Spinning On An Axis


I remember that this was a challenge response (possibly issued by Stephanie aka ILETUDRIVE) — what if Elizabeth turned out to be Jerry’s daughter? This was back in 2002, when Jerry was still the affable and lovable Julian Stone, who’d been on the show from about 1997-98, engaged to Bobbie. Now, of course, he’s the evil psychopath. I’ve mostly come to terms with the change, but I thought a disclaimer was necessary here.

Another note about this story: It’s one of the oldest stories on the site. I began writing it in October 2002. The only full-length story that’s older is Surviving the Past. So it’s not exactly fantastic, but I kind of think the Jax moments are hysterical, so there’s that.

I beg of you to remember that I was eighteen back then 😛


This story is set in the fall of 2002, after the Alcazar story wraps up. I don’t really care how–it has no effect on this story. Brenda’s dying but she’s not really in this story. Jax didn’t get shot, he’s not paralyzed and he didn’t try to push Skye away. Skye is insanely jealous and insecure about Brenda.

Sonny does not know about Alexis’s baby, so he and Carly are still tight. Roy left Port Charles and went to Miami. The scene with Elizabeth and Jason took place when she left. They’ve been avoiding each other for the past two months as it is now early December. Zander left for Florida. Gia left town. Lucky, Luke and Lulu are in London. Nikolas and Elizabeth are friends again.


Jason Morgan