Alternate Universe

I have added the year in which a sory was written for one primary reason: my skills in 2002 at the age of 18 are quite different than 2014 at almost…ahem…well twelve years later. So, stories written in 2002-03 are dicey quality wise, but hey…here we are in the world.  Stories written from 2004-2014 are much safer. I almost never write alternate universe stories — not for any specific reason, but fixing General Hospital keeps me pretty busy.

Stories are listed in alphabetical order.

All I Want For Christmas
Corporate event planner Emily Quartermaine dashes off on a Grecian vacation, leaving plans for ELQ’s high profile Christmas events in her assistant Elizabeth Webber’s capable hands and her brother, Jason, ELQ’s CFO. An office romance set against the glitz and glamor of the holiday season.
Status: Completed (31 Dec 2014)
Couples/Characters: Jason/Elizabeth, Ned/Olivia, AJ, Robin, Nadine, Kiki
Adventures of Lucky and Lizzie
Alternate Universe. A set of dialogue fics, usually flash fiction. Elizabeth and Lucky are the best of friends, and together, they try to keep her from screwing up her relationship with Jason…too much. Also some Liason stories mixed into the universe.
Status: Story #13 posted 24 Dec 2014
Couples/Characters: Jason/Elizabeth, Lucky/Gia, Brenda
Aurora Dawning
In another world, Jason and Elizabeth must fulfill a prophecy that will save their kingdom, but outside forces conspire to keep them apart.
Status: Complete (Written 2004)
Couples/Characters: Jason/Elizabeth, Sonny/Alexis, AJ/Carly, and just about everyone else in PC makes an appearance.
Robin returns to Port Charles after a long absence, attempting to make amends with her bitter ex, Patrick, and her best friend Elizabeth. Elizabeth’s family fell apart while Robin was gone, so she turned to a man that her loved ones scorn. Emily struggles with loyalty to the family who adopted her and the man she loves, while Lulu attempts to stop a streak of self-destruction.
Status: Completed 24 April 2014 (Written 2005-14)
Couples/Characters: Jason/Elizabeth, Patrick/Robin, Will/Lulu, Nikolas/Emily, the Spencers, Dillon, Noah, Sonny/Brenda
Death Becomes Her
Written for #GHWhoDunIt September 2018 at the Liason Haven. Ava Jerome sweeps into Port Charles after her brother is arrested on RICO charges. She delights in destroying anything her brother valued, including the art gallery that employs Maxie Jones and features Elizabeth Webber, who happens to be dating the number two guy in the Port Charles mafia, Jason Morgan, and the partner of Ava’s babydaddy, Sonny Corinthos. When Elizabeth finds Ava murdered, suspicion lands directly on her.
Status: Complete (Written 2018)
Couples/Characters: Jason/Elizabeth, Maxie/Spinelli, Patrick/Robin, Sonny, Carly, Ava, Nelle, Dante
Death By Candlelight
Written for #GHWhoDunIt April 2019 at the Liason Haven. Alternate Universe. In the fall of 1889, London is being haunted by Jack the Ripper and all of the metropolis’s newspapers are glued to the mystery, fighting to publish the best news first. At the London City Press, publisher Jason Morgan and his secretary Elizabeth Webber find themselves tangled up in another murder mystery, one that might cost them both their lives.
Status: Complete (Written 2019)
Couples/Characters: Jason/Elizabeth, Robin, Emily, Nadine, Britta, Ava, Carly.
In The Family
Elizabeth is the daughter of Brookly mafia don, Sonny Corinthos. She lives a sheltered life and has no idea she’s about to be married off to Alexander Castellano.
Status: Completed (Written 2003-04)
Couples/Characters: Jason/Elizabeth, Sonny/Brenda, Ric/Faith, AJ/Carly
No one could predict that Sonny’s death three years ago and Lucky’s a year ago could serve to bring so much to so many people. A grieving widow desperate to set things right. A best friend who blames himself. A brother who can’t let go. A woman blamed for murder.
Status: Complete (Written 2002)
Couples/Characters: Jason/Elizabeth, Lily, Nikolas, Alexis, Mac
Life’s Little Quirks
Elizabeth learns that Jason saved her one night after she was stabbed during a mugging, and that they have too many people in common to avoid one another.
Status: Complete (Written 2002)
Couples/Characters: Jason/Elizabeth, Sonny/Brenda, Lucky/Emily
Elizabeth and Courtney had only one thing in common: their half-brother Sonny Corinthos. And now something else: they both want Jason Morgan. Funny story: This story was once plagiarized on a Jax/Courtney board. Good times. -_-
Status: Complete (Written 2003)
Couples/Characters: Jason/Elizabeth
Surviving the Past
Jason returns to Port Charles to accept a partnership with Sonny Corinthos and learns the other partner is Sonny’s newfound sister, Elizabeth Webber, a woman who shared a mysterious connection with Jason Quartermaine.
Status: Repost Completed 21 April 2014 (Originally Written 2002)
Couples: Jason/Elizabeth, Sonny/Carly, Nikolas/Emily
Waiting At Home
Set in Port Charles, 1940s. Jason Morgan meets Elizabeth Webber before shipping off to fight in the Pacific during World War II. Entry in the ‘Traveling Soldier’ challenge.
Status: Complete (Written 2002)
Couples/Characters: Jason/Elizabeth, Sonny/Brenda, Zander/Emily
What Would Happen
Jason and Elizabeth have a nameless one night stand at Jake’s before learning he’s her brother’s enforcer, and she’s the engaged younger sister of his boss.
Status: Complete (Written 2003)
Couples/Characters: Jason/Elizabeth
Jason and Elizabeth are a divorced couple struggling to get past their differences after their daughter is critically injured.
Status: Complete (Written 2003-04)
Couples/Characters: Jason/Elizabeth