Out of the Dark

Set in 2006. Elizabeth Webber has never been happier. She’s finally walked away from her toxic marriage and filed for divorce. She’s working at a job she loves, raising the perfect little boy, enjoying her friends and family, and reveling in the love a man who loves every single part of her—even her flaws. With her estranged husband in rehab, Elizabeth can focus on herself for a change.

Then Lucky returns, sober and begging for another chance. His friends and family are eager to blame the drugs for his abuse and violence, and turn on Elizabeth for not being more understanding. The PCPD don’t respect her restraining order and make excuses when Lucky violates it.

Elizabeth doesn’t want to look back anymore—she’s finally living a life without regrets and planning a new future. She’s willing to pay any price to protect it—and it just might cost her everything.

Available September 2021

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