The Sisters


This series is a rewrite of the first General Hospital fanfiction I wrote back in 2002 and the majority of the third story, Sweet Revenge, is lifted from my story, Deserving. I honestly can’t speak much to where my inspiration came from other than a desire to write something. I had watched GH off and on through high school, but in the summer of 2002, I was recovering from foot surgery and stuck in the house. I rediscovered my love for General Hospital and though I’ve walked away more than once, I’ve always gone back.

I don’t care much for this story, which is why I never finished my plans for it — it involved Emily returning to the fall out of events of Sweet Revenge and whatnot, but eh. It’s not that great, and I have no desire to deal with it, though I’ve always wanted to go back to summer 2002 😛


This is set in August 2002, before we knew why Brenda was back in town, before the warehouse explosion that took Kristina (Alexis’s sister)’s life, but after Elizabeth slept with Zander. Things to remember about that period of time: Felicia was dating Roy DiLucca (yeah, I didn’t understand it either), and Skye had signed a contract with Edward to bankrupt Jax because she thought he cheated on her. Additionally, the story reflects the fact that I used to be a huge Courtney/AJ fan, mostly because I hearted the crap out of Billy Warlock’s AJ and wanted him to have whatever he wanted.

Graveyard Status

Beyond a general decision to rewrite it, I don’t really know what I’ll be doing with it yet. I don’t know which elements will be saved, what will get jettisoned. So just stay tuned.


Luis Alcazar