I Shall Believe


I Shall Believe begins in the fall of 2003. I’ve always thought the show copped out that year when writing Rebecca Herbst’s pregnancy into the storyline by making the baby Zander’s. He was a character that was clearly already on his way out, and it just didn’t show much imagination, and the fallout would have been more interesting had it been anyone else. So naturally, I made it Jason.


This story begins after Sonny shoots Carly in the head and she wakes up without any memories or emotions. Sage Alcazar has tried to kill Lorenzo and come on to Dillon Quartermaine. This is one of the stories that received a great deal of feedback at the time it was posted in 2003-04, and then when I reposted it in 2006. Mostly because this story also features my attempt at writing Courtney in a sympathetic light, which was always difficult for Liason fans. Courtney has taken the boys to live in Haye’s Landing after the shooting, to keep them away from the press while Sonny is in jail. She and Jason have been married for about ten minutes.

Story Notes

I realize now that the character of Brian is almost unknown  — he was only on the show from about November 2003-February 2004. He was a sheriff in Haye’s Landing that owned the house Courtney rented while Carly was recovering. They were very cute together, and it was the first time I’d liked her in ages. So when I started this story in November 2003, I wrote Brian into it. He was a former FBI profiler who’d lost his wife Karen and moved back home. On the show, he moved to Port Charles to join the PCPD (which I thought was insane, but whatevs) and ended up being shot by Courtney in January 2004 (the crime Zander Smith was accused of and on the run for when he was killed by the cops) and then killed during the PC Hotel fire by Capelli. … Naturally I like my Brian better.

Note: Lucas Jones is in this story, and I wrote it originally in 2003/4 more than a year before his character came out as gay. At the time, I had no idea the show would eventually go in this direction, so when I write him in this story as straight and romantically involved with a girl, it’s not because I don’t approve, but simply this is how I wrote it eleven years ago.


I discussed the plot and conception of this story in my Fanfiction 101 series: The Peaks and Perils of Pantsing: The Witness and I Shall Believe