North Star


I fell in love with Patrick and Robin literally from the moment I saw them, and my love remains strong. I have four characters on this show that can do no wrong — Elizabeth, Dillon, AJ, and Patrick. Patrick appears to be the only character the TPTB love as much as I do.

So North Star was my first attempt at a semi full-length Scrubs fic, but I didn’t quite have a handle on either of their characters, it meanders a bit but not in a bad way. My second attempt at a Scrubs story was much better: Sanctuary.


This story begins after Patrick and Robin have their first date in January of 2006, shortly before the virus story that killed Courtney. Which, I cannot state enough, was the one gift Guza came me in like seven years. I still celebrate February 20 as a personal holiday. Everything is should be self-explanatory.