Left Behind

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This is one of the stories that I found when I was looking at older version of my site in the Internet Wayback Machine. I actually have very little memory of writing this — in fact, I have no memory of this. It’s a very strange story that takes a bit of a turn about 3/4 of the way through. It’s one of my earliest short stories, so it’s worth reading for that.

It picks up the day Elizabeth learns Sonny is alive and is at the penthouse waiting for him. This is also the day Carly learned about Brenda. It was a real banner day for honesty in the Corinthos-Morgan organization.

Left Behind

October 6, 2002

— Harborview Towers —

Carly Corinthos jabbed the button of the elevator viciously and turned to Scott Baldwin. “Will you go away?” she snarled.

“Well, I’m headed to the police station anyway,” Scott replied, smiling his trademark smirk. “Might as well give me a ride, eh, Carly?”

“That’s Mrs. Corinthos to you.”

The doors opened and Carly ran right into Elizabeth Webber, fresh from her shift at Kelly’s.

“Whoa, Carly,” Elizabeth said, holding her hands up. “Is everything okay?”

Carly hesitated. “I have to go to the police station,” she said, loathing to be the one to tell Jason’s girlfriend he’d spent the last three weeks lying to her.

Elizabeth’s eyes widened in fear. “The police station?” she said softly. “What happened? Is Jason okay?”

“Jason’s just fine,” Scott jumped in. Carly threw him a nasty look. “In fact, I bet he’s just great, you know since, his boss is alive and everything.”

Elizabeth frowned and glanced at Carly. “What is he talking about?”

“Sonny’s alive,” Carly said, irritated with being held up. “Look, come with me and I’ll explain on the way.” She pushed the brunette back into the elevator and the doors shut before the district attorney could get in, too.

— Port Charles Police Department —

Jason Morgan leaned against the table in the interrogation room, his arms crossed. “How much longer are we going to be in here?”

“Long enough for those idiots to realize that we haven’t broken any laws,” Sonny muttered. He rested his hands on her hips and squinted through the blinds outside the window. “I think we’ve got a problem.”

“What?” Jason asked. He straightened. “What is it?”

“Carly and Brenda just saw each other,” Sonny murmured. “Not good.”

Jason peered through the blinds and exhaled slowly seeing the petite brunette behind Carly. “What is Elizabeth doing here?”

“Came with Carly, probably,” Sonny replied. He eyed Jason from the corner of his eye. “She’ll understand, Jason.”

“I doubt it,” Jason said under his breath.

It was another fifteen minutes before Taggart kicked Jason out of the room to question Sonny. Instructing the enforcer not to leave, he closed the door. Jason turned and stepped hesitantly towards Elizabeth.


“I don’t want to talk about it right now,” she murmured, keeping an eye on the snarling women in front of her. Part of her knew she should pull Carly aside, but a larger and angrier part wanted Brenda to kick the blonde’s ass, wanting Carly to feel some pain for the mortification Elizabeth was feeling right now.


“I said that we’ll talk about it later,” Elizabeth snapped, finally looking at him, her eyes cold and angry. “Because you do not want everyone around us to hear what I have to say.”

Jason nodded and rubbed the back of his neck, knowing this night was going to get worse before it got better.

Finally, Mac Scorpio stepped in and announced that Sonny and Jason were to go home but to be careful not to leave town. They hadn’t broken any laws that night–but Sonny was going to be fully investigated for shooting Luis Alcazar.

— Limo —

The limo was cloaked in silence as Elizabeth sat next to Jason and pointedly ignored him. Carly wasn’t speaking to Sonny currently, pissed about Brenda’s return from the dead.

“After all that talk about honesty,” Carly muttered. “After making me promise not to keep secrets.”

“Carly–” Sonny began, his tone patient and indulgent.

“Do not start with me, Sonny Corinthos. You had no right to keep this from me!” Carly yelled.

“I knew it would just upset you–”

“You’re damn right it upsets me!” she raged. “You lied to me!”

Elizabeth snorted and shook her head. The hypocrisy level in this car was going to choke her.

