Chapter Four

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“My next witness is Courtney Quartermaine.”

The moment the words left Scott’s mouth, the entire defense table kind of slouched in their seats, Carly stiffened, Elizabeth muffled a groan and Sonny frowned. He hadn’t been present for Elizabeth’s testimony–Michael had been running a fever and they were both reluctant to leave their son. It had broken over lunch so Sonny and Carly had gone to the trial.

Sonny leaned over to whisper to Carly. “Why’s he callin’ Courtney?”

Carly shrugged, tried to look casual. “Don’t know.”

Courtney approached the witness stand a little timidly and was sworn in. The second she was under oath, something interesting happened.

She smiled, straightened and the nervous look disappeared from her face. Scott stood and smiled at his witness.

“Good morning, Mrs. Quartermaine. Would you state your legal name for the record?” Scott asked.

“Courtney Quartermaine,” Courtney said in a clear voice.

“Mrs. Quartermaine, how do you know the defendants?” Scott asked a charming smile on his face.

Alexis began to get a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach. Something about Courtney’s veneer worried her–disturbed her almost.

And then Courtney answered.

Bedlam broke out.

“I’m sleeping with Jason Morgan.”

Jason gaped the blonde on the stand, Brenda smacked her head against the table, Ric and Alexis exchanged defeated looks, Carly shook her head and Elizabeth buried her face in her hands.

And Sonny Corinthos glared at the back of his best friend’s head.

“And how long has this affair been going on?” Scott asked.

“Since early December,” Courtney answered smoothly.

“Now, Mrs. Quartermaine, I’m confused,” Scott said–though his demeanor clearly indicated otherwise. “If you’re so friendly with the defendant, why would you testify against him?”

“Because I’m being used as a substitute,” Courtney replied coolly. “He’s not in love with me, he never has been and I refuse to hide it anymore.”

Brenda glared at Jason who was muttering under his breath.

“And did there come a time when you came to me with a security tape?” Scott said.

Courtney nodded. “The tape showed Jason admitting to his ex-girlfriend about the affair.”

“And Ms. Webber’s reaction?” Scott asked. “How did you perceive it?”

“Objection,” Alexis managed to sputter. “Calls for speculation.”

“Your Honor, Mrs. Quartermaine was on the receiving end of the slap,” Scott reminded him. “I believe she has an idea why it happened.”

“You may continue.”

“Elizabeth followed me to my loft and saw Jason and I together. She later confronted me and I confirmed it. She was upset, accused me of being a hypocrite and slapped me.”

“Now, how would you describe Ms. Webber’s feelings towards the defendant, Jason Morgan?”

“Objection,” Ric said. “The witness cannot possibly describe what is in another’s person’s mind.”

“Up until the slap, Elizabeth Webber testified herself that they were friends,” Scott said. “She certainly has some idea how Ms. Webber felt about Mr. Morgan.”

Elizabeth wasn’t sure who to glare at–Scott or Courtney. Alexis stood. “Ms. Webber testified that she and Mrs. Quartermaine worked together–she said nothing about being friends.”

“Ms. Webber testified that Courtney supposedly knew how upset when she and Mr. Morgan’s relationship failed,” Scott said.

Alexis slouched in her seat. Nothing she could do about that.

“You may continue,” the judge said.

“Now, Mrs. Quartermaine, how would you describe Ms. Webber’s feelings towards the defendant, Jason Morgan?” Scott asked again.

“She’s in love with him.”

Elizabeth froze like a deer in headlights. Now hell in the hell had the blonde known that? She’d never said a word to her about it.

“So, you’re involved with a relationship with Jason Morgan. What has he said to you about his marriage?”

“That it’s only until after the trial,” Courtney replied. “They’re only married so they can’t testify against each other.”

“Thank you,” Scott said, gleefully. He looked to Alexis. “Your witness.”

Alexis glared at Scott before looking at the judge. “Your Honor, may I have a moment to confer with my clients?”

“Five minutes.”

Alexis and Ric whispered fervently with Jason and Brenda before Alexis stood. “Mrs. Quartermaine, you testify that you are sleeping with the defendant, Jason Morgan.”


“And that you are testifying against him because he’s not in love with you,” Alexis stated.

“Right,” Courtney answered.

“So, that makes you angry,” Alexis said.

“Objection, was that a question?” Scott barked.

“I’ll rephrase,” Alexis said quickly. “How does it make you feel to know that Jason Morgan isn’t in love with you?”

“Hurt and used,” Courtney replied.

“Now, if he’s not in love with you, who is he in love with?” Alexis asked.

“Elizabeth, of course,” Courtney replied matter-of-factly.

Brenda’s eyebrows raised and she looked at her husband questioningly. Jason glared at her for a second before Ric poked him. “No glaring,” he hissed. “Happy couple.”

“Of course,” Alexis repeated. “Has he told you that?”

“Well…no,” Courtney replied, frowning. “But–”

“And he has ever explicitly stated that he doesn’t love Brenda Barrett-Morgan?” Alexis said.

“Not in those words, no–”

“So, how are you so sure?” Alexis said. “Isn’t it possible, Mrs. Quartermaine that you are testifying against Mr. Morgan because you are in love with him and he wouldn’t give you the time of day?”

“Wait,” Brenda whispered to Ric. “Isn’t that technically lying?”

