Flash Fiction

Welcome to my Flash Fiction page! The stories here are ones that I’ve timed myself while writing. I set my timers for either 20 minutes, 30 minutes, or 60 minutes. For a while I was doing 60 or 25 minutes, but that wasn’t quite working for me. I also found myself going back and reworking the stories for longer series. I actually turned the original Flash Fiction page into the Workshop where I had a few different versions of some things. I ended up abandoning Flash Fiction and the Workshop altogether.

In Progress

These are listed in the order in which they are updated.

Invisible Strings

Alternate Universe. Set 1870s Colorado. Elizabeth Webber takes a risk and answers an advertisement for a mil order bride, leaving New York behind and taking her young son to Colorado to marry the local sheriff. Jason Morgan promised his grandmother he’d settle down and find a wife. He just didn’t expect his cousin to find one for him.

Watch Me Burn

Set in Fall 2007. While being questioned on the stand, Elizabeth Spencer admitted to an affair with Jason Morgan and that her youngest son, Jake, was actually his and not her husband’s. Now she’s in mired in a custody battle over her older son, Cameron, trying to rebuild after blowing up her entire life. Meanwhile, pretty brunettes are being stalked, then strangled around Port Charles. Two women are already dead, and a third managed to escape. Who’s next?


The Last Time

Set 2007. Trapped in an elevator after the Metro Court Hostage crisis comes to an explosive conclusion, Elizabeth confesses the true paternity of her unborn child to Jason, setting in motion events that will change their lives forever.



Stories that have been edited and revised are listed first, and then all other stories are in alphabetical order.

The Ghost in the Girl

Set in 2001. Elizabeth is miserable as a model, and can’t understand why her boyfriend, Lucky, can’t seem to understand that. She’s confused by his treatment, by her own growing feelings for another man, and why no one in her life seems to see her unhappiness.

Revised and expanded

Not Knowing When

Set in 2002. After learning that Jason helped Sonny fake his death, then lied to her, Elizabeth walks out on him and a future together. But before long, she finds herself drawn back into his world when she sees something she shouldn’t and has no choice but to trust him.

Revised and edited

Collect Your Regrets: Darkest Before Dawn

Set Fall 2012. After Elizabeth is kidnapped by Ewen and rescued by Jason, they attempt to confront their relationship and figure out what exactly is going on between them.

Collect Your Regrets: A Shot in the Dark

Set in Winter 2013. Sam has been reunited with her son, Danny, and Jason and Elizabeth are starting a new chapter in their lives together, putting the past and the tragic loss of their son behind them. Then Laura comes over with startling news that changes everything.

Collect Your Regrets: Scars

Set Fall 2016. Three years after being reunited with their son and getting married, Jason and Elizabeth have put the Cassadines in their past (as much as anyone every can). Elizabeth is happy to keep looking forward until one day she runs straight into the worst memory of her past — Tom Baker. He’s working at General Hospital as part of his work-release program. Elizabeth must fully confront the demons of her past before they destroy the future.

Desperate Measures

Set Summer 2018. Jason gets a call in the middle of the night from Jake, but by the time he arrives at the house, the boys are missing and the PCPD are loading a body bag into an ambulance.

An Everlasting Love

Set in 1870s California. Jason returns to his hometown to become sheriff and comes face to face with his childhood sweetheart.

A King’s Command

Set in Medieval Scotland. When Jason Morgan, one of the Highland’s fiercest lairds is commanded to marry the daughter of a Lowland clan, he reluctantly obeys and brings Elizabeth back to his keep, surprised and intrigued by her kindness and beauty. But she’s keeping a dark secret that threatens their future.

Signs of Life

A Flash Fiction Alternate History. Set in December 1999. Nikolas Cassadine has told the entire world that Jason and Elizabeth are sleeping together. What happens if the entire world, including Elizabeth’s friends and family and Jason’s enemies, take him seriously?

Whatever It Takes

Alternate Universe. Jason returns to Port Charles after Carly has been founded murdered. He comes face to face with estranged wife Elizabeth, who’s looking for her missing brother. They’re forced to work together find him — and it leads to a shocking betrayal.