Take Me By the Hand


I’m standing on a bridge/I’m waiting in the dark/
 I thought that you’d be here by now/There’s nothing but the rain/
No footsteps on the ground/I’m listening but there’s no sound
Isn’t anyone trying to find me?/Won’t somebody come take me home?


The inspiration for this story came, ironically, from listening to an Avril Lavigne song, and I’ve quoted the pertinent lyrics above. I remember thinking at the point Ric pretended to sleep with Carly (and let’s just call it what it was–an emotional rape) that Elizabeth was so isolated on the canvas of the show at that point, where would she go if she, a rape victim, discovered she’d been dating a rapist? The show never really delved into that part of the storyline, and they missed an opportunity I think. But anyway 😛

Thanks to the girls at LU for all their wonderful encouragement in writing this, particularly Cathy, Pia, Waheeda, Maja, and Nicole. This is some of the best writing I personally think I’ve ever done.


This is a set of stories that begins in late May 2003. Ric has been revealed and taken care of. Elizabeth learns she was just part of the plan. Emily has learned about Zander and Elizabeth’s one night stand and left her alone. Lucky and Elizabeth have spent a lot of time together while Jason and Courtney are still dating.


Jason Morgan