First Do No Harm


So looking back at this story, I can’t quite remember why I was so angry at Jason when it was Elizabeth who kind of got the ball rolling on the paternity mess. I don’t know, I have a blind spot, I think. So I can’t tell you why I came up with this particular story other than I thought it was a way to make Sam a villain out making her evil.

I also knew that GH was going to screw up the Liason baby storyline. Of course, I didn’t know he was going to kill our baby, but hell, I should have seen that coming. I still believe Helena kidnapped him because he was thought to be Lucky’s son. You’ll never convince me otherwise. Anyway. So that’s my half-hearted attempt to explain the level of angst here.


This story begins in the fall of 2007, but it picks up in the winter–so that nothing after the hostage situation happened as it did on the show.


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