May 8, 2017

I haven’t been around much this year at all — my apologies. This semester was a lot more difficult than I had anticipated — the three classes I thought would leave me more time than my usual five actually felt like twelve classes because I had so much reading and writing to do. Between my two graduate classes and my psychology undergraduate course, I had about 500 pages of reading every single week, plus my two jobs. And you know, my family continued to plague me.

What did not help was my laptop crapped out about a month ago–the smaller and lighter laptop with a battery that actually made it portable. I was left with a dinosaur that will be four years old in a year with a battery that gives me maybe twenty minutes before it dies (on a good day). I could no longer bring my computer to work to give me extra time.

My mother has given the semi-permanent loan of her new laptop. She only uses it for grades and lesson plans, so I will happily surrender it for those moments, but the rest of the time it sits dormant. Hopefully that will allow me to cram in more writing time at work now. I’m working on my last paper for the semester, too. Starting Wednesday, I’m free from major projects — just a small research project I’m working on that will not be dominating my time, and my two jobs get cut down to one.

Still here, still want to write. Life keeps getting in the way. Thanks for sticking. I hope to have some stuff for you really soon!