“Did you know?” she asked, suddenly, interrupting Carly’s tirade.

Carly paused and looked at her guiltily. “Yeah.”

Elizabeth stared at her for a moment and closed her eyes. “That’s what I thought.”

“Elizabeth,” Sonny began, seeing a battle he thought he could win. “This wasn’t kept from you to hurt you.”

“Sonny–” Jason tried to cut in.

“We couldn’t just trust anyone,” Sonny continued, sure that Elizabeth would understand.

Carly groaned and rolled her eyes, sensing that Elizabeth’s outrage was going to take over in about five seconds.

Jason shifted, uncomfortably. Sonny’s choice of words hadn’t been good and he could feel the waves of hurt and anger coming from the woman beside him.

“Right,” Elizabeth drawled. “Because, hell, who am I, right?”

Sonny winced. “Okay, that’s not what I meant–”

“I’m just the girl that’s been cooped up in the penthouse, who’s been kidnapped and shot at twice just because I happen to know you and Jason. But hey, we can’t just tell anyone the plan right?” Elizabeth said sarcastically. “We can tell your wife, who turned you in the government, but not the girl who’s risked her life several times for Jason, right?”

“Hey,” Carly protested. “That’s not fair.”

“Elizabeth, that didn’t come out right,” Sonny tried again. Jason chose to stay silent for the moment, knowing his friend wouldn’t shut up until he had nothing left to say. “What I meant was it was completely necessary that this secret was kept.”

“Sonny, just shut up,” Carly advised.

“Of course,” Elizabeth said, sweetly. She narrowed her eyes. “Because God knows I couldn’t keep a secret to save my life right? I mean, completely excusing the fact that I trashed my reputation and let people think I was sleeping with Jason so they wouldn’t know he was shot or that I lied to everyone I knew and hid Jason in my studio, why the hell should you trust me?”

Sonny frowned. “Elizabeth, this wasn’t about you.”

“You’re right,” she said softly, the fire draining from her. She stared out the window. “I don’t matter at all.”

Sonny opened his mouth again, but Carly elbowed him in the ribs. “You’re just making it worse,” she muttered.

“Elizabeth,” Jason quietly. “You know that’s not true.”

She turned to look at him, her eyes full of tears. “Do I?”

The limo pulled into the underground parking garage of the towers. Elizabeth shoved the door open and stalked towards the elevators, not waiting for the trio behind her.

Jason watched the elevator doors shut behind her, a pained expression etched onto his face.

“I didn’t mean to hurt her,” Sonny said, firmly. “She’ll come around.”

Carly rolled her eyes. “Yeah, okay. Let’s just go upstairs.” She looked at Jason and touched his arm. “Look, she’s angry right now. Very angry. And she has every right to be. So, just let her vent. Let her yell and scream at you. Do not try and defend yourself because we both know it was wrong not to include her. But whatever you do, do not let her leave you. Because I’m willing to bet that will be her first instinct.”

“Actually, Jason, I need you to come over to the penthouse,” Sonny cut in. “We have some things to work out.”

Carly stared at him. “Are you insane?” she asked incredulously. “He cannot come over right now–”

“Damn it, this is more important,” Sonny interrupted angrily.

Carly felt Jason tense beneath her hand. “I’ll go talk to her,” she promised him. “You get this thing figured out with Sonny.”

“Fine,” Jason said shortly.

— Jason’s Penthouse —

Carly pushed the door open silently and saw Zander zipping up his bag. “Hey.”

He glanced at her. “Hey.”

“Going somewhere?” she asked, gesturing towards the bag.

“Elizabeth told me that Sonny is alive. She advised me to leave,” Zander replied. “She’s right. After we both risked our lives for him and then to be lied to…I don’t trust any of you to keep me safe. I’ll take care of myself.” He lifted the bag. “She’s upstairs packing now.”

He left, slamming the door behind him. Carly sighed and waited for the other woman to come downstairs.

She could hear her slamming around above her and winced every time a drawer slammed shut. For such a tiny girl, she sure packed a lot of violence.

