Tell the Truth


I’m a huge Law & Order fan (the OG, not SVU), and I always love to watch the trial scenes in movies and tv shows. I wanted to write the trial in a way that would reunite Jason and Elizabeth. It ended up being, uh, kind of insane. I definitely wrote it as I went without any plans. It ended up being more of a comedy than a drama which is a bit unusual for me and Brenda is way more whacky than she actually is. I do tend to write Brenda a bit more quirkier than she probably is, but it’s my favorite aspect of her character.


This story is set in January 2003 and it was written at that time. In November of 2002, Luis Alcazar was murdered, and Jason and Brenda were the primary suspects. They had already gotten married for other reasons and elected to remain married to avoid having to testify against one another.  Brenda was dating Jax on the side, while Jason had started seeing Courtney in December. Elizabeth was in the very early stages of dating Ric.

I think I started writing this before the trial actually began so it has Alexis and Ric as both Jason and Brenda’s lawyers, but what I remember happening on screen was that Alexis had to bow out and Ric took over. Jason and Brenda were convicted, but it was overturned when it was revealed that Alexis had actually murdered Luis (he had set the bomb that killed Kristina in August). This story rewrites the trial.