I’m trying to remember what the inspiration for this story was. I can’t remember if it was a challenge response, though there’s no note of that anywhere. I think it was definitely related to wondering what might have happened if Sonny had died in the car bomb that actually killed Lily.

There’s some decent stuff in this, but again, as a writer back then, I was impatient and not as involved in laying foundations.


Remember Lily Rivera who died in that car bomb meant for Sonny in 1996? The car bomb killed Sonny. Lily went on to have a son named Michael Corinthos, Jr. She lives in Sonny’s old penthouse and Jason lives in the one across from her.

Elizabeth is a new character. Her maiden name is Webber–but she’s not Jeff’s daughter or Audrey’s granddaughter. She’s like a brand-new character. She moved to PC in 1997 and began dating Lucky. She became pregnant and they got married. Lucky was killed in a car accident a few months later. A month later, her daughter, Alexandria Mary (Lex) was born. Elizabeth worked in The Outback before she bought it with the money from Lucky’s insurance.

Nikolas and Lucky were close before his death. Nikolas and Liz never got along. Luke and Laura didn’t have their daughter, Lesley Lu. Lucky was their only child.

Alexis is Jason’s attorney. Brenda and Sonny broke up before his marriage to Lily and Brenda left town. Jason and Robin dated for three years before breaking up. Robin got fed up with both Jason and his life. She left for Paris, seemingly for good.

Carly is not Bobbie’s daughter and therefore never slept with Tony. She and AJ fell in love and married.