These Small Hours

Our lives are made/In these small hours/These little wonders/
These twists and turns of fate/Time falls away/
But these small hours/These small hours still remain


Hours was my attempt to write a Johnny/Nadine story, after being inspired by Huma’s The Right Girl. My Claudia and Nadine will never measure up to the gold standard set by her, but I like to think they’re all right. This was originally going to star Johnny/Nadine with Jason/Elizabeth playing minor roles until closer to the end, but a story change I made after initially outlining it changed that. It’s now an equal Liason/Nohnny fic.


These Small Hours picks just after Kate is shot at her failed wedding to Sonny in September 2008, and begins in November 2008. Rather than Sonny accusing the Karpovs immediately and aligning with the Zaccharas, he instead blames Johnny, as he has been for months. Jason still has the organziation, in the wake of  Michael’s shooting. He and Elizabeth intended to go to Italy that day, but they never went. Nikolas and Nadine were seeing one another, but that ends shortly after she gets herself kidnapped on the Russian freighter. Lulu had a relapse after seeing Kate shot, and has been sent to a facility in California.

I’m still working out details so this is subject to change.


These Small Hours: Soundtrack

A note about videos for TSH: These were created in 2008 when I still had my old domain. (I tried to get it back before opening the site here, and it’s been bought by an ad space people, so…whatevs). Ignore the website/posting schedule parts of these videos. I cannot edit them out without losing quality.

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