September 5, 2023

Update Link: Signs of Life – Chapter 10

By the time you’re reading this, I may or may not be surviving my first day teaching high school French. Cross your fingers for me. I’ll let you know when I check in during the next chapter on Thursday.

This chapter is new, but I think I posted it as a previous chapter sometime last month, but it was not in the original flash fiction. So enjoy and let me know what you think!

September 4, 2023

Update Link: Watch Me Burn – Part 47

I hope everyone is having a good Labor Day weekend! I’m spending my day trying to manage a balance of last minute prep tasks (my Remind classes got messed up, so boo to that), household prep (meal & laundry), washing my hair, paying the bills, and somewhere in there I wanna write, relax a little, and watch the Phillies.

*considers that list* Might be asking too much of myself.

Anyway! Today marks the end of my Labor Day marathon for Flash Fiction! My hope is to bring this back more often with some upcoming breaks — particularly the two four day weekends in November.

I haven’t updated that Recent Updates page in FOREVER, lol, so I need to go find a way to summarize the last, um, year of updates and starting fresh. If you ever fall behind, I do have widgets in the sidebar that list the most recent updates for Flash Fiction. I have to add the widget for Signs of Life as well. Probably by the time you read this, I’ll have done that.

Don’t forget — if you’re not someone who replies, a really easy way of letting me know you were here is to click the little thumbs up at the end of each chapter 🙂

September 3, 2023

Update Link: Watch Me Burn – Part 46

Happy Sunday 🙂 Only one more day until the students are back. I’m pretty solid for the first two days. All the Google Classrooms are prepped, assignments are scheduled, instructional materials are set. I’m going to work a bit today and tomorrow getting Thurs/Fri ready and sketching out Week 2 to get off on the right foot. It really helps that my district is letting me use the same textbook program — I know those first few units inside and out, so it’s just about elevating the material and breaking it into smaller pieces for shorter classes. Fingers crossed I get off on the right foot.

I got some writing done yesterday, which makes me happy. I finished two chapters, and I’m hoping to write three more today. I usually wouldn’t set that goal, but these 3 chapters are short, action-packed, meant for maximizing cliffhangers with a car chase. Once I get into the second half of the draft, I’ll be able to reuse a lot more of the first draft scenes. I really felt like I got a better handle on the characters when I was writing the back half of the first draft, so I’m not surprised the beginning of the book needed extensive work.

We have two more days of updates from me on Monday (last round of Labor Day Flash Fiction) and Tuesday (Signs of Life update!) before we settle into our normal Tues/Thurs/Sat update schedule. Have a great Labor Day weekend!

September 2, 2023

Update Link: Watch Me Burn – Part 45

It’s amazing the difference 24 hours, tons of ice packs, half a bottle of ibuprofen and two doses of medication can make. Plus a full night’s sleep. Light years better, though still a bit tired and sore. I can actually focus now!

I hope you guys enjoyed the first two chapters of FMT. I really love this draft, and I’m excited to get back to writing it this afternoon, hopefully getting a few chapters done. And thanks for the response to Signs of Life! Honestly, giving that story a full revision process and not just cleaning it up was the best decision I could have made and will definitely be a consideration going forward with the Flash Fiction series.

Starting tomorrow, all weekend Flash Fiction updates are going to move forward an hour — I’ll start writing at 11 and posting at noon. It gives me a bit more time in the morning and I think it’ll work a bit better.

I hope you guys enjoy today’s update, see you tomorrow!

September 1, 2023

Link: Fool Me Twice – Preview Chapters

Why Flash Fiction Is Delayed

Hey! I was planning a trio of daily updates for Flash Fiction beginning today and ending on Sunday. But then – ugh. Because I switched districts, I lost my health insurance for two months, and I wasn’t able to get a refill on the meds I take for my TMJ or my migraine medicine. I ran out a few weeks ago, and was mostly managing because at home, I can control the triggers – you know, keeping rooms dark and cool, not a lot of stress. But back to work means less control. The bright overhead lights always trigger migraines and I had a lot of professional development this week where I had no choice in the lighting (I NEVER use those lights in my classroom). And always terrible seating which messes with my neck – ugh. Just generally miserable.

Anyway, my body has a way of managing just long enough to get to the weekend — that survival mode kicking in on schedule. I guess it gave up last night since I have the next four days off. My neck was so sore I wanted to cut it off, my jaw was sore, I had a migraine — just generally miserable.

BUT today is September 1 and my health insurance is back in effect! I already called in refills on the meds. I’ll have the TMJ ones tonight, so relief will come soon. Migraines have to be ordered.

The plan is to shift to tomorrow and update through Monday, but I wanted to give you guys something today just in case I have another night like tonight and I have to cancel tomorrow.

Preview Chapters & Patreon Perks

I posted the two chapters in the FMT Section of the Free Digital Shop on Patreon. FMT Book 2 is going to have split storylines — most chapters will take place in Port Charles with Book 1’s cast, but we’re also following the more Cassadine focused crew that I previewed in the flashbacks in Book 1 — Valentin is in Istanbul, and Lucky and Luke went to track him down on behalf of Jason and Drew and the WSB. So we’re following their story and what secrets they’re keeping.  That’s the first chapter of the book — setting up that storyline. The second chapter is more traditional with Jason/Elizabeth, Drew/Sam, etc.

