Chapter Nineteen

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But he was looking to the sky.
And as he asked if I would come along
I started to realize
That everyday you find
Just what he’s looking for,
Like a shooting star he shines

August 1, 2006

Quartermaine Estate: Gardens

If anyone had stood in front of Patrick Drake a year ago and told him that he would not only be getting married, but that it would be his idea and his persuasion that brought it about, he would have told them they were smoking crack.

If anyone had told him that he would be expecting a child and be looking forward to the experience, he would have directed the unfortunate soul to the nearest insane asylum.

And if anyone had told him that he would meet a woman that would make all those that came before her pale in comparison, he would have said that he’d already met her and she’d been dead for a decade.

Those thoughts occurred to Patrick as the ceremony began and the attendants began their slow march down the aisle–Georgie, Maxie and Elizabeth all in matching dresses and differing colors. Emily Quartermaine escorted Cameron Webber with his pillow on which rested the wedding rings and little Kristina Davis-Corinthos prancing with her basket full of rose petals. And of course, Brenda looking elegant in her gray dress that she had fought for so fiercely.

The crowd was full of people that had known for Robin for years and had spent them morning–and much of weeks leading up to this day–sending warning glances in his direction. But those looks faded away when Robin stepped up to the end of the aisle, her arm wrapped around her uncle’s, a bouquet of white lilies in her hands.

Robin was smiling and her eyes were sparkling and he realized that that look was for him and it was that look that seemed to finally convince the crowd at large that Robin had indeed made the choice best for her and not just for their child.

He watched her come towards him and not for the first time, he wished that his mother was sitting in the front row; he wished that his mother could have met Robin because he knew she would have not only approved, but loved her. And she would loved a grandchild.

Mac and Robin finally arrived at the end of the aisle and Mac reluctantly placed Robin’s hand in Patrick’s. “If anything ever happens to her, I have a .45 and a shovel,” he threatened and those who could overhear laughed.

“Uncle Mac,” Robin hissed but she was smiling. She kissed her uncle’s cheek and then Mac moved away to join Felicia and Robin’s parents in the front row.

“You look beautiful,” Patrick said softly and her grin widened.

“You don’t look so bad yourself.” She handed her bouquet to Brenda and they looked towards the minister.

“Dearly beloved…”

Quartermaine Estate: Gardens

“It was so beautiful,” Emily sighed, propping her head on her chin and looking out over the dance floor. “And she looks really happy.”

Elizabeth sipped her champagne. “I sure hope this turns out better than the last wedding I went to.”

Emily arched a brow. “Hey. That wedding was fabulous. It was not the fault of the planners that bride’s ex-husband got drunk and made a fool of himself and it certainly wasn’t the planners’ or the bride’s fault that the groom sucks.”

“I meant the marriage,” Elizabeth rolled her eyes good-naturedly. “But thank you sticking by me during this. You and Nikolas have been so great.”

“Not as great as Dr. Drake of course. With whole rent-free condo,” Emily teased. “He’s so sweet, isn’t he?”

Elizabeth snorted. “Yeah…no. He has his moments, but they’re usually reserved for Robin. As they should be of course.”

Noah cleared his throat and stood, tapping the side of his champagne glass to get everyone’s attention. “As the best man, I was informed by the maid of honor that it was my job to give a speech.”

“You didn’t write it for him, did you?” Patrick asked Brenda, eliciting a lot of laughs from the crowd at their respective tables.

“He wouldn’t even let me proofread,” Brenda muttered.

“Now, now…Brenda did a wonderful job planning this,” Noah remarked. “And it was a lot of fun watching her torture my son with menus and folders and fittings.” He cleared his throat. “I had the pleasure of meeting Robin Scorpio a full week before my son–” he grinned. “And she certainly packs a wallop of a first impression, what with the tossing of cold water over my head and all.” He looked at his blushing daughter-in-law. “It was the best thing anyone’s ever done for me. I’ve liked you from the first, Robin. You’re loyal, you’re dedicated, compassionate and kind and you’re all the things that Patrick’s mother and I ever wanted for our son. You gave him back to me and I can never repay you for that.” He looked to Patrick. “You are the best of the people who made you and you are a better man than I could have dreamed of. And I don’t include your surgical skills in that description. Your mother would be proud of the man you’ve become.”

When Patrick looked down at the table, Robin squeezed his hand, lacing their fingers together.

“I have had the experience of working with the two of you as you fought your way to the point where you are right now and when I say fought, I literally mean fighting each other,” Noah continued with a lot of laughter from the hospital staff. “And it has been my privilege to watch the journey that began not so auspiciously in an operating room nine months ago. I wish you all the luck, the love, the joy and the wonder in the world as you embark on your lives together.”

