Flash Fiction: When You’re Done

Timeline & Inspiration

This was a response to the Flash Fiction challenges at The Canvas in October 2002. The prompt was “missing in action” and is set very shortly after Elizabeth left the penthouse in October 2002. She was pulled briefly into the Spencer drama where Luke had disappeared following Laura’s breakdown, and Lucky was trying to find him.


Elizabeth Webber shifted her weight from one foot to the other as she stood at a pay phone on the docks. She’d been on hold for ten minutes and had already had to feed more money into the machine. “Come on,” she muttered.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw Jason stalking towards her and she grimaced. He must have found out what she was up to. Knowing it wouldn’t do any good, she turned her body away to give her more time.

“Yes. I need two bus tickets to Atlantic City. Right. Atlantic–yes, tonight. As soon as possible–directly–” the phone was jerked out of her hands and she was roughly turned around.

“What do you think you’re doing?” he demanded.

She raised an eyebrow. “It’s a little late to be interested in my activities, don’t you think?”

He didn’t even flinch. “That’s a low blow.”

“Too bad,” Elizabeth snapped. She turned back to the phone, already digging in her pocket for more money. She really needed a cell phone. “How’d you find out anyway?”

“One of the waitresses at Kelly’s,” Jason replied.

Elizabeth turned back around and rolled her eyes. “Yeah, because Marisa would just jumping to tell you I was leaving town. How’d you really find out?”

“One of the waitresses came up to Courtney and told her.”

“Oh, you were with Courtney. There’s a surprise,” Elizabeth remarked. “Do you have a problem with me leaving or something? Because it’s a little late to act like you give a damn.”

“Elizabeth, you can’t just go to Atlantic City with Lucky Spencer to…” Jason stopped. “Why are you going with Lucky?”

Elizabeth frowned. “Wait a second. You’re all worked up just because I’m going with Lucky…not because we’re going to look for Luke?”

“You’re looking for Luke,” Jason repeated. “Are you insane?”

“No,” Elizabeth said, defensively. “You know what? Go back to Courtney. The big bad stalker’s probably attacking her at this second.”

“That’s not funny,” Jason said, his expression dark.

“I think it’s hysterical,” Elizabeth muttered. She began fishing through her purse. “I know I have change in here somewhere… You know what really irritates me? You guard her personally. That’s what so infuriating. I get shot at, my life’s actually in danger and you stick me in a penthouse, but aww…Skipper gets a little scared by some heavy breathing and there goes Super Jase–off to save the day!”

“What are you talking about?” Jason demanded. “Are you jealous?”

She looked up from her purse, her eyes blazing. “Jealous? Jealous? You self-centered pig!” She put the purse on the ledge of the pay phone and shoved at him. He didn’t move an inch, but she got her point across. “You think I’d be jealous of that little…that little twit?” she raged.

“Then what’s wrong?” Jason asked, throwing his arms up in frustration. “You’re not making sense!”

“Why are you the only one that can protect her?” Elizabeth demanded. “Why does she get you when I got a nameless guard? What? Does she mean more? Are you in love with her? You sleeping with her? Was AJ actually right?”

“You know you don’t really think that.”

“Then why does Courtney get your personal attention? Why?” Elizabeth asked. “You know what? It doesn’t matter. You’re not my boyfriend–and I don’t give a damn how you spend your time.” She grabbed her purse and stalked away.

He followed her and grabbed her arm. “You can’t just go searching for a fugitive, Elizabeth.”

She whirled around and shoved him again. “You know what, Jason? Go to hell! The only reason you care is because I’m doing something that doesn’t involve you! You’re the one who’s jealous–you came here all upset at me because I’m going somewhere with Lucky–and then you go and accuse me of being jealous of Courtney? Make up your damn mind!”

“That’s not it and you know it. Don’t you know how dangerous–”

“Oh, shut up!” she groaned. “I don’t think looking for Lucky’s father is any more dangerous than being with you, so just save your breath and go back to Courtney. I’m sure she saw her shadow or something.”

“Will you stop that?”

“Stop what?” Elizabeth demanded. “Jason, it’s too late to act like you care about who I see and who I’m with. You had your shot and you blew it. You’re the one who never called, who never came home, who let me worry for no good reason.”

“We’re back to that?”

Elizabeth was positively hysterical with rage now. “You knew I was worried sick–you knew I was scared for you and you let me sit in that penthouse wondering if you were dead or alive while you and Sonny were out there perpetuating a lie, so don’t act like you’re innocent. This was never about Sonny faking his death and you not telling me–this was about you making me feel like I was worth next to shit in your life. Well, you know what? I’m through–I’m through waiting around for you to wake up and see what you’re missing–you let me walk away so you deal with that. I have some phone calls to make.”

He let go of her arm and stepped back. “Just…just be careful.”

The anger seemed to drain out of her body as she just stared at him. “You really are an idiot aren’t you?”

“What did I do now?” he asked, irritated.

“You always do this!” she cried. “You make me think you care and then you just stop–you shut down. What is wrong with you?”

“What? I’ve made it clear I don’t agree with this–but you’re going to do what you want anyway!”

“Damn right I am, but–” Elizabeth just stopped and shook her head. “Fine. Just remember something–when you’re done protecting Courtney and taking care of Carly and doing what Sonny tells you…and you go home to that empty penthouse of yours…remember that it’s no one’s fault but your own.” She turned around then and stalked away.


  • This is one that should be continued. Would love to see Jason actually chasing her

    According to leasmom on January 21, 2021
  • Jason is an idiot but I hope that he goes after her. I loved that Elizabeth told him what bothered her.

    According to arcoiris0502 on January 22, 2021
  • Elizabeth is right. Jason just shuts down on her or make her make the decisions. I’m glad Elizabeth told Jason what was on her mind.

    According to Carla P on January 23, 2021
  • I’ve read this multiple times.


    Please. lol

    According to Angela on July 2, 2021
  • Go liz

    According to Nicole L Barnes on July 18, 2021