September 9, 2020

Note: Apologies for the framing and lighting in this video. I filmed it around 9 at night on Sunday, and I ended up cutting off my head from the frame — and the whole thing filmed with me way off center so I had to crop and scale a lot. LOL. I’m learning, I promise!


General Writing

  • Hello! Apologies for this update being delayed by a little over a week.  I had a rough August and trouble sleeping for two straight weeks which really messed with my productivity. I wanted to wait for my medication to kick in and get back on track before I sat down to think about what else I want to do in September.
  • I haven’t been able to lock up a long-term teaching position yet this year, and both my school districts are closed for the month of September because neither passed the Covid building requirements.
  • That means I’m home at least for September unless something changes. That’s good for the writing, lol. And don’t worry about me — I kind of half expected to be in this position and I started saving in May for it. I’ve got enough in my savings to get through November, and well — let’s just hope things look different then.
  • As for the writing, I’m feeling pretty productive these days. As long as I listen to my brain and take days when I should and take breaks, it’s been pretty easy to just sit down and write when I want to write.

Site & Channel


  •  I need to film new updates for Mad World and Fool Me Twice, I know. I had two videos made but I didn’t get a chance to edit them and they’re enough out of date that I want to update them.
  • One of the things I do I want to finish is the Channel section on the site with each video having a page so I can be ready to do transcripts when I can get to them.


  • I’ve been working like crazy on the Facelift the last few weeks. I made an EPIC checklist that I still add things to but it has pretty much everything I want to do. This list is definitely more for me than you guys because it keeps my brain organized.
  • One of the big projects I’m working is organizing my screencap collection by scene and date. The reason I want to do this is I want to make lots of graphics for my stories, but I tend to use the same screencaps over and over again.
  • Plus — my screencaps have been in folders where there are thousands in one folder which Photoshop struggles to open effectively.
  • This just makes my life so much easier and I’ll be able to get to the rest of the Alternate History overhaul faster. For example, the newest 2001 Flash Fiction, The Ghost in the Girl, has graphics because I had already organized 2001 by date and it was super easy to find them and use them.
  • I re-launched my soap commentary blog with daily snark recaps and a weekly commentary column: Crimson Suds.

Story Updates

Mad World

Book 3

  • Book 3 was completed on Saturday and posted at Patreon for my $5 and above supporters. It’s 25 chapters and around 156k words. I’m taking the week off to let it sit before beginning my final round of edits for typos, inconsistencies, and flow.
  • I’m so happy with how this new material is coming together. When I separated Book 3 from the new Book 4, I had about 90k words — I’ve added 50k to this draft with a plan to add 10k more before I’m done.
  • Patreon Release for $7 supporters is October 1. I’m trying very hard to get Patreon supporters a better preview — optimally, I’d like you guys to be a month ahead of release, but so far it hasn’t been possible.
  • The general release is October 6 to let me catch any last typos and schedule all the chapters.

Book 4

  •  I’m starting a light edit on Book 4 this week. Having finished Book 3, I want to plan the big structural changes in Book 4, so I can make sure Book 3 flows into it well while still feeling like its own narrative.
  • Book 4 will go into full beta draft revisions in October. I’ll do the big round of edits — major additions of new scenes and new chapters in October, then the second round in November to polish it up.
  • The general release is in December, probably December 8.
  • If you read the first draft of both books (Patreon Supporters $3 and above), Book 3 ends with the wedding and Book 4 begins the day after.
  • I don’t have a ton for you guys on Book 4 because I haven’t really played with it too much, but I have some really fun changes and expansion ideas. I’ll have more information for you in October’s video.

Flash Fiction


  • Thanks to a vote at Crimson Glass, Desperate Measures is the first Flash Fiction series that I’m revising into a novella/novel. At the moment, it’s around 55 scenes which puts it into novel word count territory.
  • I’m not sure how long it will take to write it, but it’s definitely the flash fiction I need to rework the least — I’ll be able to clean up big pieces of scenes, but I’m also adding more teens, more context, and building in more Liason scenes.
  • After DM is completed, I’ll have enough vote for the next revision. Because DM had such a huge win, I want anyone who voted for DM to have a chance to ask for the next revision.