He sat down and Brenda stood immediately. “Well, okay, he did better on his own,” she admitted with a grin. “Great job, Papa Drake.” She raised her champagne glass. “I’ve had the honor and the incredible joy of knowing Robin Soltini Scorpio for a very long time and honey, we have been through rough moments together,” Brenda directed at Robin. “We have been down and we have been out but you have handled your life with courage, dignity and grace and I have always admired and loved you for it. I want to be you when I grow up, Robin. I am so proud of you and I am so happy that you’ve found someone to share your life and dreams with.”

She turned to Patrick. “After Robin told me about Patrick for the first time, I knew my girl was smitten. Because she’d never used so many adjectives to say the same thing about a guy since…” she smirked. “Ever.”

Robin gasped. “Brenda, that’s confidential information!”

“No, no,” Patrick grinned. “Go on.”

“Her words…and I quote–‘I have never met a more infuriatingly stubborn and arrogant jackass in my entire life. He thinks that he is God’s gift to the world and no amount of arguing will change his mind.'” Brenda grinned. “Clearly, it was love at first sight.”

“Hardly,” Robin snorted.

“But anyway, I had my doubts about you, Dr. Drake, until you agreed to let Robin have the wedding of her dreams when you probably would have been happier in a judge’s chambers like a month ago. You put up with me–and I know I can be a trial at times–and you’ve put up with this entire town giving you death glares and threatening you with bodily harm. You’ve proved yourself worthy of my little sister.” She looked to Robin and placed a hand on her shoulder, her voice suddenly thick. “Stone would have approved.”

Robin bit her lip and looked down, a tear slipping past her lashes. “Thank you.”

“Enough sap.” Brenda raised her glass high in the air. “To Patrick and Robin!”

The guests raised their own glasses and echoed the sentiment. Brenda downed her glass in one shot. “Let’s get this party started!”

Later, as Brenda instructed the DJ to play the song she’d picked out, Robert pulled Robin out onto the dance floor set up in the gardens.

Back when I was a child, before life removed all the innocence
My father would lift me high and dance with my mother and me and then

“Thank for you letting me do this,” Robert said kissing her cheek and drawing her into the dance.

“Thank you for being here.” Robin bit her lip and looked up at him. “And thank you for staying.”

Spin me around ’til I fell asleep
Then up the stairs he would carry me
And I knew for sure I was loved

“So, this Drake guy’s going to stick around then,” Robert remarked.

Robin laughed. “Yes, Dad, I think he’s going to stick around for a while. What tipped you off? The vows or the ring?”

“The fact that he put a tuxedo on in the middle of the summer in an outside ceremony, actually,” Robert admitted.

I could get another chance, another walk, another dance with him
I’d play a song that would never, ever end

“Brenda can be amazingly persuasive,” Robin remarked. She rested her head against his chest and closed her eyes. “I never thought I’d be able to be in your arms again.”

“I never thought you’d let me,” he said quietly.

How I’d love, love, love
To dance with my father again

“I’ve been given a miracle,” Robin said after a moment. “I have my parents back and I don’t want to be angry anymore. I want us to be happy, I want us to be a family. I want you in my child’s life.”

“That is something that I can grant.” Robert kissed her forehead. “You looked absolutely breathtaking today.”

“Brenda has good taste in music,” Elizabeth remarked, joining Patrick at the bar as he watched Robin dance with her father. “This was a good choice for them.”

“Mmm.” He glanced at her. “I don’t think you look like a duck, by the way.”

She rolled her eyes. “Gee. Thank you so much.” She shifted. “So, I’m going to pay you rent whether you like it not. If I have to sneak it into Robin’s locker or make really large donations to the baby’s college fund, I’m going to pay.”

“Liz…” Patrick set his drink down and looked at her. “I don’t need the money–”

“No, I know that…I just…I don’t want people to have any reason–” she stopped, coughed. “Never mind. I’m paying you and that’s all there is to it.”

Patrick narrowed his eyes. Clearly there was something he was missing here and he was going to get to the bottom of this. “Elizabeth, you are a rotten liar–” he began.

“Dr. Drake!”

Patrick cut off his interrogation and turned to find Elsie Horowitz, an elderly member of the hospital board of directors, at his elbow. “Mrs. Horowitz,” he said politely. “Thank you for coming.”

“It’s a lovely place for a wedding,” Elsie said. She looked oddly at Elizabeth. “I find it odd that you’re here, Nurse Spencer.”

Elizabeth coughed again. “Yes, well, I should be–look, there’s a nail. Let me go jab my eye with it.” She hurried away.

“Why is it odd that Elizabeth is here?” Patrick asked curiously. “She’s Robin’s bridesmaid–”

“Very vulgar of her to accept, of course.” Elsie cleared her throat. “Dr. Drake, we enjoy having you on staff. You’ve brought the hospital a great deal of success and publicity in your short tenure.”