In other news, I posted the August update for the Adored tier ($7 and above) and it was so much bigger than I was expecting! I compiled the July update, and it was only 54 pages and about 32k. Respectful for six days of writing. But August — I was nervous. I’ve been struggling with writing since August 21, so I figured three weeks wouldn’t have that same rate — except I still managed to produce 91k which is, uh, pretty damn good, lol. I’m halfway through the second draft, and really hoping to get back into daily writing once I get the new school schedule settled. As always, I appreciate everyone who supports me on Patreon. You make it possible for me to spend so much time writing in the summer because I can pay my property taxes without working as a tutor which is why I was able to write 122k in 28 days (lord, no wonder my brain hurts, lol).

Anyway, enjoy the preview chapters and let me know what you think! I’m really interested in your reactions to the Istanbul storylines!

See you tomorrow (fingers crossed!)

August 31, 2023

Update Link: Signs of Life – Chapter 9

The first new chapter since February! All of the scenes in this chapter were originally part of the flash fiction series, though it’s been edited for consistency.  I’m going to fix the design issues on the site this weekend, but life has been a little crazy the last few days!

First week at work has been, uh, interesting. I met my World Languages department chair on Monday, and it really feels like she mostly forgot they were adding French. It’s been a stressful, busy week though I did manage to write half a chapter on Tuesday.  It’s a little frustrating — there wasn’t a lot of money left in the budget for me, and I wasn’t able to spend anything on classroom decor, so my walls (which were damaged from previous posters and not repaired) look like a beige prison, ugh.

Today’s my last day of staff development, and then I have four days off before kids come in on Tuesday. I’ll see you guys tomorrow for a Flash Fiction update!

August 29, 2023

Update Link: Signs of Life Home | Chapters 1-8

Hello and welcome to the first update for Signs of Life since last February! I took a break to properly edit and revise the story, adding around 35k in additional material, including some really great Liason scenes I’m really proud of.  Today, I reposted Chapters 1-8. There’s nothing new in these chapters, but I found a few extra typos and made some small edits to tighten and improve the material. The first new chapter posts on Thursday. I’ll do my best to mark which chapters have brand-new scenes.

The site itself is mostly ready, but it’s still bare bones. I ran out of time to finish it off, lol, but it should be done this weekend. There’s a few small design issues that are driving me crazy — I used a slightly different design, and it’s been a way since I played with the style sheet in my story theme. I don’t know why I thought this would be a good time, lol.

Anyway, check out the chapters and refresh yourself 🙂 See you on Thursday!

August 27, 2023

Update Link: Watch Me Burn – Part 44

Well, a day late is better than skipping the update altogether, I guess. I suppose I’m just enjoying my last real weekend of summer vacation. I didn’t get to meet with my department chair last week, so I didn’t get the final word on what curriculum they’re going to use (which REALLY makes me hope they didn’t pick one, and I can just get them to use the program I’ve been using for two years, lol). But I’ll get that information this week, which means next weekend I’ll probably be planning, lol. Four days of staff development begins tomorrow, which includes a department meeting.

So I woke up late yesterday, and then I had my nephew’s birthday party — and the day got away from me.

In more interesting news, I’m putting together the theme for Signs of Life which I’m going to start reposting on Tuesday. I’m undecided on the color scheme, though, so if anyone wants to offer some feedback, check out the Practice Page and let me know. Non-Flash Fiction Updates go live at 7 AM because they are scheduled in advance.

Oh! And the next Flash Fiction series has been picked, thanks to those of you who posted in the poll. You guys voted Hits Different, a 1996 Alternate History/Universe hybrid story in which Jason wakes up after his accident to find out the Quartermaines have gone to extreme lengths to keep him under control, including divorcing the wife they never told him about.  That will be out in November.

Upcoming Posts This Week

  • Tuesday: Signs of Life, Chapters 1-8 (Repost of Cleaned Up Chapters)
  • Thursday: Signs of Life, Chapter 9
  • Friday – Sunday: Flash Fiction – Watch Me Burn, Parts 45-47


August 25, 2023

Update Link: Watch Me Burn – Part 43

Other Links: Patreon Long Update | Poll: Pick Next Flash

Happy Friday! I posted at Patreon yesterday with a check in (public post) on how orientation went, what I expect my writing workload to look like in September, etc. There’s also a poll to pick the next Flash Fiction series that closes tonight at 11:59. It was posted on Monday for Patreon supporters, then opened on Wednesday for anyone who’s signed up on Patreon (including the free tier), and now I’m linking it here.

Watch Me Burn should wrap up in October if I don’t miss any updates or early November if I do, so I want to be prepped with the next series.

I’ll see tomorrow for another Flash Fiction Update! Don’t forget, we’re finishing up our summer schedule next weekend with a Friday-Sunday trio of updates before settling into the Saturday weekly update for Flash and Tues/Thurs updates for Signs of Life.

August 21, 2023

Update Link: Watch Me Burn – Part 42

Well, today is the unofficial last day of summer vacation for me. Tomorrow, I have orientation with my new district, and Wednesday is the day when I’m supposed to start reviewing my new curriculum and program, which means after that — I can start prepping for the first day of classes which is two weeks from tomorrow. Next week is Staff Development.  I have one more Monday off which is Labor Day, but I’m not committing myself to updating that day since I am planning to update September 1-3, which is that Fri-Sun.

The other piece of news I wanted to share today is that I’ve mostly figured out how to format in Adobe InDesign, but I’m having some issues getting converting the file to specific formats. If you’re interested in helping me test out of a file, check out this post on Patreon which has a test file to download. If you want, download it, test it on your computer or reader of your choice, then let me know what you used and how the file looked.

I’ll see you guys for the next update on Friday!