Chapter Fourteen

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Elizabeth was humming as she slid into her seat across from Nikolas–he’d already ordered her hot chocolate and was sipping his own coffee.

He grimaced. “Oh, no.”

She took a long swallow of her drink before turning a brilliant smile on him. “What?” she asked, brightly.

“You did it didn’t you?”

“Did what?” Elizabeth asked, tilting her head to the side.

“Don’t play dumb. You’re back with the thug.”

Elizabeth leaned forward, her eyes sparkling. “He’s not a thug.”

Nikolas groaned. “I knew it! You’re back with him.”

She smiled. “I thought you wanted me to.”

“No. I want you to be happy.” Nikolas sighed. “Does he make you happy?”

She shifted in her chair. “Well, it’s been about twelve hours, so it’s too soon to tell…but yeah…he usually does. I mean…before this whole situation…he was the only person I had to count on…and he was always there for me…so, yeah, Nikolas, he makes me happy.”

He frowned. “Okay. But if he messes up again–”

“Thank you,” she said, softly, putting a hand over his. “Thank you for supporting me. I know…I know Jason’s not your favorite person, but–”

“My opinion doesn’t matter,” Nikolas cut in. “What matters if how you feel about him.”

She sat back. “God, I’ve missed you.”

Nikolas gave her an easy smile. “I missed you, too.”

“So, any word from London?” Elizabeth asked, changing the subject. Nikolas shifted in his chair.

“She’s the same,” Nikolas said, looking down in his cup. “No change.”

“Having Luke and Lucky there hasn’t helped?” Elizabeth asked gently.

“She still doesn’t remember them.”

“I’m sorry,” Elizabeth replied.

“Yeah.” Nikolas shifted again. “Let’s talk about something else.” He leaned forward. “You gonna take the job or what?”

Elizabeth smiled. “Nikolas–”

“You know, Laura always thought of you as a daughter, Luke, too. Even after the wedding didn’t happen.”

“I know,” Elizabeth replied, “and I love them more than my own parents…” she smiled. “Well, more than the Webbers anyway. But I haven’t had the time to think about it lately with everything that’s been going on.” She paused for a moment. “Why don’t I give you my answer on Christmas Eve?”

Nikolas nodded. “That’s fine. So, how did the thug convince you?”

Elizabeth’s eyes sparkled. “You know what? I’ll bet you just say that to get a rise out of me.”

Nikolas shrugged. “I have to get my kicks one way or another. So, tell me.”

Elizabeth chewed on her lip before answering. “Actually, I had to convince him.”

“I knew it,” Nikolas groaned. “You’ve been brainwashed.”

“I have not,” Elizabeth argued. “That’s your family’s territory.”

“Right,” Nikolas said, nodding. “Jason’s would be threatening.”



“S’okay.” Elizabeth smiled suddenly. “Nikky–”

“Oh, no.”

“You know you’re my very best friend in the whole wide world–”

“I shudder to think where this is going.”

“And I know you’re not going to London, so why don’t you spend Christmas with me and my family?”

Nikolas narrowed his eyes. “Your family.”


“Just what does your family entail? The basics or an extended family.”

Elizabeth’s smile widened. “An extended.”

“No Sonny. That’s all I ask.”

“You think I’d bring Sonny to Jax’s?” Elizabeth snorted. “Please. It’s hard enough having Jason and Jerry in the same room without tempting fate even further with Jax and Sonny. No, it’s just going to be Jax, Jerry, Skye, Jason, my grandparents and hopefully you…oh, AJ and Courtney are going to be there, too.”

“AJ and Jason are going to be in the same room?” Nikolas said “And no bloodshed?”

“All guns checked at the door,” Elizabeth replied with the utmost seriousness.

“That’s not funny.”

“I think it’s hysterical.”

“I’ll bet you do.”

“I do. So will you come?”

“Yeah, but only to see how long it’ll take before AJ says something stupid and Courtney has to drag him home. It’s happened here about a dozen times and Jason wasn’t even there–I shudder to think about the two of them in the same room.”

“Hey, you said my life’s never boring,” Elizabeth reminded him.

“No, I said it never slows down.”

“Same difference.”

“Do you have any idea how much I hate that phrase?”

“No, tell me.”

“Don’t tempt me.”

Elizabeth rested her chin on her hand and sighed. “I’ve missed this.”

Nikolas smiled. “Yeah. Do you remember the days when you, me, Lucky and Emily would sit around one of these tables?”

Elizabeth’s smile turned wistful. “We were so young back then–we had no idea what we were heading up against. Emily with Zander, the three of us with the Spencer/Cassadine war…”

“You and the mob,” Nikolas said.

Elizabeth smiled. “It’s weird to think that four years ago, we were all friends–I can’t believe how quickly it all changed.”

“It doesn’t have to be this way,” Nikolas said. “When Lucky and Emily come home–and they will, maybe we can try again. I mean, we can even add Jason into the mix–” At Elizabeth’s skeptical glance, Nikolas smirked. “We can try anyway. I can’t guarantee Lucky won’t say something stupid.”

“No one can guarantee that,” Elizabeth remarked cheerfully. Nikolas laughed. “Emily’s coming home in the spring. She’s so excited.”

“Yeah, it’ll be two years she’s been away,” Nikolas said. “I’ve missed her.”

“I’ve missed her, too,” Elizabeth replied. “So, you’ll come for Christmas Day?”

Nikolas nodded. “God help me.”


“No Scotch for you,” Elizabeth said to Jax firmly on Christmas Eve.

