Chapter Five

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Where is the moment we need at the most
You kick up the leaves and the magic is lost
They tell me your blue skies fade to grey
They tell me your passion’s gone away
And I don’t need no carryin’ on

June 23, 2006

General Hospital: Nurse’s Station

Anna Devane stepped over a fuming Carly. “Hello, I was looking for Robin.”

“She’s…” Elizabeth hesitated, remembering that Anna didn’t yet know Robin’s news. “Let me page her for you.” She reached for the phone.

Carly got to her feet. “I will have you arrested,” she snarled, holding her sore jaw.

Emily snorted. “You obviously don’t know your Port Charles history, Carly. Anna Devane is not only a former commissioner but her brother-in-law happens to be Mac.”


Robin’s soft voice broke through the heavy tension at the counter and Anna immediately forgot about the blonde bimbo at the appearance of her obviously upset daughter. “Robin!” She hurried over and enveloped her in a deep hug. “If I hadn’t had a layover in London, I would have been here sooner.”

“What…what are you doing here at all?” Robin asked confused. “I was supposed to call you back and–”

“And when I didn’t hear from you within two hours, I called Mac who suggested I might want to pay a visit to Port Charles. I went to the airport and I’ve been on a plane all night and most of the morning.” Anna stepped back. “Perhaps you might want to tell me exactly what’s going on.”

Robin sighed and flicked her eyes towards the trio of women at the nurse’s station. Carly was rubbing her jaw and muttering under her breath while Emily and Elizabeth were snickering. “What did you do to Carly, Mom?”

“I slugged her. Don’t change the subject, Robin,” Anna lectured.

“We should probably–” Robin rubbed her eyes. “Let me talk to Elizabeth for a second and we can go to Uncle Mac’s. I don’t–I don’t really want to get into this here.”

“Robin, it’s not…” Anna hesitated. “It’s not something really awful? You’re all right?”

“I’m fine,” Robin assured her. She kissed her mother on the cheek. “Wait here a second.”

She approached the nurse’s station and paused in front of Carly. “Is there something you wanted to say to me?”

Carly hesitated, met Anna’s amused expression and then shook her head. “No, I think I’m done here.” She did her best to walk to the elevators with her head held high but the red spot on her jaw marred the act.

“Your mother is my hero,” Emily sighed with a happy smile. “I knew there was a reason Anna Devane was missed in Port Charles.”

Robin flashed her a faint smile before looking at Elizabeth. “When is Dr. Meadows coming back?”

“She’s still in rehab for a few more months,” Elizabeth informed her. “Dr. Lee’s taking over her cases–she didn’t have any room for you?”

“You could say that,” Robin sighed. “Is there anyone else available?”

“Let me make some calls and get some recommendations,” Elizabeth said. “Go tell your mom the great news, okay?” As Robin started to walk away, Elizabeth called after her. “Hey–you’ll call me later about this morning, right?”

“Sure and Liz…your advice last night? It was exactly what I needed,” Robin told her.

Elizabeth grinned. “You get that, Em? Make sure you tell Lucky that my advice actually worked this time.”

“Uh huh,” Emily nodded seriously. “Every once in a while, you do manage to get one right. I figure you’re due again in about two years.”

“I will throw this pen at you,” Elizabeth threatened.

General Hospital: Locker Room

It was another three hours before Patrick finished his surgery. He was off the clock and decided he’d track Robin down to see how the appointment went.

Elizabeth was rummaging through her purse when he entered the locker room. “Hey, Liz–Robin’s not still hanging around the hospital is she?”

“Nope,” Elizabeth replied. “She was supposed to see Dr. Lee, but her mom showed up–” her eyes sparkled–“Anna totally slugged Carly. Highlight of my year, by the way and Robin took her back to her uncle’s house to tell her the, ah, news.”

“Her mom is in town?” Patrick sighed. “Well, as long as it’s not her father, she doesn’t need that.” He frowned. “So she never saw the doctor?”

