This may be one of the oddest stories I’ve ever written. It retells the storyline of Elizabeth falling at Rice Plaza in 2003, when Faith pushed her and caused her miscarriage. The show wanted to have Ric blame Sonny, which I totally understood, but then there was that ridiculous panic room storyline that would have destroyed any other character, but somehow Rick Hearst was so amazing, even I still love him and he almost killed my favorite character a dozen times.

This show is not specifically one couple or another, and surprisingly, it’s more Jason/Courtney and Ric/Elizabeth than I had intended, but I still liked the way it worked out so I can’t complain too much. I had intially intended on a whole other second part of this that might have explained the title, but I ended up dropping it, so don’t try and figure it out too much. It doesn’t fit the story whatsoever 😛 There’s always maybe the possibility of a sequel, but with my list of stuff to write, it’s unlikely.

This story includes Amy Adams as Robyn Nicholas, and Holly Marie Combs as Jessica Mitchell.