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This is a General Hospital fanfiction archive that concentrates on the pairing of Jason Morgan and Elizabeth Webber. You will also find a lot of stories that feature Sonny and Carly Corinthos, Patrick Drake and Robin Scorpio, and Nikolas Cassadine and Emily Quartermaine. The stories are written completely by me, Melissa (LissieLove) and features novels, short stories, and other GH-related material. It has been online since September 19, 2002.

If you don't like Jason and Elizabeth as a pairing or you have any fondness for the character of Franco, then you should probably click the back button and continue on your way. Happy travels. I hate Franco. He is a lying, violent, sociopathic piece of shit, and I hope this character gets yeeted into the sun. Thank you.

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September 14, 2021

I haven’t been posting the videos here, but I have actually been keeping to the schedule I set out — three new videos, one a week. I posted the Site & Story Status, which you guys got. I also posted an FMT vlog and then yesterday, I put up a video about Crimson Glass’s history and some future plans.  I’m going to embed them here for you guys. On the Mad World front, I’ve been writing. I’ve actually written two new chapters in the last two days and it’s going really well! I’ll have some more info on Saturday. See you guys on Thursday for the Throwback post (which I forgot last week because I was tired lol.) Any thoughts for a story to feature? Or a genre you want to know if I’ve written?

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September 11, 2021

Just popping in real quick to let you guys know I won’t be updating flash fiction this weekend. The students came back on Wednesday, and I honestly just forgot how mentally and physically exhausting it is to teach, LOL. Your brain seriously just forgets that over the summer, for real. Probably the only way you go back, to be real.

The good news is that it’s really just my body getting used to the daily grind. I didn’t have to bring anything home all week, and I am completely ready to go for next week, so it really is a matter of getting used to it again.

This weekend, I just want to relax, do some things around the house, and not hurt my brain too much. Any writing I can get done, I want it to be with Karma and Mad World. We’ll be back next weekend for sure 🙂

August 24, 2021

Please note: This is a very short survey. Four questions. The first three are about flashbacks, and the last one is a general question about what you want from the rest of the trilogy. Thanks in advance to anyone to answers!