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Novels & Short Stories

Ashes to Ashes

Fool Me Twice, Book 2: Ashes to Ashes

The tangled, intricate web of the Cassadine memory experiments continues to ensnare the unwitting residents of Port Charles. Jason and Drew are rebuilding their lives, untangling the complicated ties of love, marriage, family, fatherhood, and friendship. Fool Me Twice, Book 2: Ashes to Ashes

Who will still be standing when the smoke clears?

RELEASED 28 March 2024

Mad World: At Christmas

Mad World: At Christmas (Book 4.5)

Set December 2006. Three years after Ric Lansing’s reign of terror changed Carly and Elizabeth’s lives forever, the shadows still linger with every step they take towards the future. In so many ways, their lives have changed for the better. Elizabeth is deliriously happy in her marriage to Jason, their son Cameron is healthy, and tomorrow looks brighter than ever. Carly is co-parenting with former mortal enemy, AJ, and watching her boys grow up. But while the memories of that terrible year have faded, they haven’t been erased.

Completed: January 14

Flash Fiction

Chain Reaction

Flash Fiction: Chain Reaction

Set September 2003. Jason and Elizabeth reconnect the night that Emily marries Zander, and find comfort in each other while waiting for the news that the woman they both love has passed away. Emily lives, and old feelings have been stirred up that aren’t as easily put away again. It should be as simple as Elizabeth completing her divorce from psycho husband Ric, and Jason breaking his troubled engagement to Courtney. But this is Port Charles, and nothing comes easy. Especially when Sonny Corinthos, on the brink of a breakdown, is involved.

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Last updated: April 14

April: Part 1

Hits Different

Flash Fiction: Hits Different

Set March 1996. Semi-Alternate Universe. Set 1996. Jason Quartermaine woke up from a coma without a single memory of his first twenty-four years. All he knows is that the family claiming to love him are so controlling and arrogant that escaping them is his top priority. But the Quartermaines won’t let him go without a fight. First, they cut off his access to a trust fund that’s supposed to be his. Then they get him fired from any job he can find. Just when he’s ready to sleep under the docks, he gets a job and a room at Luke’s where he meets the bar manager, Elizabeth, and learns just how many secrets are being kept from him.

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Completed: April 12

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Crimson Swift


A collection of seventeen short stories inspired by the tracks from folklore. They are set at different points in Liason story, from 2000 to 2007.

The Last time

The Last Time
A “single” from Red. Set in 2007. After Elizabeth confesses the truth in the elevator, she and Jason have to deal with the fallout.