Good Associations

Inspiration and Timeline

In January 2004, there was some asinine story with Carly being at either Shadybrooke or Ferncliffe and for some reason, she stabbed Jason with a needle (I think it was an accident) and this particular stuff in the needle was supposed to make you go where you felt safe. Jason went to Courtney, but I (in all my Liason fan glory) thought it might be fun to write about his going to Elizabeth and the studio. So here we are. If anyone remembers the ridiculous story that actually set this series up, please let me know. I have no clue.

I went back to Liason Underground where I originally posted this story, and got a kick out of reading the old feedback. I had originally intended this to be a one shot, the first part, and then someone asked for more. And I wrote one more part. And then Cathy gave me the idea for setting up a crib. Every time I posted a new part I kept swearing this was it, but it eventually became Good Associations: The Incomplete Complete Fic. Thanks to the ladies at Liason Underground, circa 2004. You guys made those crappy days worth watching.


To be more specific about this story, this takes place during the time Carly was struggling after Sonny shot her in the head (AND THEN GOT MAD AT HER BECAUSE SHE DIDN’T FORGIVE HIM FAST ENOUGH–I’m fine). She checked herself into a mental health institution. Somehow, Jason ended up there and Carly was struggling with medication (I don’t remember the full details). Jason got the injection instead and left. The doctor told Carly not to worry, that he’d go some place he felt safe. Yeah, that sounded dumb in 2004 but considering the quality of writing we’re getting in 2021, I’ll allow it.

At the time, Jason and Courtney were on the rocks for reasons I no longer care to remember. Elizabeth and Ric were relatively solid at this point (despite the panic room, pushing to bring back vision incident–and the poison and embolism and attempt to smother–okay, lots of unresolved feelings here, obviously). Let me know if there are any questions!