This is my second attempt at a full-length Scrubs story, after North Star. I’m actually pretty happy I managed to focus just on Patrick and Robin and their story. Usually, I can’t help myself. Elizabeth has a minor subplot, but it’s almost non-existent and ties into the larger story.

When Patrick and Robin first got together, there were a plethora of pregnancy stories floating around the web. Probably because it was clear Robin wanted a family and that Patrick didn’t. With the addition of Robin’s HIV status, this was a go-to plot line. I hope I did it justice.


Sanctuary is set in the summer of 2006. However, the events on the show after about March are basically non-existent. This isn’t important other than the Maarkaam Islands adventure never happened. Robin and Patrick were dating briefly, but broke up. Jesse Beaudry was killed (but this is only in reference to Maxie being single.)