By Character

I don’t always write stories with pairings — many of my short stories center around specific character sketches. Additionally,  maybe you want to read about Dillon, AJ, or Robin separately from a pairing.

These are the stories the characters appear in, separate from a romantic pairing.

I’ve written about nearly every single character on GH over the last decade, so this list is going to be long. It’s arranged alphabetially by character’s first name, unless a character is more traditionally known by his last name, Spinelli or Taggart.

Some names may be marked with a footnote with more information.

AJ Quartermaine
Alexis Davis
Anna Devane
Anthony Zacchara
Audrey Hardy
Bobbie Spencer
Brenda Barrrett
Brooke Lynn Ashton
Andy Capelli
Carly Benson Corinthos Jacks
Claudia Zacchara
Cooper Barrett
Courtney Matthews
Diane Miller
Diego Sanchez
Dillon Quartermaine
Edward Quartermaine
Elizabeth Webber
Emily Bowen-Quartermaine
Faith Roscoe
Felicia Scorpio-Jones
Felix DuBois
Georgie Jones
Jason Morgan
Jason Morgan/Jake Doe1
Jerry Jacks
Johnny O’Brien
Laura Spencer
Lily Rivera Corinthos
Lucas Jones
Lucky Spencer
Lulu Spencer
Mac Scorpio
Manny Ruiz
Mary Bishop
Maxie Jones
Michael Corinthos III/Michael Quatermaine
Monica Quartermaine
Morgan Corinthos
Nadine Crowell
Nikolas Cassadine
Noah Drake
Patrick Drake
Ric Lansing
Robin Scorpio
Robert Scorpio
Sabrina Santiago
Sam McCall
Scott Baldwin
Sonny Corinthos
Damien Spinelli
Steven Webber
Marcus Taggart
Trevor Lansing
Zander Smith

1. These are stories with just Billy Miller as Jason. At the moment, his Jason is so different, I can’t justify classifying them as the same character. I also know he’s not universally loved.