The Adventures of Lucky and Lizzie


No one could ever know me/ No one could ever see me 
Seems you’re the only one who knows what it’s like to be me 
Someone to face the day with, make it through all the rest with 
Someone I’ll always laugh with/Even at my worst, I’m best with you, Yeah! 


It began as a flash fiction series, just to see if I could do it. Once upon time, before their permanent lock and his death in the fire , Lucky and Elizabeth were the best of friends, and in honor of this memory, this series was born.


This is a series of absolutely fluff pieces, designed just as an exercise to only write a story in dialogue between an alternate version of Elizabeth and Lucky.  Mixed with the Liz and Lucky dialogue entry are several Liason companion pieces and one Jason and Brenda dialogue story. These are marked by either Brazen or Liason in their titles.

Your Turn!

Do you want more entries in this series? Reply to this page with a prompt — this was a flash fiction series so I need prompts to produce the silliness!


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