Flash Fiction: The Last Time – Scenes 1-4

This entry is part 1 of 10 in the The Last Time

Written in 51 minutes. This Flash Fiction is written with numbered scenes and one line of lyrics for each scene. The song is embedded below.

Find myself at your door

“We can make this work. Just marry me.”

Elizabeth Spencer opened her mouth to respond—not that she had any idea what she would say—and it was all she could do to stop herself from saying yes because that would be a mistake—but a maybe an excellent mistake—

“Elizabeth—” Jason Morgan reached for her hand, but then he stopped. His expression shifted, the softness disappearing as he raised his head to the ceiling. “Did you hear that?”


A voice. Calling out.

Jason lunged to his feet, banged on the elevator door. “Help! There’s a pregnant woman down here!”

The voices got louder, more insistent. There was some sort of banging, crunching, crashing—she couldn’t even understand all of it —and then the hatch opened, and someone’s face peeked over. “Any injuries?”

“No. There are two of us.” Jason crouched to pull Elizabeth to her feet, his arm wrapped securely around her waist. “She needs to get out first. She’s pregnant, and I don’t know how long it’s been since she’s had any hydration.”

“Feels like forever.” Her limbs suddenly felt heavy, her eyelids drooping. She’d tried so hard to keep it together. To stay awake. But they were being rescued, and the adrenaline was starting to fade.

“Hey, stay with me—” Jason caught Elizabeth as she slumped slightly in his arms. “Elizabeth—”

“I’m okay—” but her voice was a little slurred. Something fell through the hole — a rope with a harness at the end.

“Can you get that on her?” the man asked. “Is she still alert?”

Jason looped the harness, fastening it as tightly as he dared around the curve of her belly—around their child—it was still kicking—and her pulse was still steady. “She’s  fading, but her pulse is strong.’

“Okay, let’s get her out here. Let’s go.”

He watched as Elizabeth was lifted away from him, her head lolling to the side. She’d held on just long enough to be rescued.

Just long enough to tell him the truth and change everything.

Jason was the next to be lifted out of the elevator, though it felt like hours before he had been cleared from the wreckage of the lobby. He stood in the dark street for a long moment, looking up at the hotel. It was still standing.


He turned at the sound of his name, saw Sam flying towards him, her dark hair streaming behind her. She launched herself into his arms, sobbing. “You’re all right! You’re all right!”

He hugged her back, relieved that she’d survived— “Who was hurt? Emily—Carly—”

Sam drew back, swiping at her eyes. “They’re all out. Emily went to the hospital to be with Alan—”

Jason lost track of what she saying after that, catching sight of the triage area where Epiphany was standing over Elizabeth, inserting an IV. And then paramedics lifted her into the ambulance—Jason had to swallow hard when Lucky climbed in after. The doors closed, and it drove into the night, the wail of the siren echoing.

“I need to get to the hospital,” he said roughly. What if she was dehydrated? Hadn’t she had labor pains before the explosion—

“Of course, you need to see Alan,” Sam began, but Jason walked away in the middle of her sentence. It would take too long to find a car. It’d be faster on foot—he needed to be at the hospital.

Just like all those times before

Elizabeth stirred when the ambulance came to a jolting stop in the emergency room bay of the hospital. She opened her eyes—she could make out a figure dressed in dark clothing next to her—

“Jason—” His name came out in a slur, and she reached for him, but it wasn’t Jason’s voice that responded.

“It’s all right. I’m here,” Lucky Spencer, her nearly ex-husband, said, clutching her hand to his chest.

She opened her eyes again, frowning. “No. Wait.” She’d been in an elevator. Where was he—”

Then she was being lifted in the air again—the wheels on the stretcher hit the ground and  jolted again. The night sky overhead flashed in an instant, sliding from the dark to the bright lights of the hospital, and she closed her eyes. It hurt so much—


That was her name, wasn’t it? She opened her eyes again, saw Kelly Lee there and smiled. “Kelly. Baby.”

“I know, honey.” The stretcher stopped, and finally everything was still. She could breathe. “I need an ultrasound machine,” she heard Kelly say. “And let’s get these monitors hooked up.”

Elizabeth pressed her hands against her belly. She’d felt the baby kick earlier—Jason—

She looked around again. “Jason?”

“He’s not here,” Lucky said. She frowned—where had he come from? Oh—he’d been in the ambulance. But she didn’t want him. “He was pulled out after you—” He scowled. “Why he grabbed you and headed for an elevator—he could have killed you both—this is why you leave this to the cops—”

“Yeah, the cops were doing so great,” Kelly muttered. Elizabeth could focus more now—she felt a tug against her skin—IV fluids. She exhaled slowly. That explained things.

“He’s not a superhero, and he could have killed my wife and child—” Lucky bit back.

“Well, he didn’t—” Kelly tugged up the skirt of Elizabeth’s purple dress to apply the cold gel on her belly. A moment later, Kelly had the ultrasound wand pressed against it.

“I felt him kicking. He’s okay, isn’t he?”