Jax stared at the bottle in Elizabeth’s hands forlornly. “Please?”

“You’re being ridiculous,” Skye said.

“Well, he is bloody hysterical when he’s drunk,” Jerry reminded her. Elizabeth set the bottle back by the bar and turned to see her father decorating the Christmas tree at the lakehouse.

“My, we’re domestic,” Elizabeth murmured, coming forward to rescue the tree from him.

“I’ve got nothing else to do.”

“Yes, he’s afraid if he leaves the house, he’ll run into Bobbie,” Jax said. “Here, give me that,” he said, reaching for some tinsel. He threw it haphazardly on the tree.

“I’ve got the cookies!” Jane announced, coming from the kitchen, John hot on her heels trying to swipe a chocolate chip cookie. “The tree looks lovely.”

Elizabeth nodded. “It doesn’t look half bad despite Jerry having done most of the work.”

“Hey!” Jerry said, clearly insulted. “I’ve been good today; I haven’t insulted your boyfriend yet. I’m on a roll.”

“Yet being the operative word,” Jax said.

“This coming from the man who greets him by calling him Spawn,” Jerry muttered, hooking a candy cane on the tree.

“I think he rather likes it,” Jax said, cheerfully. “What do you think, Liz?”

“I think he’s getting used to it,” Elizabeth replied.

“As long as Sonny stays away from me, I can deal with Jason,” Skye said. She took a decorative green Christmas ball from a box and hooked onto the tree. “I think this is the first real family Christmas I’ve had.”

“I’ve had a few good Christmases,” Elizabeth said, thinking in particular of the one before Lucky “died” and the one the year after that with Jason in her studio. “But I think this year will be the best. I’ve got everyone I need.”

“Now if Jerry will just call Bobbie,” Jane said, smacking John’s hand away from the plate of cookies.

“Mum, must we have this conversation?”

“She knows you’re in town,” Skye said. “I overheard her talking about it in Kelly’s the other day.”

“So?” Jerry asked.

“Well, you ought to give her a call,” Jane said, sternly. “John, you go near those cookies again and so help me god…”

“I can’t help it,” John said. “They look good.”

“You can wait.”

“I don’t think she’s in too much of a hurry to see him,” Elizabeth said, smiling a little. “The wedding day thing is still sticking in her mind, you know?”

“Hey, must you keep bringing that up?” Jerry said.

“Yes,” Elizabeth said, keeping her face innocent.

Jax chucked. “I love this kid.”

“Kid?” Elizabeth said, mocking insult. “I resent that.”

“I still can’t believe I agreed to invite the thug and the Cassa-creep,” Jerry muttered.

“Leave Jason and Nikolas alone,” Elizabeth threatened. “This is Christmas and so help me God, we’re going to have a good time if I have to beat you.”

“You know he’s all talk when it comes to Spawn,” Jax said, hooking a purple Christmas ball on the tree.

“I am not,” Jerry said, indignantly. “I could kick his ass if I wanted to.”

Elizabeth smirked. “Yeah, sure.”

“I could.”

“I doubt it,” Skye murmured. “You are getting on in years and Jason’s rather fit, wouldn’t you agree Elizabeth?”

“I’m your father, remember that?” Jerry asked.

“Yes and Jason’s your boyfriend,” Skye reminded her.

“Jerry, you know I love you,” Elizabeth began, struggling not to smile, “but quite honestly, yeah, I think Jason could take you.”

“Some loyalty,” Jerry grumbled.

Jason shifted. “Do I have to do this?”

Sonny shook his head, amused. “Yes. You just got back on her good side–you don’t want to mess it up.” He eyed Jason. “You did remember to buy her something for Christmas didn’t you?”

“Yes,” Jason answered, slightly defensive.

“Okay,” Sonny said. “What time are you two coming by tomorrow?”

Carly jerked her eyes up from whatever she’d been reading. “You’re bringing that twit here?” she demanded.


“Sorry, Jase, but–”


“Sonny, you’re supposed to be on my side–”


“Fine.” Carly muttered something under her breath about husbands and the lack of respect.

“I don’t know yet,” Jason answered. “I don’t know how long this Christmas thing is gonna take.”

“I can’t believe you’re having dinner with Jax and his family,” Carly said, wrinkling her nose. “Isn’t that like going straight to hell?”

“They’re not that bad,” Jason answered. “Jax calls me Spawn–but that’s about it.”

“And Jerry leaves you alone?” Carly asked, her eyebrows raised.

“Under threat from Elizabeth.”

Carly snorted. “Yeah, there’s a threat.”


“What? You don’t agree?” Carly asked. “Elizabeth isn’t a threat to anyone and y’all know it.” Carly grinned. “She probably couldn’t take me.”

“I don’t know–I think she could,” Jason answered.

Carly studied him for a second before glaring at him. “I think you’re serious. You’re already picking muffin girl over me in a fight.  Good grief, what’s next? Probably matching leather jackets.”

“Actually…” Jason trailed off.

“Don’t tell me,” Carly groaned.

“She has one–I bought for her three years ago,” Jason said, clearly enjoying this conversation.

Sonny grinned. “Anything else Carly?”

“You know, fear of finding out more about their relationship keeps me from asking.” Carly shook her head. “I know better than to bring up sex. That just gave me nightmares last time.” She grimaced. “Oh, man, now I can’t stop picturing it. Eeew…”

“Do I even want to know?” Sonny asked.

Jason shook his head. “Not in the slightest.”

“Yeah, I didn’t think so.”


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