Before Elizabeth came down, the door behind her pushed open and Jason entered, his face ashen.

“Is everything okay?” Carly asked, worried.

He hesitated a moment before speaking. “Sonny’s taking everyone to the island,” Jason told her.

She frowned. “Wait, what?”

“Tagliatti–” Jason’s jaw clenched. “He got caught laundering money and he’s going to make a deal with the DA.”

“A deal?” Carly asked softly. “What kind of deal?”

“He’s turning on Sonny,” Jason replied. “We have to leave now before the arrest warrants are issued.”

“Okay.” Carly tried to smile. “Well, at least Elizabeth won’t be able to leave you if she’s stuck on the island.”

Jason looked towards the stairs. “I’m not–I’m not taking her.” He looked back to Carly. “I don’t know how long we’ll be gone and I can’t ask her to give up her life here.”

“You can’t just leave–” Carly shook her head. “Jason–”

“You’d better go pack,” Jason told her quietly. “We’re leaving tonight.”

Carly sighed and left, cursing Tagliatti and Jason mentally.

It was a few more moments before Elizabeth descended the stairs, dragging a suitcase behind her.

She stopped in front of Jason. “I can’t be with someone who doesn’t trust me,” Elizabeth said softly.

“I understand.”

She waited. Waited for him to stop herto say something, to say anything. When he didn’t–when he only stared at her sadly, she clenched her jaw.


— Hallway —

“You packed quickly,” Johnny mused, as Elizabeth dragged her suitcase towards the elevator. She stopped and stared him, irritated. “But didn’t Jason tell you? We’re not leaving for another hour.”

She frowned. “What are you talking about?”

“The plane doesn’t leave for another hour,” Johnny clarified. When the confusion didn’t clear from his eyes, he narrowed his eyes. “Didn’t Jason tell you?”

“Tell me what?” Elizabeth asked quietly.

“We’re going to the island–someone turned on Sonny and Jason,” Johnny explained. “We have to leave before the arrest warrants are issued.”

Elizabeth glanced towards the door of the penthouse. He hadn’t said a word. Hadn’t even told her he’d be leaving town. He’d just said he understood and let her leave. He hadn’t even cared enough to ask her to go with him.

She looked back at Johnny and sighed. “He didn’t tell me anything. I’m going home to my studio,” she said. “I was leaving him.” She hesitated. “I am leaving him.”

Johnny shook his head. “Wait, Miss Webber, we can’t not take you. You…you’ve been living with Jason, everyone knows the two of you are together. It’s not safe to leave you here by yourself.”

“That’s funny, Johnny,” Elizabeth said, pushing the button for the elevator. “Because if anyone knew anything, they’d know I mean nothing to anyone who lives on this floor.”

“Now that’s not true either,” Johnny argued. “Miss Webber–”

The doors opened and Elizabeth pulled her suitcase into the elevator. “Call me Elizabeth, Johnny. There’s no reason to pretend anymore.”

The doors shut on those words and he just stared at the closed doors.

November 18, 2002

— Sonny’s Island —

Jason stared out over the water from the deck of the large home adjacent to the casino. He could see Carly and Michael playing on the beach from where he stood.

“Did you get the reports?” he asked Johnny quietly.

“Yeah.” Johnny folded his arms across the suit he still wore. He was the only member of the inner circle still able to travel back and forth between Port Charles and the island, the only person that hadn’t been charged with racketeering and a host of other crimes.

He went back to check on the progress of the caseto let them know when it might be safe to return. He also went back for reports on members of the family they’d left behind. Courtney. Mike. Bobbie.


Courtney had barely noticed her estranged older brother had left town. Mike missed Sonny, but was still angry with his son for making him mourn for nothing. Bobbie missed Carly sorely and was working her charm on Scott, trying to get the charges dropped.

Elizabeth had moved back into her studio and was working at Kelly’s again. She almost seemed normal, but anyone who knew her knew that she was miserable.

