The Next Best Thing

Well I met someone who touched my soul
And made my world brand new
There’s a part of me, a place inside
That now belongs to you
The love we found, the love we found
We carry with us so we’re never quite alone


After finishing The Best Thing in early 2016, I put the story away and considered it finished. I had written a few bits and bobs to set myself to revisit the world if I ever wanted — I introduced Ava Jerome as a potential business partner for Elizabeth, and the Zaccharas and Ruizes are in here as well. I also hinted at Emily continuing her matchmaking with Patrick and Steven.

But at the same time, I thought I’d never return to the story. I had told the story I wanted to tell (and in my opinion, the best story I’ve ever told). Until I started filming videos for my YouTube channel and talking about The Best Thing for the Patreon supporters. I decided that while Jason and Elizabeth’s story had ended, I wasn’t quite done with Sonny. His story was just as important and I thought he deserved more a closure.

I wrote a holiday epilogue in 2018 to revisit Jason and Elizabeth and introduce the idea of visiting Sonny. I intended to just add a few scenes this year for New Year’s but as I sat down to plan it, I realized all of these characters had more to say.

This isn’t a full-fledged sequel but more of a book end to The Best Thing. It’s four parts long, nearly 16k words in length. I hope you enjoy revisiting this world.


This is set at December 2008, three years after The Best Thing ended. Part 1 includes last year’s holiday story which has been removed from The Best Thing and put here.


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