For the Broken Girl

Which mask will you wear today
How about the one with the pretty smile
To you it’s just another day
In a life you haven’t lived in quite awhile

Welcome to the new sub-site! For the Broken Girl is (will be) a two book set. This main page is under a bit of construction but all the other pages are basically up.

15 June 2020: The ebook for For the Broken Girl, Book 1 has been released! You can find it on the Synopsis page. It has been fully formatted for both popular formats – Amazon Kindle (.mobi) and Barnes & Noble/Google Play, .epub. You can also download a PDF version. Right click the link and select “Save as…”

12 June 2020: For the Broken Girl, Book One, has been posted in its entirety. Enjoy and please leave comments or reviews!

10 June 2020: Launched sub-site. All pages are active. Please take a minute and leave a review!