Mad World

Welcome to the sub-site for Mad World, my General Hospital series. Mad World is set in the summer of 2003 and begins the day Jason was supposed to marry Courtney, but Ric kidnapped Carly and locked her away in a panic room.

The Original Series
In Book 1, Break Me Down, we visit the panic room storyline where Jason and Elizabeth work alongside Bobbie and the PCPD to find Carly. In Book 2, All of Me, Carly and Elizabeth begin to recover from the trauma they suffered at the hands of Ric while a serial rapist stalks young women in the park.  Book 3, This is Me, followed Carly and Elizabeth dealing with Ric’s escape and the fallout of the serial rapist case, and Book 4, Liberty, returns to Ric’s reign of terror and all the damage he’s created in Elizabeth and Carly’s lives.

New Entries
The first Mad World novella, At Christmas, is set in December 2006, a little over two years after the epilogue of Book 4.  Reading the first four books is recommended, but not necessary. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

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14 Jan 2024: Book 4.5, At Christmas, completed!