“No, that’s the weirdest thing–she wanted a recommendation for another doctor but it’s not like Dr. Lee is overloaded with patients so I can’t imagine what’s going on there.” Elizabeth shrugged. “Did your conversation go well this morning?”

“It went,” Patrick pulled his jeans out of his locker and changed quickly. “She’s not going to Paris.”

“Good.” Elizabeth nodded. “Though I don’t think she would have.”

Kelly Lee entered the locker room and seemed to hesitate when she saw Patrick and Elizabeth. “Hey,” she said quietly before ducking her head and going for a locker.

“Kelly, should I start referring new patients to a different doctor?” Elizabeth asked. “Do you have too many?”

“Uh, no.” Kelly fidgeted. “No, my case load is fine, actually.”

“Oh.” Elizabeth shot Patrick a confused look. “Robin must be confused then–should I call her and tell her that she can reschedule?”

“No, Robin–she understands why I can’t be her doctor for this,” Kelly shot Patrick a nervous look and he straightened, beginning to understand.

“Then maybe you can explain it to me,” Patrick folded his arms. “And don’t cite patient-doctor confidentiality because Robin’s not your patient.”

Kelly sighed. “Patrick, I respect Robin as a doctor and you, too, of course. But I can’t–” she shrugged. “It’s irresponsible to me that she’s going through with this pregnancy.”

Elizabeth’s cheeks flamed and she opened her mouth to give Kelly Lee the verbal thrashing she so richly deserved. Patrick held up a hand. “Down, Sparky, I’ll handle this.”

“I’d just like to tell you how fortunate you are to be a woman because I would love to put you through a wall,” Patrick said in a quiet tone that reminded Elizabeth of Jason oddly–because he didn’t have to raise his voice to be dangerous either. “But I’ll settle for reporting you to the Chief of Staff.”

Kelly bristled. “Turning away patients is not against policy.”

“No, but I imagine they want would want it noted somewhere that one of their doctors refused to treat a patient on the basis of their medical condition which I’m pretty sure won’t be good for you when Dr. Meadows comes back from rehab and they decide whether or not to keep you on.”

“Okay–I’ll treat Robin,” Kelly sighed. “But–”

“No, you mistake me. That wasn’t a threat, that wasn’t blackmail. I wouldn’t want you within thirty feet of Robin or our child. I was telling you exactly what was going to happen.” Patrick pulled his keys out of his locker. “And if I ever hear you spouting off to Robin or to anyone else about how she might be irresponsible for going through with this pregnancy, I will make an exception in your case and put you through that wall.”

He stalked out of the locker room and Elizabeth smirked at Kelly Lee. “You pissed off the wrong surgeon about the wrong patient. You have no idea how close Robin is to Alan and Monica Quartermaine.”

Scorpio-Jones House: Living Room

“Wow,” Georgie said, her eyes wide. “I’m going to be an aunt?”

“Good God,” Mac groaned. “She’s married at seventeen and an aunt at eighteen. At this rate, she’ll be a grandmother at thirty.”

“Hey,” Georgie crossed her arms. “You signed the consent forms.”

“Oh don’t worry,” Felicia smirked. “I haven’t forgotten that.” She flicked Mac in her arm and he flinched and glared at her.

“He,” Mac jerked a thumb at Dillon, “was supposed to die!”

“Hey!” Dillon, Maxie and Georgie said in unison.

“When’s the baby due?” Felicia asked, hoping to get off the topic of her youngest child’s premature marriage. “I want to call Luke about renting the Haunted Star for a party.”

“There will be no Luke involved,” Mac snarled.

“The baby is due next January,” Robin said, with a weak smile. “And I like Luke, Uncle Mac. Can’t we just leave the past in the past?”