New Series

  • I’ve launched all of the new series, and so far, I’m feeling more confident. I’m taking an hour to write these entries so that they’re longer which hopefully makes up for not updating twice a week. I learned so much from the first round of fiction, and I’m hoping that I won’t need to do so much revising in this round if that makes sense. I’m trying to write these and plan these to minimize the editing needed to pull it into a mainstream story.
  • In the video, I talked a bit more at length about Not Knowing When being set in 2002, and what I’m hoping to bring to it. I haven’t written this specific time period (October 2002) since 2002, so it’s fun to get back into it since my perspective has changed.
  • For A King’s Command — I had some readers who were surprised that I was rewriting it. In fact, some of you seemed disappointed. I’m so sorry for any misunderstandings. The way I approach flash fiction has changed since I wrote the first version, and I had written myself into a corner with the old version. While I’m happy to revisit old ideas from earlier flash fictions, I will always be rewriting them.
  • The 2001 rewrite has its first short story planned — I have 2-3 part story set after the Face of Deception photoshoot. I don’t know yet if it’ll be 2 parts or 3 because it depends on how long it takes to write it. This is the first story I’ve written set in this period of GH, mostly because I wasn’t actively watching and by the time I got into Liason, The Canvas writers had written about it so well I wasn’t sure what I could add. That being said, I’m more comfortable with my own voice and what I bring to a story, so I’m dipping my toe in.

Fool Me Twice

  •  I’m working on chapter breakdown, and I’m really looking forward to writing this one starting in October. There’s so much great stuff that I’ve planned which makes me very happy that I took a minute and reset after last year.
  • Moving the starting point to Jason’s return is really letting me work in the teens better as well as open up a more interesting revelation of Jason’s identity and set up other characters.
  • I don’t know yet how long Book 1 will be, but I should know by the end of the week.
  • I’m not that nervous about going into the first draft of this while working on a beta draft of Book 4. I’ve learned a lot about my process, and I’ve also learned to be very patient with myself in the first few weeks of an alpha draft. I don’t need to write a chapter every day — which was the pressure I was putting on myself back in April.

August 1, 2020

Be back around 10:30 with Flash Fiction update and Mad World video with text highlights. 


Life & Writing Updates

  • So, July was interesting.
  • I’m joking, it was even more boring in my house than June.
  • Teaching is over, I barely leave the house, and I even stopped shopping for groceries at my local store when I kept seeing people wearing masks. I stayed inside, did a lot of reading, watched a lot of television and wrote. A LOT.
  • I got sick towards the end of July which really messed up the structure I’d put into my day to maximize writing. I took a few days off, tried to relax, but I’m still not quite up to the speed I was before I got sick.
  • You guys, I discovered drama channels on YouTube after the Shane Dawson stuff, and I am not proud of how much of my life I’ve wasted now, lol.

Site & Channel Updates

  • There’s not much to report here. The channel was mostly dormant because when I get really into writing, I don’t have a lot of time to film and edit. I started the channel to maintain communication with you guys in an easier format but with flash fiction, I’m posting daily and that’s serving a similar purpose.
  • I do want to get back into my Mad World vlog, particularly during revisions because that really helped me when I was revising Broken Girl.
  • In Facelift news, I was moving along at a pretty steady pace in July. I had reworked sub-sites in June, moved to a new domain in early July, and was working on an Alternate History redesign project that included cleaning up the design of all my History rewrites, reworking the organizing, adding new graphics, organizing screencaps and clips — but then I got sick and I haven’t gotten back into it.
  • For August, I want to finish reworking Alternate History. The graphics might not get completely done, but I’d like to see the rest of it completed because that’s the largest portion of the site and needs the most work.

