Chapter Seven

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Elizabeth sipped her hot chocolate and glared at Nikolas Cassadine the next morning over breakfast at Kelly’s. “You know, just once in my life, I’d like to have a straight conversation with a guy without worrying if they’re keeping something from me.”

After ten minutes of staring into his coffee waiting for Elizabeth to explain why she’d called him at seven in the morning, Nikolas finally breathed a sigh of relief. “Jerry or Jason?”

“Jerry,” Elizabeth replied. “And don’t even get me started on Jason.”

“I thought you forgave Jason,” Nikolas said.

“I did–but then I told him about Jerry being my father and I got the distinct impression he’s not thrilled. Well, bully for him.”

Nikolas forced a smile down. “So, all’s not well in paradise?”

Elizabeth frowned. “Paradise? What in the hell are you talking about? I said I forgave Jason–I never said we’re back together.” She flashed a brief smile. “Try not to be too happy.”

“I’m not,” Nikolas said, fighting the urge to grin. “So, why not? You love him, you understand what he did. He loves you–I don’t see the problem.”

“I need things he can’t give me,” Elizabeth replied, shrugging. “Why the hell should I make all the sacrifices?”

“What things are these again?” Nikolas asked. “Refresh my memory.”

“I refuse to come last, I refuse to sit up and worry about him. I refuse to be seen as an extension of him when it comes to Sonny and I refuse to be an afterthought. I really don’t think that’s a lot to ask,” Elizabeth replied. “If maybe he would have called every once in a while so I knew he wasn’t, you know, dead, maybe we should have worked something out.”

“Yeah, maybe,” Nikolas shrugged. “Enough about the thug…what happened with Jerry?”

“Since you’ve been good lately, I’m gonna let the thug comment go,” Elizabeth replied. “Jerry came by last night–found out who sold me.”

Nikolas leaned forward, interested. “Really who?”

Elizabeth smirked. “When you think about it, it’s kind of funny. He sells me, he defuses a bomb in my studio, gives Zander a job that later enables the kid to shoot me…”

“Roy DiLucca sold you.” Nikolas stared at her. “You’re nuts.”

“You know what?” Elizabeth said thoughtfully. “If I am nuts, I wouldn’t blame me. After everything, the rape, Lucky’s death, Lucky’s return from the dead, the Cassadine/Spencer feud, that car accident, being kidnapped, shot, shot at, being locked with an infuriating amnesiac, waiting for sort of boyfriend to come home, dumping said sort of boyfriend, finding out that not only is a complete stranger my father, but that someone I knew sold me…who could blame me for being certifiable?”

Nikolas had to smile–but he forced it down quickly. “So why did he sell you?”

Elizabeth shrugged. “Damned if I know and for once, I think Jerry doesn’t either. He figures Roy, being involved with the mob at the time, got into some sort of trouble. How selling a baby helps him, I don’t.”

Nikolas grimaced. “You know, if it had anything to do with the mob…Sonny might be able to help.”

“That hurt didn’t it?” Elizabeth asked sympathetically.

Nikolas nodded. “You have no idea.”

She shook her head, laughing. “Poor baby, but you’re right. Sonny probably would have information–but it’s not like he’d tell me.”

“Would it hurt to ask?” Nikolas asked. “I mean, he can turn you down, but at least you would have tried. I bet Jerry wouldn’t suggest it.”

“No, no he probably wouldn’t.” Elizabeth paused thoughtfully. “I think I will ask him–what’s the worst he can do?”

“He’s head of the mob. You might not want to ask that,” Nikolas reminded her.

Elizabeth shrugged and smiled brightly. “Alleged head of the mob,” she said, cheerfully.


Johnny knocked and opened the penthouse door where Sonny and Carly were having a late breakfast. “Elizabeth Webber.”

Carly’s eyes immediately narrowed as she stood to pounce. “What does she want?”

“Now, Carly,” Sonny made an attempt. He looked to Johnny. “Bring her in.”

Elizabeth entered. “Before you say anything, Carly, I come in peace.”

“What do you want?” Carly demanded. “Haven’t you done enough damage?”

Elizabeth shrugged and smiled sweetly. “No more than you have. Can I talk to Sonny alone?”

“Whatever you need to say–”

“Carly,” Sonny said. “Go visit Jason.”

Carly looked at Elizabeth triumphantly. “At least I can set foot over there,” she crowed.

Elizabeth shook her head amused. “It’s funny, Carly–I was just there last night.”

Sonny all but shoved Carly out the door before turning back to Elizabeth. “Elizabeth–”

“This has nothing to do with Jason,” Elizabeth cut in. “This has to do with me. I don’t know if he’s told you but I found out Jerry Jacks is my biological father–”

“You’re kidding.”

“Afraid not.” Elizabeth shrugged. “He lived here about twenty years ago, met Roy DiLucca and my mother, my mother was killed, Jerry left me with Roy to hunt down her killer, and Roy sold me.”

Sonny barely blinked. “That doesn’t sound like fun.”

“Jerry’s current theory is that Roy selling me had something to do with…” Elizabeth frowned. “Well, your business.”

“My business,” Sonny repeated.

“Not yours specifically,” Elizabeth said. She stopped for a moment. “Jerry told me the guy’s name. He had run-ins with Luke…what…Frank,” Elizabeth said, victoriously. “Frank Smith. The guy before you I guess.”

Sonny nodded. “Smith wasn’t always a good guy–makes sense. What does this have to do with me?”

Elizabeth fiddled with her purse strap. “I know you don’t like women in business and asking questions and all that…but I was wondering if you knew anything. See, I would like to know how and why I was sold to the Webbers and I thought since it might have something to do with you…or your business…you could…I don’t know…help me.”

