Life’s Little Quirks


I definitely remember where I got this. I used to post on a board Random Roswell Ramblings and their challenge thread was one of the most amazing I’ve ever seen. So many times you see challenges in soap operas that way too specific or just insane, but this thread was pretty awesome. I conceived the idea of Aurora Dawning from that thread as well.

So that original challenge was Max/Liz — Max would save Liz, who’d go on to become a doctor and learn about his intervention later. I just changed it to GH.


This story was written in 2002/03, and it’s one of my least favorite stories I’ve ever written. That being said, it’s part of my learning process so here it remains. Makes you really want to read it, huh? Heh.

A complete alternate universe. No one is related or has the history on the show unless otherwise indicated within the story. Emily and Jason are siblings, but their last name is Morgan. Lucky and Nikolas are siblings, but it’s the normal — mother divorced and remarried rather than mother was kidnapped and forced to breed actuality. God, GH is so twisted sometimes. Elizabeth is a brand new character, while Sonny and Brenda are married.