Story News – Mad World

  • When I wrote the last status page, I had written 10 chapters. Now, it’s 23 chapters later and the story looks VERY different.
  • Not only did I write a lot, I also changed the order of the story — wrote a whole new first half of the story and added a lot of things I hadn’t planned to.
  • I had hoped to be done the first draft on or by July 31, but the addition of 15 chapters in the beginning of the story, and then writing everything out of order (I wrote the middle 17 chapters, then the first 15, now I’m working on the back 8), it’s kind of messed with me a bit, lol.
  • I’m a very linear writer so it’s been a struggle to accomodate all of this — and this first draft is incredibly messy and will a lot of revising. How much? I won’t know for sure until I read through the first draft.
  • Patreons will still get the draft on time — I’m posting the first 15 chapters on August 1 (today!), the middle 17 on August 2, and the final leg of the story sometime next week when it’s completed. I’d honestly like to be done by August 6 because that is probably the limit of how much revision time I can afford to use without pushing back my release date.
  • At this point, we’re not doing that — October 6 is still the general site release. I’ll keep you guys in the loop as I move through revisions. It depends on how much time I can spend in September on the story. I don’t know what my job situation is going to look like because of COVID.
  • It’s really important to remember that the story is currently at 196, 362 words. When I did the site and story status last month, the story was at 61k. I’ve written 130,000 words since then. There’s a lot to go through, lol.
  • There’s a slight chance Mad World might get divided into two books — with a release in October and December. I should know whether that’s going to happen once the full draft is done and I’ve read it over in full. If I feel like there are two separate main narratives, I will. If it’s just a reallllly long book that isn’t going to get cut down much in editing, I still might do a split but you won’t get “official” books and the releases would be closer together (half in Oct and half maybe 1-2 weeks later.)

Story News – Flash Fiction

  • Flash Fiction plugged along relatively well until last week when I took off Wednesday – Sunday to make sure I stayed mostly on track with Mad World and didn’t lose time.
  • Flash Fiction returned on Monday, and I finished An Everlasting Love. That story is going into revisions and I should have more information soon on when you might be able to expect it.
  • I still have three series in progress, and at this point, don’t plan to add a fourth. I’ll finish the ones in progress and begin a new schedule with new series sometime later this month or early September.
  • Hopefully, we’ll be back at 10 AM schedule for August. Once I’m back to work, it will likely decrease from daily to 2-3 times a week and be moved to the evening. We’ll see what happens once we get there.

Story News – Other Projects

  • Once Mad World goes into revisions, it’s time to start thinking about what’s next! Fool Me Twice goes into discovery today. I had thought about waiting until the first draft was completely done but honestly — I need a bit of a break from Mad World and looking at FMT for maybe 20 minutes a day will help.
  • Right now, the production schedule for Book 1 of Fool Me Twice is Discovery in August and September, then alpha draft in October & November, revisions in December & January, and release in February.  Based on the length I think this is going to be, I honestly think this schedule is fine the way it is.
  • I also have some thoughts about what I want to do in August to celebration Liason 21 — my plans got a bit derailed when I got sick so I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it after all. I’ll let you guys know once I can really devote more time to it.


July 1, 2020

Life & General Health

  • Wow! This month had a lot of ups and downs. I finished teaching for the school year, and despite having two second interviews at both the high school and middle school, I didn’t end up getting a contact for next year. You win some, you lose some.
  • Classes ended on June 12, so for the last two weeks, I’ve been working on a routine, getting myself into a relaxed schedule where I’m still working but I’m also taking time for self-care.
  • NJ is slowly reopening back up (I went to Barnes & Noble for the first time in months!) but we’re all still nervous, of course, with cases continuing to rise in the rest of the United States. I hope everyone is staying safe.
  • I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately. Thanks to my Ripped Bodice care package, I’ve been binging on Deanna Raybourne’s Julia Grey and Veronica Speedwell mysteries. I’m a traditional romance girl, but these books are great.
  • It’s funny to go back watch the video where I unwrapped the package because I definitely didn’t look excited to read the Veronica Speedwell book, but these are really great slow-burn romances with fun mysteries and really immersive world building. Each series has one primary romance, but they take place at a veerrrry slow pace, lol.

Site & Channel

  • I’ve been neglecting the channel to be honest, and that’s mostly because I generally have to put myself together to film things. When I’m not at work, I’m not blowdrying my hair, I’m not putting on make-up, etc. But I’ll be getting updates in this week and next, I promise!
  • The Crimson Glass Facelift is under way. I’ve been publishing ebooks at a fast pace, three of the stories have been converted to sub-sites and I gave out a survey to get some feedback on the site.
  • I still have a few more stories I’m converting over, and of course, more ebooks. I’m also working on the other site clean up I mentioned. Making sure all the stories are tagged, decluttering any parts of the site people aren’t using, etc.
  • I’m also going to be getting a domain for Crimson Glass again. I like the home at but CG is the larger project, and it should be on its own domain. The domain is used for my book reviews and general blog.
  • Don’t worry! I’ll have a permanent redirect to the new address.

