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This is a General Hospital fanfiction archive that concentrates on the pairing of Jason Morgan and Elizabeth Webber. You will also find a lot of stories that feature Sonny and Carly Corinthos, Patrick Drake and Robin Scorpio, and Nikolas Cassadine and Emily Quartermaine. The stories are written completely by me, Melissa (LissieLove) and features novels, short stories, and other GH-related material. It has been online since September 19, 2002.

If you don't like Jason and Elizabeth as a pairing or you have any fondness for the character of Franco, then you should probably click the back button and continue on your way. Happy travels. I hate Franco. He is a lying, violent, sociopathic piece of shit, and I hope this character gets yeeted into the sun. Thank you.

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May 29, 2023

Update Link: Invisible Strings – Part 22

Oof, it was definitely NOT supposed to be three weeks between updates, but you know, life is weird, and your brain doesn’t always obey you. I was determined not to let my contract status affect me, but then, well, it did. I just really struggled to get through the last three weeks of classes. Putting together nine applications (exhausting), getting through my classes (AND starting my last sixth grade rotation), and just generally wrapping my head around spending the summer interviewing with no health insurance for my chronic health conditions. It took a toll on the creative brain, and I started to feel really burnt out.

But — as you might have seen if you follow me on Twitter — I got some good news recently. Some really great news, actually. I applied for an ELA position in my home district (where I live and worked as a substitute during the pandemic). My sister encouraged me to reach out to the superintendent — he’s a connection through my mother (she was on the Board of Education that hired him, and he went to school with my brother-in-law). Why not capitalize on that? So I did that, and he told me the ELA job would be filled internally, BUT he wanted to meet with me to talk about some current interests because he’s also the high school principal.

Last Friday, I met with him, and he indicated that he wanted to bring French back to the district — there hasn’t been one since my old French teacher retired. My French class was one of the last (and I graduated in 2002). But he had to run it by the board. I found out later that this position doesn’t exist — the board would have to okay creating one. I spent all the last week, trying not to get my hopes up and just focusing on my current students.

On Friday, he officially offered me the job. I found a position in my top choice district without having to do an actual interview, lol. This is mostly because I’ve interviewed in this district before, getting all the way to the final two, and I’ve taught there. So beyond the personal connections, my professional abilities were well-known. Plus, it’s not like French teachers are found under every rock, you know.

Anyway, this is all great news, and I’ve made some really big rebounds in my energy and emotional health. (Unsurprisingly). I started to write again yesterday and here I am, finally finishing this flash fiction.

I need to do a soft reset on most of my thoughts and plans for the summer — just because I’d counted on writing for most of May and then that didn’t happen. However, flash fiction is back, and I’ll be here next weekend with the return of Watch Me Burn.

Thanks for your patience and understanding. I’m really excited about starting this next chapter! Eleven school days left until summer vacation!

May 6, 2023

Update Link: Invisible Strings – Part 21

Apologies for the delay in updating. I wish I had a better excuse other than the usual — work is difficult, and my energy has felt completely drained. Not entirely sure if I’m all the way back, but I have to start concentrating on something other than work, or I’ll go insane.

I found out yesterday morning that my contract isn’t being renewed for next year. I knew that was a possibility because while I have a bachelor’s degree in French, I haven’t been able to obtain certification because the testing is impossible and expensive. I thought I’d be reassigned to ELA or Social Studies where I am certified, but instead, my VP dropped off a letter while I was teaching my Block 1. Of course, my eighth graders know my face, and I wasn’t able to keep it in. It was a rough day — by dismissal, most of the older kids knew and kept stopping by to hug me or plan a protest. One of my girls organized a bunch of kids to sign a poster for me, which was really sweet and unexpected from this particular student. I knew that she liked my class, and I always enjoyed having her, but I had no idea how much she and some of her friends cared.  Anyway. I’ve got some leads on other positions, and a few applications in already, so we’ll see what happens.

I’ve been working on other things in the background, particularly Signs of Life and Fool Me Twice. I should have a lot more details on both in about a week or two. Hope you enjoy today’s update — we’re just about wrapped up with this story.

April 19, 2023

We haven’t had any downtime since 11:06 PM on April 18, so I’m cautiously optimistic that the site issues are resolved. They moved me to a new host machine, and apparently there were a lot of issues that weren’t immediately detectable. I spent most of Monday on a chat queue trying to get it sorted out.

I’m very sorry that it took so long to get things sorted out — I didn’t even realize there was an issue until late Saturday. For some reason, the alerts I’m supposed to get from WordPress about the site being unresponsive got sent to spam, and the problem got pretty bad on Sunday when it was literally down every hour.

I made two updates on the weekend in case you missed either:

SATURDAY: I didn’t write flash fiction, so I posted some bonus material from Fool Me Twice. Chapters 50 & 54 from Book 2 which are both Liason centered, and Book 1’s flashbacks organized in chronological order.