“No,” Ric whispered back. “Alexis asked if it was possible, not if it was true. I’m pretty sure hypothetical questions are good.”

“That’s not true,” Courtney argued. “He’s paying for the loft where we meet.”

“Right. Of course,” Alexis said. “Mrs. Quartermaine, when you were being stalked by a man your husband hired, Jason was concerned for you, correct?”

“Yes,” Courtney admitted.

“Now, isn’t it true that Jason doesn’t think very highly of your husband?”

“No, but–”

“And isn’t it possible he rented the loft so that AJ Quartermaine would be unable to find you and harass you further?” Alexis said.

“She is good,” Brenda murmured.

“Yes, it is, but–”

“Tell me, Mrs. Quartermaine, this summer–where did you work?” Alexis said.

“Objection, relevance,” Scott barked.

“Goes to credibility,” Alexis replied.


“I worked at Kelly’s,” Courtney said quietly.

“Just Kelly’s?” Alexis asked pointedly.

“No…I worked at…the Oasis,” Courtney confessed softly.

“Where? Speak up please,” Alexis replied.

“The Oasis,” Courtney replied more loudly.

“The Oasis,” Alexis repeated. She frowned. “I’m confused – that’s a strip club, right?”

Murmurs broke out in the crowd as Courtney reddened. “Yes, but I wasn’t working there by choice–”

“You were blackmailed, isn’t that correct?” Alexis asked. “And instead of turning the owner in for blackmailing you chose to strip and turned away all help.”

“Objection,” Scott said again.

“I have a point to make,” Alexis replied.

“Make it quickly,” the judge replied.

“Mrs. Quartermaine, isn’t it true that you kept the job from your husband and turned away all offers to help–you even told Jason Morgan you didn’t want his help, correct?”

“Well, yes–”

“Now, when you were stalked by the same man who blackmailed you, did you keep that a secret?” Alexis asked.

“No,” Courtney said. “But–”

“Oh, so you told your husband?” Alexis asked.


“You called my client’s husband, right?” Alexis asked. “In fact, every time you had a problem, you called Jason Morgan?”

“And he came,” Courtney pointed out. “Every time.”

“Now, I’m curious. Why would you turn away his offer to help while you were stripping but ran straight to him when you were being stalked?” Alexis asked.

“Because I was scared,” Courtney said weakly.

“So it’s not true that you were in love with Jason at the time and wanted his attention?” Alexis asked, pointedly.

“No!” Courtney said, irritated.

“And when you didn’t get his attention, you decided to sabotage him, isn’t that correct?” Alexis asked.

“No!” Courtney cried.

Sonny leaned forward. “What the hell is going on, Jason?”

Carly tugged on her husband’s shoulder. “I really don’t think that this is the place for this,” she whispered.

“I think it’s the perfect time,” Sonny hissed angrily. Carly jerked on his suit jacket to pull him back.

“Has it completely escaped your mind that our best friend is on trial for murder?” Carly hissed, her tone scathing. “Concentrate on Jason instead of yourself for once.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Sonny retorted.

“Will the two of you shut up?” Brenda asked, twisting in her seat. “We are trying to listen to your idiot of a sister.”

Sonny narrowed his eyes but before he could toss back anything, Carly clapped her hand over his mouth.

“Now, Mrs. Quartermaine, you say Mr. Morgan was using you as a substitute,” Alexis began. “What would give you that impression?”

Courtney shifted in her seat. “Well, there were a lot of things,” she said weakly.

“A lot of things,” Alexis repeated. “Mrs. Quartermaine, they had to be convincing…because here you are…turning on a man who you say has done nothing but help you get out of bad situations.”

“Objection,” Scott called. “She’s leading the witness–and was there a question in there?”

“Mrs. Quartermaine, could you give me an example of why you think Jason Morgan was using you as substitute?”

“I’d rather not,” Courtney replied.

“Uh huh. Because you weren’t sleeping with Jason Morgan and therefore have no reason to believe he is in love with anyone other than his wife?”

“It’s embarrassing,” Courtney replied, shifting again.

“I’m sure it is, Mrs. Quartermaine,” Alexis replied. “But in all honesty, you believe you were in a relationship with the defendant–”

“I was,” Courtney insisted.

“–and not only can you not offer any concrete proof of this accusation, but you also won’t give us a real reason on why you’d suddenly turn on him,” Alexis said.

“Objection, counsel is testifying!” Scott cut in.

“Your Honor, I am merely trying to prove to the court that Courtney Quartermaine has no evidence about this affair other than her word.”

“If Elizabeth Webber hadn’t lied-” Scott began, testily.

“Your Honor,” Alexis said. “Counsel is coming dangerously close to slander and I’m sure Ms. Webber would have no qualms about suing.”

“Damn right,” Elizabeth hissed under her breath.

“I move that this witness and her entire testimony be stricken from the record,” Alexis said.

“Your Honor, Ms. Davis is just bitter because I proved her client’s marriage is false.”

“You have proved nothing. You brought two women to the stand–one flat out denied it and the other has no credibility,” Alexis shot back.

“He called me Elizabeth!” Courtney cried out finally, causing all the voices in the room to die. Brenda stared at the blonde with open curiosity, Jason groaned and let his head drop to the table, Ric rubbed his eyes wearily. Alexis frowned. Elizabeth’s eyes widened. Carly and Sonny stared at Jason in stunned surprise.

And Scott smiled.


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