Fool Me Twice

Welcome to Fool Me Twice, the General Hospital trilogy that rewrites the return of Jason Morgan and the revelation that he had a secret twin brother, Drew Cain, that had been implanted with Jason’s memories and was now living his life. This trilogy takes place in 2017-18 and rewrites the entire storyline, as well taking on other aspects of the show as the twin experiment affects the entire canvas.

You should know up front that I hate the character of Franco to the point of insanity, I am an apologetic Sonny and Carly fan (though I write them more evenly and realistically than the show–no one licks their asses in my stories), and Elizabeth is my favorite character in the history of the entire world. I worship her. If any of these things will bother you, you should probably head right back to where you came from.

This series is written in three parts and will be released over the next 18 months: Ricochet (Feb 23, 2021, Ashes to Ashes (Feb 2022), and Strike to Kill (May 2022).

Book 1, Ricochet, begins on February 23. New chapters are posted on Tuesdays & Thursdays. An excerpt of the opening scene will be posted on February 16.

23 February 2021: Chapter One is now available!

13 February 2021: All pages are done. Character descriptions will happen at some point.

21 January 2021: Starting the sub-site. Getting my shit together, I promise. Pages exist, but they’re under construction. I’ll let you know what’s what when it’s ready.