Currently: Mad World, Book 3

  • I just finished Chapter 10 today, and I’m fully expecting to swing into the chapter a day pace I need to finish the story on time. I wrote all of the chapter today, and can’t wait to write the next group of chapters.
  • Mad World is currently at 61k. I’m expecting to have about 20-25 more chapters. I’m about 2/3 to the midpoint and once we hit that, it’s all down hill from there. I expect the second half to go a lot faster.
  • I’ve been spending most June building up my stamina — starting with 2 25-minute writing sprints, then working my way up to 3. Over the least few weeks, I added the fouth. I usually need 4-5 to finish a full chapter.
  • The Alpha Draft will be finished on July 31, so I will be releasing it to the Crimson Love tier on August 1.
  • The Beta Draft is scheduled to be released on September 1 to Crimson Devoted.
  • The Posting Draft/Ebook will be posted to Crimson Adored on October 1.
  • We’ll have  general release to the Crimson Glass site on October 6, and then I’ll be posting a few chapters a day on and Archive of Our Own.

Up Next: Fool Me Twice, Book1

  • Updated the Production Schedule with the dates. I’l lbe starting Discovery on August 1, then writing the Alpha Draft in October and November.
  • That puts me on schedule to start editing on December 1, and do a general release in the first week of February.

Flash Fiction

  • I added a new flash fiction series last week, so that you get a new part every single day, and then Darkest Before the Dawn will be updated on a random day through the week as a  double update.
  • I think An Everlasting Love and Whatever It Takes will probably be finished sometime in August. Desperate Measures may take slightly longer. I probably will not be replacing all three of them at once.
  • Daily Flash Fiction will continue until August 23. If I get a full-time job or a long-term position, most schools go back to work August 24, so I need to be ready to shift.
  • If I am back at work full-time with my own classroom, I’ll probably do flash fiction twice a week.
  • I’ll keep you guys updated.

I think that covers everything! Thanks for all your support! Let me know if you have any questions!

June 1, 2020

Life & General Writing Health

  • As everyone knows, the last two months have been difficult for literally every person on the planet. We’ve all had our own unique challenges that have made isolation and social distancing an uphill battle.
  • It’s been a struggle for me, personally, to deal with mental health as I live alone and was cut off from pretty much my entire social network outside of my online communities. (Thank you to everyone who’s reached out, commented, or even just clicked like — you have no idea what you’ve done for me.)
  • I also had some professional difficulties as I was switched from teaching one curriculum to another and my class size doubled. I had four classes (three ELA, one science) of sixth graders with an overall size of maybe 82 students. Now I have six classes of Spanish, Grades 4-6, with an average class size of 28 with an overall population of 170.
  • It…was a lot.
  • I also had a minor health issue that I didn’t really get into publicly that really took apart my stamina and energy. It was hard enough to get through my classes and teaching, much less writing. It’s mostly cleared up for now and hopefully it won’t come back.
  • I still feel good about my writing, and I’m glad that Broken Girl is getting a great reception. As long as my health continues to stay where it is, we’ll be good to go this summer.
  • I hope everyone is staying safe and taking care of themselves.

Site & Channel Status

  • I have a Mad World series for the channel that will be premiering this week on Tuesday & Thursday. This week it’s twice, but it’ll probably be once a week after that.
  • I’m planning a HUGE overhaul to Crimson Glass this summer. As I said, I’ll be moving Mad World over from its subdomain and merging into the site. I’ll also be closing down Damaged and Hand Me Down subsites. I need to rewrite the Word Press coding for CG — it’s a few years old and needs some clean up.
  • I also want to revamp the story pages for my longer novels so that they look a bit cleaner and easier to navigate. I have some really interesting ideas about using multiple themes to make each novel its own experience, but I’m not sure yet if that’ll work.
  • EBOOKS! I am going to make them a priority this summer. Using Scrivener will make their creation soooo much easier. Half my problem was formatting in Sigil, but Scrivener lets me create a template for the ebook, and then uses my existing writing file to create the book. I’ll have more on that in July.

Return of Flash Fiction!

