I’m not sure now what inspired this story, but it’s definitely up there as one of my best early pieces. There are things I would do differently today, but I’m still really happy with it overall.

Yesterdays is really close to my heart. When I started writing it, I had never met anyone who had divorced parents. I’m from a small town and we were mostly lower middle class for the majority of my childhood. People would fight, maybe spend nights at different places, but divorce was too expensive. How could you set up two households when just having one was so difficult to afford?

So, I wrote this story without any real experience. About halfway through, I received a message from a reader who told me that this story touched her because it made her think of her own experiences, and I’ve never forgotten that.


This is an alternate universe in which Elizabeth and Jason are the children of jet-setting wealthy parents who travel the world. They met and married young, then bitterly divorced shortly after the birth of their first daughter.

Story Notes

Some of the cast photos might be foreign or odd. That is Brooklyn Rae Silzer, who currently plays Emma Scorpio-Drake, but I adore her to pieces so she’s cast as Olivia Morgan in this. Holly Marie Combs’ picture is Jessica Spencer (the same Jessica from Intoxication, ha) and there’s Senait Ashenafi as Keesha Ward, Jason Quartermaine’s first girlfriend on the show.


Jason Morgan