Come Clean

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After a body was found in the wreckage of the hotel fire, it was suspected of being both Zander Smith and Scott Baldwin. It ended up being neither of them, but when they thought it was Zander, Elizabeth was responsible for his death. She’d hit him on the head, causing him to be unconscious and die in the fire. Nikolas was suspected of the crime, and Ric was trying to frame him in order to clear Elizabeth.

Elizabeth wanted to come clean but ultimately, Jason agreed to sign a statement that cast guilt on Andy Capelli, the rogue detective that had died while trying to kill Jason after the fire. Elizabeth was in the clear, thanks to Jason. It didn’t matter since Zander wasn’t dead after all, so it was all a mess, to be honest.


I was extremely unhappy with the way the show handled Zander’s supposed death and Elizabeth’s part in it. It felt like she had zero POV in the whole thing, and was just a pawn. I also really hated how Nikolas and Emily were treating her during the whole thing. It definitely demonstrated to me why Ric was terrible for her. I’ve actually written two versions of the Elizabeth Murders Zander story — this one, which I wrote back in 2004, and Shadows, which I wrote a version of in 2004-05 then rewrote in 2014 as my first story back after five years.

I’m not happy with this story and I actually tossed it in the Fiction Graveyard for a time, but it’s not super terrible.