Because her eyes were so sad and her posture so defeated, Mac sighed and put an arm around her shoulders, curling her into his side. “Sure thing, Princess.” He looked to Anna. “You’ve been quiet.”

“Well, it’s just that I look way too young to have a grandchild,” Anna said. She sat on the other side of her daughter. “Is this something that you really want?”

“Of course,” Robin said, confused. “Why?”

“Then why do you look so sad, luv?” Anna asked.

“Because there will be certain people who don’t agree with my decision to have the baby,” Robin confessed quietly. “And there is the possibility that Patrick is…” she swallowed. “That he was…”

“Was he tested yet?” Felicia asked.

“I don’t know. I mean, I told him he has to be and he said he would be but I didn’t ask him this morning when I saw him.” Robin sighed and sat back against the couch. Something occurred to her and she sat right back up. “Uh, Mom?”

“Yes, darling?”

“I…Dad’s going to be coming to Port Charles when he gets a chance–so I can tell him in person. I know you haven’t been able to track him down since you found out he was alive–”

“Your father is coming here?” Anna raised an eyebrow. “Well, then I am supremely grateful that I’m staying on indefinitely.”

“Oh, this is going to be so much fun to watch,” Maxie sighed.

Robin’s cell phone began to ring and she pulled it out of her purse. When she saw Patrick’s name on the screen, she stood and excused herself to kitchen. “Patrick?”

“Hey–I know you’re with your family and your mom and all that but I just–I wanted to make sure you were okay.”

Robin frowned. “Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Robin…” Patrick hesitated, “I saw Dr. Lee in the locker room.”

“Oh.” Robin sat at the kitchen table and put her head in her hands. “I’m so sorry that you have to hear things like that–”

“You’re sorry?” Patrick repeated. “Robin, it doesn’t bother me. People are small-minded and they think they know everything there is to know but it bothers me that you hear it because I know it makes you feel bad. And I just you to know that I took care of it.”

Robin’s eyes widened. “You took care of it? What does that mean?”

“I’m letting Alan Quartermaine know that he has a doctor on staff that’s refusing to treat patients on the basis of a preexisting condition. It’ll go in her file and when the time comes to review her contract, it won’t be renewed.” Patrick paused. “I also told her that if I ever heard her talking like that again–to you or anyone else, I’d put her through a wall.”

“Patrick…” Robin couldn’t help but laugh a little. “You’re a little scary, do you know that?”

“That’s what Liz told me.” There was another pause. “How did, ah, your mother take it?”

“She’s taking it fine. I’m glad she’s here even if she will end up killing my father when he shows up–” The phone was taken from her hand at that point and Anna put to her own ear.

“Dr. Drake, I presume?”

“Mother,” Robin whispered, horrified. “Give that back–”

“Uh, yes,” Patrick said, a slightly confused. “Is this…?”

“Anna Devane, Robin’s mother. I hear that you’re the father of my grandchild,” Anna said bluntly. Robin put her head on the table, beyond mortified.

“Yes, yes, I am.”

“We’ll have to have dinner together–the three of us. And if I let Robert live, I’m sure he’ll want a little one on one time with you as well.”

Patrick coughed. “Yes, well–“

“I’m not sure if Robin has ever mentioned this, but I have a certain profession that allows me to get away with certain things if I so choose–if you get my meaning.”

“I think I do.”

“Mom!” Robin hissed, making a grab for the phone. “Will you not threaten to kill him?”

“I’m just giving him the facts, sweetheart. I’m sure your Dr. Drake appreciates candor.” Anna turned her attention back to the phone. “It was nice to hear your voice, Dr. Drake. It’s a nice voice.”

“So I’ve been told,” Patrick replied automatically and Anna ginned.

“I’m going to be taking Robin back into the front room to finish our conversation, good bye Dr. Drake.” Anna closed the phone and handed it to her daughter. “Oh, he’s a smooth one. If his looks are as good as his voice, it’s no surprise you’re knocked up.”



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