Aurora Dawning

Therein it is related that in the alignment of the planets, occurring only once in the span of a millennia, there shall be a holy union of two. The male, in the first quarter of his life, shall be of flaxen hair and rigorous of body and mind; the female, having celebrated no more than twenty years, small and dark, of pure heart and blood.

Signaling their meeting, a flash, whereupon day will turn to night and then return swiftly.

Upon the binding of the chosen two, a thousand years of blessed light follow and come upon this world on that night, the eve of the fifteenth month. If conditions be not met, damnation will fall upon the land until the planets align once again.

Aurora Dawning is a full-fledged fantasy story with legends, magic, sorcerors and enchantresses. At one point, I had planned a sequel but it has mostly fallen off my radar.  I hope you enjoy this odd bit. Thanks to LeaB for being my original beta all those moons ago, and to Pia for writing the legend above.

This story has now been reposted in its entirety.

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