January 31, 2017

So. Here we are, like five months on from my so-called brief hiatus. Oy, right?

I was holding out, hoping for some material to post along with a new status update. For a host of reasons, that material hasn’t…well, materialized. Ha. I keep trying and throwing stuff out. Even my attempts at flash fiction are pretty putrid.

My creativity has been basically eliminated due to stress and exhaustion. I made the ridiculously stupid choice to continue working a second job after the summer was over, in addition to my regular sub job and the five classes. This January, that kind of snowballed into the worst week in recent history. My mother was diagnosed with pneumonia, so I had the responsibility of taking on her fifth grade class for six days, plus grad classes, and my other job. And babysitting. And studying for my Praxis Core exam. So I didn’t get home until after 8 every night–just ugh.

Anyway. That’s over. I survived. I also passed my Praxis Math test, which was a huge hurdle to overcome. I am hoping that my stress will get under control, and I’ll feel more into writing.

As always, I’m here. I’m trying. I’ll be back. I’m sure the muse will show up if I just keep hacking at it.