“Looks all right—” Kelly smiled, tilting the screen towards. “I want to keep you overnight, get you hooked up to a fetal heartbeat monitor, the fluids, all that fun stuff, but—”

“Jason,” Elizabeth said again, and Kelly stopped. “He—” She looked at Lucky. “Did he get out? Was he okay?”

“Let Sam worry about him. Did you hear Kelly?” Lucky said. “Our baby is okay.”

This wasn’t right. It wasn’t okay. Lucky shouldn’t be here. Maybe if she’d more time, more rest, Elizabeth might have been able to stop herself, but she was so damn tired and Jason had seemed so happy about the baby—he’d forgiven her for the lies and he’d asked her to marry him and she was going to say no, but—

“Jason.” Elizabeth looked to Kelly. “Can you find out—”

“I can make some calls, honey, but Lucky’s right. We should focus on the baby—”

“Stop asking about Jason!” Lucky growled, his patience gone. “He doesn’t matter, damn it! He could have killed you!”

“Kelly, can he—I don’t—” Elizabeth’s voice tightened. “Can he just go? Please. I don’t want him.”

“What?” Lucky tightened his grasp on her hand. “No. Listen.”

“Maybe you should step out for a while. She needs to rest,” Kelly said, her voice low and gentle. “She’s been through a lot—”

“I’m not leaving her! She’s my wife! That’s my child!”

“No.” She closed her eyes. “No to both. I’m not your wife. And you’re not the father. Now can you just go?”

I’m not sure how I got there

Jason was out of breath and nearly at his limits when he finally reached the emergency room. He made his way into the entrance, looked around, hoping to find someone—anyone—who might tell him where Elizabeth was or if he was okay—

But he heard the shouting first.

“You’ve been lying all this time! How could you do this to me!”

“You can’t go in there—” An orderly tried to stop Jason as he left the waiting area and pushed back into the treating area, following the sound of a furious Lucky Spencer—a sound Jason was all too familiar with.

“You’ve been punishing me for months and I knew you were cheating! I knew you did it first!”

Jason yanked back the curtain to find Elizabeth, pale, shaking and crying in the bed, Kelly Le standing shell-shocked by an ultrasound machine, and Lucky—his face flushed and eyes bulging.

“This is not a good time,” Kelly told Jason.

“What the hell are you doing?” Jason demanded of Lucky, ignoring the doctor. He grabbed the cop’s arm, shook him. “She just got pulled out of damn hole in the ground, and you’re screaming at her—”

“Well, whose fault is it that she was in that hole?” Lucky shoved Jason back. He turned back to Elizabeth. “You acted like such a damn saint when you were screwing Patrick Drake! Does Robin know you’re knocked up with his kid? Some friend you are—”

Jason grabbed Lucky again and shoved him back another step. “Stop it!”

“Did you know? Did you know the whole time?”

“I’m getting hospital security to have you both removed,” Kelly declared.

“No, just him,” Jason bit out. “He has no right to be here. They’re  separated and clearly he knows he’s not the father.”

“You don’t have any more right than I do—”

“I’m not going anywhere—”

“Stop, just stop—” Elizabeth pushed her hands against head. “Please just stop—”

“Jason, as much as I hate this, he’s right. Elizabeth needs rest and quiet. You should both go—”

“It’s my baby,” Jason found himself saying. The words just spilled out. He didn’t mean to do it, but Lucky already knew part of the truth—

Kelly blinked. “Uh—”

And then Lucky stepped back, his face frozen, twisted in anger and shock. “You.”

It was too late to pull it back. To change anything. So Jason lifted his chin. “Me.”

All roads, they lead me here

As soon as Jason had disappeared from the hotel, Sam had followed. But his legs were longer, and he’d had a headstart.

By the time she’d reached the emergency room, he’d already been inside—Sam had heard the shouting. Gone towards it, hoping she could help—and then—

“It’s my baby.”

After that Sam didn’t really know what happened. Her mind was flooded with red, and she just acted.  She stalked towards the cubicle, with the curtain flung wide, but no one noticed her.

Lucky closed his eyes, laughed harshly. “Of course. Of course it was you. How stupid am I—” He looked past Jason, saw Sam. “Did you know?”

Jason whirled around, his eyes widening with a mixture of shock—and regret. “Sam.”

“What the hell is going on?” she demanded.

“Your fiance,” Lucky snarled, “screwed my wife and everyone’s been lying to me! I want a paternity test—”

“You did one—” Sam’s voice faded as Jason dipped her head. “Oh, it was all a lie, wasn’t it?” She yanked on his arm. “How long? How long?” she repeated, her voice rising a pitch.

“All three of you are out—” Kelly gestured behind them. Sam saw the two security guards coming towards. “Get out. I don’t care about any of this—”

“I’m going,” Lucky retorted, storming past the guards. Jason swallowed, looked back at Elizabeth who had closed her eyes, tears silently streaming down her face.

“It’s time to go,” the guard said.

“Fine,” Jason said shortly. He stalked away and Sam followed, hearing the sound of a curtain being pulled shut behind them.


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