By Couple

By far, the majority of my visitors are Jason/Elizabeth fans, which is quite fair, as currently I have more than sixty stories tagged with them as a pairing. Ha.

But I write a lot more couples in my stories, and occasionally I write Jason with other people, or Elizabeth with other people. Even if it’s just part of a longer story where Jason and Elizabeth end up together. (Or Intoxication which ended up being mildly Journey, which is disturbing. Haha, remember Liason fans called it Jip? Those were the days.)

Anyways. On this page, I will list all the different couples that are featured on this site. They’ll be in alphabetical order by the first name of the male character in the pairing, not because I’m sexist, but I had to keep it uniform.

I’m constantly editing tags to make sure they’re accurate, so be sure to keep checking back here.

AJ Quartermaine &  Carly Benson
AJ Quartermaine & Courtney Matthews
Brian Beck & Courtney Matthews
Dante Falconeri & Lulu Spencer
Dillon Quartermaine & Georgie Jones
Dillon Quartermaine & Lulu Spencer
Jason Morgan & Courtney Matthews
Jason Morgan & Elizabeth Webber
Jason Morgan/Jake Doe & Elizabeth Webber
Jason Morgan & Sam McCall
Jasper Jacks & Carly Benson
Jasper Jacks & Skye Chandler-Quartermaine
Johnny Zacchara & Nadine Crowell
Julian Jerome & Alexis Davis
Kyle Radcliffe & Maxie Jones
Lorenzo Alcazar & Carly Benson
Lucas Jones & Brooke Lynn Ashton
Lucas Jones & Brad Cooper
Lucas Jones & Sage Alcazar
Lucky Spencer & Elizabeth Webber
Lucky Spencer & Emily Bowen-Quartermaine
Lucky Spencer & Leyla Mir
Lucky Spencer & Maxie Jones
Lucky Spencer & Sam McCall
Luke Spencer & Laura Spencer
Michael Corinthos/Quartermaine & Kiki Jerome
Nathan West & Maxie Jones
Ned Ashton & Olivia Falconeri
Nikolas Cassadine & Emily Bowen-Quartermaine
Nikolas Cassadine & Robin Scorpio
Patrick Drake & Elizabeth Webber
Patrick Drake & Robin Scorpio
Ric Lansing & Alexis Davis
Ric Lansing & Elizabeth Webber
Ric Lansing & Faith Roscoe
Sonny Corinthos & Brenda Barrett
Sonny Corinthos & Carly Benson
Sonny Corinthos & Sam McCall
Sonny Corinthos & Skye Chandler-Quartermaine
Zander Smith & Emily Bowen-Quartermaine