May 15, 2022

Update Link: Signs of Life – Part 33

News & Roundup

  • Hope everyone is having a good May.
  • This is has been a rough month for me — I keep hoping things will get better but the physical and mental burnout just continues. I’m in the middle of doctor appointments and just trying to keep my head above water for school.
  • We’ve got 23 school days left, but Memorial Day is in the middle of those. Nine days until then, and then 14 afterwards, some of which will be half days.
  • I definitely still love my job, but I am exhausted. I need to do a much better job protecting myself from this burnout next year.
  • Still, working on getting back on track. Had a good, productive weekend, most of which will be in the Patreon updates.

Patreon Updates

  • Added Mad World Early Access for Love, Chapter 82
  • Added Mad World Chapter 90 for Stalker
  • Added Counting Stars, Chapter 1 for Obsession
  • Added Flash Fiction Summer 2022 for all tiers
  • Added Flash Fiction Voting for Crimson Stalker tiers
  • Added Crimson Discovery #14
  • Added Crimson Check #17

May 11, 2022

Update Link: Mad World, Book 4 – Liberty, Chapter 81

Just a quick note: I got the results of the X-rays that I had on Saturday, and I do have a diagnosis for what’s causing the neck pain. Apparently, I’ve developed cervical bone spurs along my spinal cord. It’s putting pressure on the muscles and my spinal cord, causing the tension. No idea yet how much of this is related to the tinnitus or the renewed severity of my TMJ, but I’m just going to look at this with some positivity. I’ll make an appointment with an orthopedic specialist and see what’s next. I’m a bit upset right now obviously. I really just wanted it to be a temporary problem with a solution not a condition I’ll have to deal with for the rest of my life, but well — at least I have an answer.  See you guys on Sunday!

May 8, 2022

Update Link: Signs of Life – Part 32


  • Health
    • Appreciate the patience over this last month or so. I’ve struggled with physical health for most of this school year and the last few weeks have been the worst.
    • About two weeks ago, I started suffering from pain in my jaw, a new symptom in my struggle with TMJ. I’ve had TMJ since 2011, but I usually just suffered from migraines. It’s been under control for most of the last decade, but pandemic teaching and my problems with anxiety and stress have caused a resurgence.
    • I’m pretty sure the neck issues and the whooshing in the ear are related.
    • It’s been really hard to fall and stay asleep so my energy levels have been crashing.
    • I’m making strides to resolve this. I’ve just had x-rays done to check my jaw and neck, and I just got a referral to go back to my TMJ doctor. I’m also seeing my hearing doctor again.
    • I’m determined to get my physical health improved this summer. Last year, I worked on my mental health and despite the setbacks, I haven’t had any major anxiety attacks since last July.
  • Writing
    • Since I’ve been delayed in my editing schedule for Mad World, I’m keeping the once a week schedule for June as well. I still might finish the edit by the end of the month, but I want to adjust expectations now.
    • It’s really hard to sit at my computer for long stretches at a time, and when my neck and back are physically up to it, my jaw pain makes it hard to concentrate on writing.
    • I haven’t touched anything since last Saturday, though I’ve wanted to.
    • Flash Fiction will always be on Sundays, but until the end of the school year, I can’t promise it weekly. I really want to. I’m eager to get to the end of this story and move on.
  • Life
    • Did get some good news this week. My contract is being renewed to keep teaching French next year. I’m super excited to keep teaching this program and to work my kiddos again next year.
    • While there are some aspects to the current subject I’m teaching that I don’t love, I do enjoy that I get to teach all three grade levels so I get to see a kid when they start at the school and watch them grow up and mature.
    • Here’s hoping my current chaos demons find a way to channel that energy for good, lol.


  • Posted Chapter 81 for Early Access.

May 4, 2022

Update Link: Mad World, Book 4 – Liberty Chapter 80

Just a reminder that Flash Fiction updates might be sporadic for a few weeks. The neck/TMJ/tinnitus situation is making it REALLY hard to concentrate for long periods of time. I’ve got three doctor’s appts lined up for x-rays, hearing tests, and referrals so hoping for some relief over the next month or so. Thanks for your patience and enjoy this next chapter of Mad World!

April 24, 2022

Update Link: Signs of Life – Part 31

News & Roundup

  • Mad World
    • Chapter 78 was posted. That’s three chapters so far.
    • I’ve scheduled chapters through May 26. Every Wednesday at 7 AM.
    • The hope is to have completed the edit so that we can bump from 1x a week to 2-3x a week by June.
  • Flash Fiction
    • I’m not going to promise weekly updates, only that they are my goal to be more regular.
    • Starting July 4, Flash Fiction will be getting a schedule overhaul.
    • Signs of Life will be completed in mid July.
    • Scars will return at that point.
  • Other
    • My new computer is scheduled to arrive in mid-May which makes me really happy.
    • It’ll be a desktop for the office which means my primary computer at the moment (a laptop) can be reformatted and be more mobile.
  •  Patreon
    • Weekly updates will be available later this afternoon.

April 17, 2022

Hey! With it being Easter Sunday and the halfway point of my Spring Break, I have a bunch of things to do today so I’m pushing Flash Fiction until tomorrow. Same time, same place, different day. See you tomorrow and Happy Easter for those that celebrate!