  • I’ve been searching for a way to make flash fiction posting more regular and work for my brand of writing. I’m not much of a impulse writer and I’m not great at coming up with my own prompts.
  • I took three basic ideas I’ve been playing with and wrote out short outlines. Basically I decided — what is the premise, who are the characters, what is their relationship to each other, and the ending.
  • On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, I’ll post a notice on Twitter that I’m setting a timer for 20 minutes, then I’ll write and post the results. I’ll update each series weekly.
  • When a series completes, I’ll take the finished product, edit it together, and the post as a complete short story, novella, or whatever it ends up being.
  • That starts June 2. I’m looking forward to breaking my writing with fresh content every week!

Story Updates – For the Broken Girl, Books 1 & 2

  • Broken Girl, Book 1 has been completed. I’ve scheduled the chapters to post on their schedule. The final chapter will post Friday, July 17.
  • Once that’s done, it’s mostly just remembering to occasionally update the main page and post the chapters at and Archive of Our Own.
  • I’ve made a bunch of notes for Book 2 so that it’ll be easier to write that when we get there, I have a basic structure already to go.

Story Updates – Mad World, Book 3

  • I am officially pushing out the publication date for Book 3. It was scheduled for September, but I think we’re looking more like mid-October.  It’s not something I’m happy about, but I knew that if I hadn’t made decent progress by the end of May, I was going to end up squeezing my revisions again which I did with Book 2 and Broken Girl.
  • It’s just too much pressure on myself. It’s better for me to finish the edits on Broken Girl and the ebook this week, then take a day or two of no writing at all before going into it in June and July. Book 3 will be my Camp NaNoWriMo goal this July — and that’s fitting. I have great success in finishing Mad World in July.
  • This does push some of my schedule back a bit but not terribly. The plan is to take 6-8 weeks for the alpha draft (June 1-July 31) and then 6-8 weeks for edits (August 1 – September 30).
  • That’s about as much time as Broken Girl took once I really got started. I had struggled throughought January to get anything done, but in February and March, I finished the alpha draft then did revisions in March and April. It also built in a lot of extra time for me to be sick, to teach, to rest, etc. Four months seems right.

After Mad World

Here is a tentative schedule for the projects on my planning slate. I’ve broken down the specific details at the bottom of the page. All of these dates are subject to change, but as you can see — I’ll average about three books a year for the next three years.

That would clean out the majority of my planned projects.

Mad World, Book 3 – October 2020

Fool Me Twice Book 1 – February 2021

Damaged – May 2021

For the Broken Girl, Book 2 – September 2021

Fool Me Twice, Book 2  – January 2022

Feels Like  Home – May 2022

Fool Me Twice, Book 3 – September 2022

Malice – January 2023

Burn in Heaven – May 2023

These Small Hours – September 2023


Mad World, Book 3

  • Alpha Draft (June – July)
  • Beta Draft (August)
  • Gamma Draft (September)
  • Ebook & Release (October)

Fool Me Twice, Book 1 

  • Discovery (August)
  • Alpha Draft (September – November)
  • Beta Draft (November – December)
  • Gamma Draft (December 2020 – January 2021)
  • Ebook & Release (February 2021)


  • Discovery (November-December 2020)
  • Alpha Draft (January-February 2021)
  • Beta Draft (March 2021)
  • Gamma Draft (April 2021)
  • Ebook & Release (May 2021)

For the Broken Girl, Book 2

  • Discovery  (April 2021)
  • Alpha Draft (May-June 2021)
  • Beta Draft (July 2021)
  • Gamma Draft (August 2021)
  • Ebook & Release (September 2021)

Fool Me Twice, Book 2

  • Discovery  (August 2021)
  • Alpha Draft (September – October 2021)
  • Beta Draft (November 2021)
  • Gamma Draft (December 2021)
  • Ebook & Release (January 2022)

Feels Like Home

  • Discovery (December 2021)
  • Alpha Draft (January – February 2022)
  • Beta Draft (March 2022)
  • Gamma Draft (April 2022)
  • Ebook & Release (May 2022)

Fool Me Twice, Book 3 

  • Discovery (April 2022)
  • Alpha Draft (May – June 2022)
  • Beta Draft (July 2022)
  • Gamma Draft (August 2022)
  • Ebook & Release (September 2022)


  • Discovery (August 2022)
  • Alpha Draft (September – October 2022)
  • Beta Draft (November 2022)
  • Gamma Draft (December 2022)
  • Ebook & Release (January 2023)

Burn in Heaven

  • Discovery (December 2022)
  • Alpha Draft (January – February 2023)
  • Beta Draft (March 2023)
  • Gamma Draft (April 2023)
  • Ebook & Release (May 2023)

These Small Hours 

  • Discovery (April 2023)
  • Alpha Draft (May-June 2023)
  • Beta Draft (July 2023)
  • Gamma Draft (August 2023)
  • Ebook & Release (September 2023)

May 1, 2020

Hello! Today the May 2020 Site & Story Status Video went live on YouTube. I’m linking it below. Here is your text version!