SUNDAY: Flash Fiction, Invisible Strings – Part 20

I’ll see you this weekend for more flash fiction!

April 16, 2023

Update Link: Invisible Strings – Part 20

Back Up Form: https://crimsonglass.boardhost.com/index.php

Took a little longer to write this entry because my online support agent finally responded to my support ticket regarding the downtime issues. They swear it’s related to a backend issue that should be resolved now. But just in case, until I’m satisfied, I’ll be posting on the backup board for Flash Fiction.

This was supposed to be the last part, lol, but I didn’t quite get where I wanted to, so we’ll have another weekend of this story. See you then!


Hello! Apologies if the site has been down for you lately. Dreamhost, the company where I’ve been since 2006, recently made changes to my account, and I’ve had nothing but issues since. (AND they’re charging me 30% more). I have a VPS (virtual private server) account which is supposed to help account for the memory usage that WordPress uses, but lately it’s been down constantly.  If this keeps up, I may have to consider converting back to a static website, which would be a GIANT pain in the ass, so let’s hope I can get this fixed.

Until then, I have a back-up forum that I’m going to link in the top of the updates, where I’ll post anything I post here. Now, hopefully the next email you get from me is an update for Flash Fiction. I am updating that in about an hour (1:20-1:30 PM EST) so bookmark that link above and check there.

April 15, 2023

Download Links: Fool Me Twice, Book 2 – Chapters 50 & 54 | Book 1 – Just the Flashbacks

Hey! So as part of my promise to find material to post every time I can’t update something on schedule, I’m here to offer some REALLY good stuff, lol. I was planning to do Flash Fiction, but my dad is coming up to do some work at the house, so I can’t write while he’s here, and he didn’t tell me what time (and I was afraid he’d  changed his mind if I asked lol, which seems dumb but there you go), so I just can’t get to it tonight. I will be writing tomorrow, late in the morning.

In the place of Flash Fiction, I’m giving you some chapters from Book 2 of Fool Me Twice. I’ve been working on the story structure this week, making the chapters a bit more focused and shorter. This comes from about 20% of the way into the book. (Chapter numbering picks up from Book 1, which ended at Chapter 38). This is a first draft which means some of the dialogue has to be tweaked or revised. (NEITHER of these chapters were planned at the beginning, lol, they just happened.)

And the other file is just a PDF collection of the Flashbacks from Book 1 organized in chronological order. I tossed it together as story tool for myself, but you guys might find it interesting, too, especially if you skipped them in the first read through, lol.

See you tomorrow morning!

April 10, 2023

Update: Invisible Strings – Part 19

Today was the first day of the break I felt like doing anything other than vegging out 😛 I prepped some school work, finished a chapter of Fool Me Twice, did my laundry, and washed my hair — all before noon. Woot! Then I have to get an x-ray and clean the kitchen. Glad I have one more day of break that doesn’t have so much scheduled.

See you tomorrow!

April 9, 2023

Update Link: Invisible Strings – Part 18

Happy Easter! Hope everyone has a great holiday. A little bit sad here — I’ve only got two days left of spring break, which seems insane, lol. There’s talk of adjusting the schedule to match the surrounding areas. We’re a K-8 district, and our sister high school district (where most of our kiddos matriculate after they leave us) has a full week, so it’s hard for parents to handle childcare and vacations. Let’s cross our fingers because your girl really needs more than a long weekend. I feel like I spend most of these breaks resting and recharging and there’s not really a chance to enjoy myself.

Anyway, hope the day is good for you 🙂 Going to kick back and watch my Phillies sweep the Reds (rough start to the season but we’re back on track), then head to dinner with sister and family. Love you all!

April 8, 2023

No Flash Fiction today, but I did promise daily updates (I just woke up feeling a bit off, so I’m resting my brain). Last week, Susan told me that the ebook for Mad World, Book 1 had a chapter issue (Chapter 10 had been pasted in twice, one in place of Chapter 6). When I went to update that, I realized, I never formatted the second half of Book 4. So I spent about an hour doing that today.

All four books are available now as ebooks in the following formats: .epub, .pdf, and .mobi. Let me know if there’s a format you need for your reading device! I fixed my ebook compiling issues in Scrivener, so I’m going be looking at getting my older stuff updated into ebooks.

Download Links

April 7, 2023

Update: Invisible Strings – Part 17

Happy Friday 🙂 Today is the first day of spring break for me (well, more like spring pause since I’m only off today, Monday, and Tuesday) so I’m going to do my best to update Flash Fiction once a day which should finish off this story (four more parts & an epilogue).

Looking forward to getting some much needed rest, catching up on some tasks around the house and, of course, writing.  See you tomorrow!