By Length

I have a kind of obsession with cataloging the stories listed on this website in a way that makes it super easy for people to find what they’re looking for. I’ve managed to sort stories by character, by couple, by the year it’s set, by the year it was written, by holidays featured. I organize my canon stories in chronological order so that you can better find the stories that you want.  I have an alphabetical listing of stories that took me days to put together.

And here is my latest attempt to help you guys find a stories that you like.  Even though the site is already superficially sorted by word count (Novels, Short Stories, Series, Ficlets, etc.), I think, for some stories, it still doesn’t give you an accurate reflection of how long some things are. For example, Rest in Pieces is located on the Completed Alternate History page, but it’s roughly the same length as Cry Ophelia, which is on the short stories page. How did it end up that way? It usually goes back to when I first wrote a story. Cry Ophelia was one part, and Rest in Pieces was split into two. Today, I might combine the two pieces, but that’s not what I did in 2003.

And I have novels of wildly varying length. Aurora Dawning is 65,000 words long while A Few Words Too Many is 114,000. And ha, The Best Thing is around…150,000 and some change with a LOT more to add to that. So yeah. Word count varies.

I am only including tags for Short Stories and above. Ficlets are actually categorized well and specific already, but there are some stories that fit into Short Story category that aren’t there (i.e. Rest in Pieces)

This page is a work in progress. I’m going through to make sure everything is tagged correctly.

Epic Sagas (100,000 +)

Novels (25,000-99,999)

Novellas (10,000 – 24,999)

Short Stories