.”

He breathed in her scent one last time, kissed her on the forehead and put her back in the crib.

April 28, 2014

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