General Writing Update

  • The plan for April was to finish revisions for Broken Girl and work on the first draft of Mad World, Book 3. I’ve learned a valuable lesson – NEVER try to do that again, LOL. It was just too hard to juggle a first draft and revisions at the same time, particularly with the challenges of working from home.
  • I had some mental health issues, particularly in April. Just a lot of stress from worrying about family I can’t see, news I can’t change, and starting a brand new curriculum teaching double the amount of students I’ve had literally all year. I went from 80 students in ELA/Science to nearly 170 in Spanish in three grade levels. It’s…been interesting.
  • Last week was a bad week for that — I kind of hit a breaking point. But I took a few days to get myself together, and this week has been so much better in all ways. I’m looking forward to taking this energy into May and making sure I pay attention to self care.

Site & Channel Update

  • Starting the process of changing the site over to a new active story. I changed the widgets, got the For the Broken Girl story page ready to go. I still have some pieces to work out.
  • On the channel last month, I completed two vlog series: Revising Broken Girl and Camp NaNoWriMo. They were a lot of fun to film.
  • This month, I’m launching a new vlog, Discovering Mad World. I’ve filmed the first three parts — that will start next week. Basically, it’ll be like the BG series — taking you through the process.
  • If you’re interested, I can create text highlights of my videos to post here. I do this for my Patreons already, and I’m happy to do it here if you’re not someone who has time/interest in the videos. Let me know by replying!
  • Right now, Mad World exists on its own domain. I’ve been thinking of moving it back over here before the next book comes out. I can’t remember now why I put it on its own site. Any thoughts?
  • Thanks to a free trial and Patreon support, I now have a subscription to Adobe Creative Suite, which means I get to use Adobe Premiere to edit my channel videos. This summer, I’ll be working on organizing my videos and making promotional videos.

Story Updates

  • For the Broken Girl, Book 1:
    • I finished the beta draft on Monday, April 27. I’ve been working on the posting draft this weekk. The alpha draft is available to Patreon supporters at the $3 level, the beta draft at the $5 level, and the posting draft & ebook will be available at the $7 level.
    • I’m hoping to finish the posting draft tonight, the ebook tomorrow, and then start scheduling chapters on Sunday. $1 supporters will get that week’s chapters on Sunday.
  • Mad World, Book 3
    • The first draft has had a bumpy road, but we’re getting back into this week as I finish up BG. The plan now is to finish the first draft in June, edit in July, then post in September.
  • Fool Me Twice, Book 1
    • We’ll be working on discovery off and on throughout Mad World, B3’s production process. If revisions for MW are done on time in July, we’ll get into the first draft of that sometime in August.

April 9, 2020

This is a text version of a video I posted on the channel last week, but I know not a lot of people can watch the videos.


  • I’m working from home like a lot of people but with an added twist — a week and a half into remote learning, my district decided that there was no point in paying me and the teacher I’ve been subbing for since November to be at home, so they brought her back. What a time to nearly be out of a job!
  • Luckily, my principal found a spot for me and I took over Spanish. It’s an elective, so it has a bit of a smaller workload than my ELA/Science classes. I’m just happy to still have a job!

Site & Channel Updates

  • Ebooks are the big thing I’m hoping to get sorted out next week. I’m going to be using Scrivener for my ebook output, but I have learn how to use the format. I’m on spring break starting tomorrow, so it’s something I’m putting on the list.
  • Channel – I’m running two video series right now – Camp NaNoWriMo & Revising Broken Girl. Both are windows into my current projects, Broken Girl and Mad World, Book 3, so make sure you’re subscribed!  I’ve linked the most recent videos below.They’re almost always less than ten minutes.