“Thank you,” Patrick said, still bewildered about Elizabeth’s reaction and Elsie Horowitz’s comments. “I enjoy working at GH–”

“But it worries me, Dr. Drake, the chances you have taken with your career,” Elsie continued. “You nearly lost your medical license over that business with your father and Dr. Scorpio–”

“I was able to keep it,” Patrick cut in. “I’m sorry, Mrs. Horowitz, there are so many people here that I have to talk to so if there’s something specific–”

“Of course, Dr. Drake, you’d probably appreciate if I were candid.” Elsie smiled, but there was a look in her eyes that put Patrick on guard. “I was disappointed to hear that you’d chosen to marry Dr. Scorpio.”

And then suddenly, Patrick realized that this was the board member that had screwed with Robin’s mind and caused all the problems to begin with.

Across the garden, Elizabeth darted between guests. “Excuse me, excuse–oops, sorry Ned. I’ll have that cleaned–excuse me–”

She finally caught Robin as she was stepping off the dance floor. “Robin, you have to go save Elsie Horowitz from Patrick.”

“Oh, no,” Robin groaned. She picked up the hem of her dress. “Dad, I’ll be right back.”

“Who is Elsie Horowitz?” Robert asked Elizabeth curiously. She shook her head.

“Oh, no–I am not answering that.”

At the bar, Elsie was digging her own grave and not even realizing it. “Dr. Scorpio, of course, is a wonderful researcher and an asset to the staff but you must realize that your career will be stalled with a woman such as her by your side, Dr. Drake. I only say this because I am so certain of your potential. I understand that she is pregnant–a regrettable event to be sure–but–”

“Mrs. Horowitz, how nice of you to come,” Robin said breathlessly, emerging from the crowd so fast that she nearly knocked Patrick over. “It’s lovely to see you.”

“Elizabeth to the rescue, I imagine,” Patrick rolled his eyes. “Honestly, that woman.”

“Patrick,” Robin began. He held up a hand.

“Mrs. Horowitz, I’ve been trying to find out who you are for weeks, so thank you for making my life a lot simpler.” Patrick cleared his throat and Robin groaned into her hands. “My career will succeed no matter whom I choose to spend my life with. I have the necessary talent and the drive. I’m not at all worried about my career–”

“You should be if you’re so inclined to take the blame for another’s foolish actions,” Elsie replied, shooting a disdainful look at Robin. “Shame on you, Dr. Scorpio, for allowing Patrick to take the blame before the ethics committee.”

“The ethics–” Robin broke off and slugged Patrick in the arm. “You lied to me.”

Patrick sighed, resigned. “Can we have this argument later after I set Elsie over here straight?” Without waiting for Robin’s response, he looked back at the speechless board member. “Robin is my wife and she deserves nothing less than your respect. If I find out you’ve even breathed a word of anything less than happiness for me, my wife, our marriage or our child, I will quit General Hospital and take any number of the job offers that I receive weekly.”

“Patrick–” Robin hissed.

“That would be a mistake, Dr. Drake–” Elsie began, rattled by the threat.

“And don’t think you can black ball me at any hospitals or for any positions that I might be applying for within the hospital,” Patrick continued. “You will only be revealing yourself for the ignorant bigot that you are. Now, if you’ll excuse me, this day is about my wife, not you.” He took Robin’s arm and walked away from the stunned woman.

“I cannot believe you just did that,” Robin moaned. “She is going to be out for your blood–”

He tugged her behind a hedge and out of sight. “Robin, you must know that General Hospital is not the only place that I can operate. right? And that no one is going to not hire me because I married a woman with HIV–I’m too good for that and I can perform a lot of difficult procedures other surgeons won’t even attempt. My career will survive an ignorant bitch like Elsie Horowitz, okay?”

“Yes, but–”

“I get three job offers on average a week,” Patrick continued. “I have for almost two years and I used to just take the best one and go with it. I never stayed anywhere that long. In fact, nine months is the longest I lived anywhere where since my internship. Your family is here, my father is here. I would rather stay here but I swear to God, if one more person badmouths you–”

“Okay, okay…” Robin put a hand over his mouth. “I appreciate it and I know you’re trying to protect me. Believe me, it means a lot to me.” Her soft look turned into a glare. “So I imagine Alexis and Ric were your lawyers when you went before the ethics committee.”

“Yes,” Patrick admitted.

“And I suppose the reason no one ever found out that I forged that signature was because you took the blame for it,” Robin continued, her hands on her hips.


“You nearly lost your license, you idiot!” Robin whacked him in the arm and burst into tears.

“Oh, Jesus…” Patrick panicked. “Don’t–don’t cry, Robin. I’m not at all good–stop that!” He jerked a napkin from his pocket and handed it to her. “Please don’t cry–I’m sorry–”

Robin patted her eyes, her tears quieting into sniffles. “I’m-I’m sorry, I cry at commercials these days.” She sniffled again. “Your career is everything to you–I can’t believe you’d risk it–”

“It used to be.” Patrick tilted her face up. “It’s not anymore.”

Robin stood on her tips of her toes and kissed him softly. “That’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever said to me.”


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