Sonny didn’t say anything at first and Elizabeth stayed silent, figuring it was her best attempt at getting anything. Finally Sonny nodded. “All right–because I like you and I feel like this whole situation with Jason is my fault.”

“It is,” Elizabeth assured him.

Sonny smirked. “Thanks.” He headed to his desk and picked up a pen. “Okay, tell me everything you know, including about your mother’s murder. It might have something to do with it, you never know.”

“Okay.” Elizabeth took a deep breath. “My mother’s name was Elizabeth Robinson–”

Sonny dropped the pen and looked up at her. “You’re sure about that.”

Elizabeth frowned. “Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Elizabeth Robinson,” Sonny muttered. “I haven’t heard that name in years–Frank used to talk about her all the time.”

“He did?” Elizabeth repeated, surprised. “Why?”

“Frank had two daughters, Jennifer whom Luke nearly married and an illegitimate one, Elizabeth.”

Elizabeth groaned and rubbed her eyes. “So he’s my grandfather?”

Sonny grinned. “Appears that way. Man, I should have seen it–you look like her.”

Elizabeth looked at him curiously. “How did you know her?”

“I didn’t. Frank had a picture of her. I could get Benny to dig up one if you want,” Sonny offered.

Elizabeth smiled gratefully. “Thanks.”

“See, the thing about Elizabeth…her death was a mob hit,” Sonny told her, scratching his forehead. “One of Frank’s rivals knew Elizabeth was his favorite daughter and had her killed.”

Elizabeth’s eyes widened. “Are you serious?”

“Frank never mentioned a granddaughter,” Sonny murmured. He picked the phone up. “I’m going to have Benny dig up a report on her. Maybe it can shed some light. It’s possible that you were another way to get to Frank. If you want, I can have Benny start tracking Roy down.”

Elizabeth nodded. “That would be…that would be great.” She frowned. “Sonny?”

“Yeah?” Sonny replied, absently making some notes.

“When you faked your death…” Elizabeth paused before continuing, “Did you ever think about what lying to me was doing to Jason?”

Sonny stopped and looked up at her. “No…no I didn’t, and I’m sorry about that. I should have let him tell you from the get go. You’d always proved yourself trustworthy, there was no reason to think otherwise this time.”

Elizabeth bit her lip. “Then why didn’t you?”

Sonny sighed and turned around to lean against the desk. “I have a tendency to focus on one thing in life. And at that point, it was my family being protected. I didn’t let myself stop and think about anything else. As long as Carly and Michael were okay, then I could rest easy. I made a big mistake–I forgot Jason is more than an employee and he’s paying for my mistake. You walked away from him and there’s no he blames more than himself.”

Elizabeth looked down. “I forgave him last night,” she said quietly. Sonny looked, the hope in his face. “But we’re not getting back together,” she finished. “I love him–but that…that can’t be…it’s not enough.”

Sonny nodded. “I’m sorry to hear that. I wish it were different.”

“Me, too,” Elizabeth replied. “Just do me a favor. Remember that he’s your best friend the next time this happens and that he has feelings too, and the next woman in his life…” she stopped, forcing the words out, “the next person he loves, don’t…don’t treat her like she’s nothing more than temporary, because that…that’s not a good feeling.”

“Elizabeth…” Sonny stopped, not sure how to phrase what he wanted to say without crossing a line. “Elizabeth, Jason loves you–there’s not…there’s not going to be anyone else, you realize that right?”

“Please…please, don’t say that,” Elizabeth whispered, looking towards the door. “The only reason I can walk away is because I believe he’ll move on. You tell me something like that, I don’t, I don’t think I’ll be able to. So…please…”

“I’m sorry,” Sonny said–even though he wasn’t. “But I’m sorry if I ever made you think you were temporary. You are someone I care about, separate from Jason. I’ve let myself forget that these last few years, but hopefully, I can begin to remedy that situation by helping you now.”

Elizabeth nodded. “I have to go.” She opened the door and left.


As soon as Jason heard the elevator, he was out the door with Carly hot on his heels. When they got back to the penthouse, Carly managed to ask the question before could.

“What did the twit want?” she demanded.

“Carly,” Jason warned.

Elizabeth,” Sonny said, stressing her name, “needed some help. Carly, why don’t you go see Bobbie?”

“You know, you could just say get out of the room,” Carly replied, crossing her arms. “It’s not like you haven’t done it before.”


“Fine!” Carly yanked her coat out of the closet and left.

“What help did Elizabeth need?” Jason asked.

“She’s trying to find out why she was sold,” Sonny replied. He picked up the phone and dialed. “Yeah, Benny? I need to find out where Roy DiLucca ended up. Oh, and I need a complete report on Elizabeth Robinson, Frank Smith’s daughter. Benny? Include a picture if you can. Thanks.”

“Elizabeth Robinson?” Jason asked. “What do you want with her?”

“She’s Elizabeth’s mother,” Sonny replied. “Mob hit. I think it’s related to Roy selling Liz.”

“Wait, wait, Roy sold Elizabeth?” Jason asked. “And she’s Frank Smith’s granddaughter?”

“Was…” Sonny paused to grin. “After all, Frank Smith is dead.”

“She’s related to one of the former families and we had no idea,” Jason stated, trying to wrap his mind around it.

“She didn’t either until I told her.”

“And you’re going to help her with this?” Jason crossed his arms. “Why?”

“Why?” Sonny repeated. “Because I like her, because I feel guilty about the way I treated her, the way I treated you. I don’t know–pick a reason.”


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