Daughters began without much thought to the rest of the story. I just started writing the original opening scene (which has been slightly edited in this final version) in which Elizabeth and Patrick were siblings. I love the chemistry between Jason Thompson and Rebecca Herbst, and while the show has developed them as good friends, I wish they had more screen time.

It wasn’t until I reached the end of the first chapter that I even decided to bring in theme of fathers and daughters, and was able to title the story.


Daughters is alternate universe with some use of the GH canon, which means portions of the GH world is in here. Jason’s accident, Sonny in the mob, Luke and Laura’s history with the Cassadines. However, relationships and other aspects diverge. Patrick and Elizabeth are twins who grew up in Port Charles along with Lucky, Robin, and Jason Quartermaine. Emily is still adopted. The story is relatively straightforward.


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