February 15, 2020

It’s been ages since we did one of these posts but I realized I’ve been mostly putting this content into the YT videos and not typing it up for anyone who doesn’t want to watch so let me put together a progress post.

Site & Channel Status

Crimson Glass is doing pretty well. I have enough Patreon support to take care of hosting bills and put away to keep investing in DVDs and software that helps me write. Scrivener 3 (the program I use to write) will be coming out of beta in the next few months so I’ll be able to buy it when that happens.

I’m working on relaunching the Ebooks feature. I can’t figure out the best way to display that content and I’m also shopping around for a better program to create the ebooks. Scriv might be an option, but it’s in beta which means my settings always disappear. I have to wait until the release before investigating that.

Crimson Glass YouTube Channel 

I’ve learned a lot about making videos in the last two months so I’m hoping to do a soft relaunch and actually refilm most of the content I’ve posted with a bit more organization. Graphics, a better back drops, a more planned calendar, etc. I recently launched a Damaged series, but I’ll be relaunching that sometime this week with the lessons I’ve learned.

I was able to create a brand account so now it actually says Crimson Glass, lol. Check it out and subscribe — I need 74 more subscribers to get a custom URL (like http://youtube.com/crimsonglass)

Over at Patreon, I’m making a lot of video content. I film 2-3 videos a week. There’s usually 1-2 writing updates and then I’m working on a Writing Series for Mad World Book 3 where I take you guys through the entire writing process, from Discovery through Editing. There’s also a bunch of a long videos where I talk through a bunch of projects — a huge Fool Me Twice spoiler video that’s almost an hour, lol. If you’re interested in listening to me rant, that’s an option for you.

Story Status

In Progress

  • For the Broken Girl, Book 1
    • I’m so excited how this story is progressing. I started it in November for NaNoWriMo but had some drafting issues. I went back into the planning stages for a few weeks, but then relaunched the drafting phase on January 2.
    • January was a rough month for writing, but I’m at about 57k right now and nearly 20k of that has been written since last Sunday. I’m about 40% of the way done the first draft and my deadline is between March 14-31. I’d like to finish closer to March 14, but March 31 is the absolute last day. If I keep the pace I’m writing at now (20k a week), I should finish around March 14-16.
    • I have a tentative posting schedule set for  Monday, May 12. I’ll keep you posted. It may shift a week later or earlier depending on my editing.
  • Mad World, Book 3
    • I’m planning to start writing Book 3 for April Camp NaNoWriMo. I’m working on a Patreon Video series where I take you through the writing process from Discovery to Release which includes brainstorming, outlining, drafting, editing, etc.
    • My Camp NaNoWriMo goal hasn’t been set yet. I won’t know for sure until I finish the Discovery stage and set my preliminary word count. The plan is to write half of it in April and then finish it in May & June so I can edit in July & August.
    • Firm Release Date: Wednesday September 3, 2020.

Up Next

  • Fool Me Twice, Book 1
    • In May, once Broken Girl has been edited, I’ll be launching the FMT discovery process — or rather relaunching it. It’ll be a lot shorter than both Broken Girl and Mad World since I have so much of the story figured out, but I need to refine some of my starting details.
    • The plan is to begin drafting FMT Book 1 in July Camp NaNoWriMo, and then have it finished sometime in August or September.
    • Tentative Release: December 2020.
  • Damaged, Season 3
    • I’m launcing a YouTube series analyzing what I’ve already written and going back into Editing & Discovery to fix a few things and rewrite a small portion of Season 2. Once I’ve settled on the rewrite, Damaged, Season 3 goes into Discovery.
    • I’m hoping to write Damaged Season 3 for November NaNoWriMo.
    • Tentative Release: January-March 2021.

After That

After that, my schedule is pretty open. I’ll have Broken Girl & Fool Me Twice still on my radar — they’re trilogies that will need two more books.  I also want to tackle Feels Like Home because I would love to have that done in 2022 so it’s done before 2024 hits which is when the story is set.

I also want to finally finish off the sequels I planned — Burn in Heaven (A Few Words Too Many) and Malice (Bittersweet). Damaged also has a Season 4 that I want to finish up. Lots of things in the works!

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