Story Updates

  • Alpha Draft of For the Broken Girl was completed on schedule on March 28, and I dug into the revisions for the Beta Draft over this last weekend. I’ve started the rewrites and revisions, and hope to be finished them by April 19.
  • If you’re a Pateron Supporter at the Crimson Devoted ($5), you’ll get the Beta draft by that point. The Posting Draft/Ebook is scheduled be ready any day between May 1-5 for those of you on the Crimson Adored ($7) tier.
  • Book 1 will be published three times a week, starting Monday, May 5.
  • I started Mad World, Book 3‘s alpha draft last week. I set a soft deadline of May 15 (boy, it’d be great to be done by this date!) and a hard deadline of June 15 (any later than this, and we have to move the September publication date)
  • The next project is Fool Me Twice. I’ll be starting that discovery draft on June 1 and going into the alpha draft for Camp NaNoWriMo in July.

Recent Videos

February 15, 2020

It’s been ages since we did one of these posts but I realized I’ve been mostly putting this content into the YT videos and not typing it up for anyone who doesn’t want to watch so let me put together a progress post.

Site & Channel Status

Crimson Glass is doing pretty well. I have enough Patreon support to take care of hosting bills and put away to keep investing in DVDs and software that helps me write. Scrivener 3 (the program I use to write) will be coming out of beta in the next few months so I’ll be able to buy it when that happens.

I’m working on relaunching the Ebooks feature. I can’t figure out the best way to display that content and I’m also shopping around for a better program to create the ebooks. Scriv might be an option, but it’s in beta which means my settings always disappear. I have to wait until the release before investigating that.

Crimson Glass YouTube Channel 

I’ve learned a lot about making videos in the last two months so I’m hoping to do a soft relaunch and actually refilm most of the content I’ve posted with a bit more organization. Graphics, a better back drops, a more planned calendar, etc. I recently launched a Damaged series, but I’ll be relaunching that sometime this week with the lessons I’ve learned.

I was able to create a brand account so now it actually says Crimson Glass, lol. Check it out and subscribe — I need 74 more subscribers to get a custom URL (like

Over at Patreon, I’m making a lot of video content. I film 2-3 videos a week. There’s usually 1-2 writing updates and then I’m working on a Writing Series for Mad World Book 3 where I take you guys through the entire writing process, from Discovery through Editing. There’s also a bunch of a long videos where I talk through a bunch of projects — a huge Fool Me Twice spoiler video that’s almost an hour, lol. If you’re interested in listening to me rant, that’s an option for you.

Story Status

In Progress

  • For the Broken Girl, Book 1
    • I’m so excited how this story is progressing. I started it in November for NaNoWriMo but had some drafting issues. I went back into the planning stages for a few weeks, but then relaunched the drafting phase on January 2.
    • January was a rough month for writing, but I’m at about 57k right now and nearly 20k of that has been written since last Sunday. I’m about 40% of the way done the first draft and my deadline is between March 14-31. I’d like to finish closer to March 14, but March 31 is the absolute last day. If I keep the pace I’m writing at now (20k a week), I should finish around March 14-16.
    • I have a tentative posting schedule set for  Monday, May 12. I’ll keep you posted. It may shift a week later or earlier depending on my editing.
  • Mad World, Book 3
    • I’m planning to start writing Book 3 for April Camp NaNoWriMo. I’m working on a Patreon Video series where I take you through the writing process from Discovery to Release which includes brainstorming, outlining, drafting, editing, etc.
    • My Camp NaNoWriMo goal hasn’t been set yet. I won’t know for sure until I finish the Discovery stage and set my preliminary word count. The plan is to write half of it in April and then finish it in May & June so I can edit in July & August.
    • Firm Release Date: Wednesday September 3, 2020.

Up Next

  • Fool Me Twice, Book 1
    • In May, once Broken Girl has been edited, I’ll be launching the FMT discovery process — or rather relaunching it. It’ll be a lot shorter than both Broken Girl and Mad World since I have so much of the story figured out, but I need to refine some of my starting details.
    • The plan is to begin drafting FMT Book 1 in July Camp NaNoWriMo, and then have it finished sometime in August or September.
    • Tentative Release: December 2020.
  • Damaged, Season 3
    • I’m launcing a YouTube series analyzing what I’ve already written and going back into Editing & Discovery to fix a few things and rewrite a small portion of Season 2. Once I’ve settled on the rewrite, Damaged, Season 3 goes into Discovery.
    • I’m hoping to write Damaged Season 3 for November NaNoWriMo.
    • Tentative Release: January-March 2021.