Johnny had tried to convince Jason to let him bring Elizabeth back to the island, knowing the girl would jump at the chance to have any indication that he still cared. But Jason had refused, not wanting to disrupt her life.

Johnny strode forward, putting himself in Jason’s line of sight. Jason frowned, taking in the other man’s bruises. “What the hell happened to you?” he asked.

“One of Alcazar’s men paid me a visit,” Johnny replied. “Just a warning. Also left me with this.” He shoved a picture at Jason, not caring that he probably wouldn’t make most of it out.

Jason stared down at the black and white photo. “What is it?”

“It’s a picture,” Johnny snarled. “Of the girl you won’t let me bring here. Seems Alcazar is curious about her…curious why you left her behind.”

Jason narrowed his eyes. “He’s watching Elizabeth?” he demanded.

“Yep,” Johnny drawled. “Satisfied now?”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

“You tried to do the right thing by letting her leave, trying to pretend that she isn’t in deep enough to matter. But if you want my opinion, Jason, there ain’t a man in the organization or in the families who doesn’t know Elizabeth Webber. Everyone knows about that bomb Sorel put in her studio, about the kidnapping, about her hiding you in her studio twice–it was fucking stupid to think you could her alone in Port Charles and pretend that none of that happened.”

“You done?” Jason demanded.


“Good.” Jason tossed the picture back at him. “Get the plane ready.”

“I’ll bring her–”

“I’m going to go get her,” Jason cut in. “Tell Sonny where I went. Tell him that I’m just going to get her and I’m bringing her back. I don’t have time to make the rounds, so he’ll have to deal.”

“You can’t go to Port Charles,” Johnny reminded him as he followed Jason into the spacious front room. Jason headed for the steps. “Taggart will have you thrown in jail.”

“Then he’ll have to throw me in jail,” Jason said. “Because I’m going to get Elizabeth.”

November 19, 2002

— Kelly’s —

Elizabeth closed the door to the diner behind her, making sure it was firmly locked. She sighed and tucked the key in her purse before stepping away to walk home to her studio.

She was halfway across the docks when she felt someone grab her arm and pull her underneath the dock stairs. She opened her mouth to scream, but a hand covered her mouth.

“Don’t scream,” Jason told her. “It’s just me.” He let his hand fall away.

“What are you doing here?” Elizabeth whispered. “You’re supposed to be on the island.”

“You know where I’ve been?” Jason asked in surprise. “How?”

“Johnny told me the night I left,” she replied. “The cops have been asking everyone if we’ve heard from you or Sonny. There are even charges against Carly aiding and abetting–”

“We know all of that,” Jason interrupted.

“Then why are you here?” she demanded. “You’re going to get caught–”

“I need you to come with me.”

She blinked. “What?”

“You have to pack a bag and come back with me,” Jason told her.

“Are you crazy?” she hissed. “It’s been a month since you left. A month. Why now? Why not the night you left?”

“Because I thought you’d be safer here,” Jason answered. “Because I didn’t realize how much I’d miss you.”

She frowned. “Okay. So what’s the real reason?”

“Alcazar’s watching you,” Jason said without hesitation. “I’m worried he’s going to make a move.”

“You came back here, risked prosecution and possible jail time to get me?” she asked softly.

“I’m sorry for what happened…and I’m sorry that I let you walk away without a word, but you have to believe me that I do care about you and–”

“Let’s go,” Elizabeth interrupted. “We’d better get out of sight anyway. Cops patrol these docks like crazy now.”

“You’re going to come with me?” he asked, skeptically. “Without any argument?”

“Do you want me to waste time and argue?”


“Then let’s go.”

The End


  • Jason was just a idiot letting liz walk away

    According to Nicole Barnes on April 12, 2014
  • She forgave him way to easily…

    According to Kentisha on June 12, 2018
  • jason should have gotten down on his knees and beg Liz to forgive him.

    According to Shelly Samuel on July 25, 2020
  • Jason was such an idiot. He finally showed her that she mattered. I even liked Carly in this one. Sonny not so much. Lol

    According to arcoiris0502 on July 25, 2020