A Few Words Too Many

Just a few words too many/In my head
A few words too many/In this bed
A few words too many/Left unsaid
Oh, I wish that we were strangers/We could start again


A Few Words is the rewritten version of Poisonous Dreams, written in 2003-04. It’s based a spoiler that began to circulate in April 2003 that Elizabeth was going to become pregnant with Ric’s child. At the time, I could not conceive a way Elizabeth and Ric would reunite in the wake of his kidnapping Courtney, pretending to sleep with Carly, and all that other nonsense. Instead, I decided to write what I thought was the logical conclusion to the Ric storyline. It seemed like they were setting Ric up to be mostly psychotic, but then they changed his character. Rick Hearst is so amazing that I’ve learned to forget most of 2003.


This story begins in April 2003, but nothing that happened in 2003 happened the way it did on the show, particularly Ric’s storyline. So, just assume that Ric has done nothing beyond date Elizabeth, pretend to sleep with Carly and work for her at the club, and defend Jason and Brenda (along with Alexis) during the Alcazar trial in January 2003. Sonny never fired Jason (because dude, stupid) but Jason and Courtney are dating. That asinine confrontation in Kelly’s between the three of them did not happen because…well…no. Emily returned in March as scheduled, but she doesn’t have cancer.

This story is now completed. Thanks to Cora for proofing the last four chapters.



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