After That

After that, my schedule is pretty open. I’ll have Broken Girl & Fool Me Twice still on my radar — they’re trilogies that will need two more books.  I also want to tackle Feels Like Home because I would love to have that done in 2022 so it’s done before 2024 hits which is when the story is set.

I also want to finally finish off the sequels I planned — Burn in Heaven (A Few Words Too Many) and Malice (Bittersweet). Damaged also has a Season 4 that I want to finish up. Lots of things in the works!

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January 6, 2019

I feel like I do a lot of apologizing these days. I had every intention of doing a flash fiction marathon, but my holiday week off just got away from me. I’ve had trouble kicking the last cold I got right before Christmas (even now, I have some lingering chest congestion).

Since I finished Mad World last summer, I’ve really struggled with writing more.  I’ve only managed six and a half chapters of the sequel, a handful of flash fictions, and maybe one or two short stories. My NaNo project crashed and burned, and even my plans for the next season of Damaged can’t seem to get off the ground. You guys are probably used to this by now — I have these huge bursts of productivity, and then I can’t seem to relight those fires again for months.

I think I just really don’t know how to pace myself and recharge my creative fuse. I don’t really know what makes me go into those weird bursts or how to keep them steady over times. I want to pay more attention to my process this year to see if I can crack the code.

I also think I have to get used to just writing whatever my muse wants and not forcing myself into things because I made promises. So here’s what I plan for Crimson Glass this year.

  1. I’m going to stop promising Damaged Season 3. I have all of the plots, I just can’t seem to write them and I hate going back on my promises. So I won’t give anymore dates. You’ll get Damaged 3 when it shows up and it’ll be probably a surprise.
  2. I’m going to write at least two novels this year. I don’t know what they’ll be. I love the idea of having you guys vote on my projects, but I think I’m just going to have to let my muse direct me. I have something I’ve been thinking about all the time and I think I just have to let myself go and write it.
  3.  I’m going to turn my attention back to getting ebooks up, including short story and novella collections. I may have polls to vote for that. I think they’re a great resource, particularly for people who like to wait until my stories are gone to read.

At the moment, I’m not sure when you’ll be hearing from me next because I don’t really have anything in the pipeline and my semester is starting in two weeks. It’s my last semester, and I am really looking forward to not juggling graduate school and a job at the same time. I also have a few possibilities for a full-time teaching position next year so fingers crossed that 2019 is my year 🙂

I really want to have the sequels to both Bittersweet and Mad World done this year, but Bittersweet is proving to be a bit tough in the plotting because all I know for sure is that Jason and Liz are going to return and I’m going to deal with Brenda.  I set up a lot of bread crumbs in the first story to give me a lot of options, and I’m not really sure which ones I want to pick up on yet.

The odds are that you’ll gt Mad World, Book 2 sometime this summer and the full-length version of Kismet, my flash fiction series set in 1997 with an aged Liz, but you never know what will happen.

Happy New Year 🙂 Make sure you follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or subscribe for updates so you never miss anything!

August 10, 2018

Hey, it’s time again — what’s going in my writing and at Crimson Glass in general. I try to do these every couple of months so you can see what I’m working on. If you have a question about something that I didn’t cover here, please feel free to ask!

At the Site

  • I’m doing some behind the scenes work — fixing broken links, cleaning up the Workshop and the discarded material. Just some under the engine work y’all probably won’t notice.
  • I have lot of plot sketches and material for stories I ended up not pursuing, and I want to find the best way to post this material for you guys. It’s been kind of set off on the page in the side and it’s been a list of posts.

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April 28, 2018

Thank you for all the kind words and condolences. This last week has been rough, mostly because I really was only able to take one day to even deal with my grandmother’s passing to go to her funeral. Even then, I had to find someone to cover my shift at my second job, go to the grocery store and prep lunches for the rest of the week. I’m still supposed to write a paper for Monday, and I just can’t seem to make it happen. I don’t know. I’ll get through it, finish up my next semester in two weeks and then crash I guess.

Anyway, I wanted to throw together a status post to let you know where I’m at and what to expect for the rest of the year.  I finish student teaching at the end of this week and my last paper is due May 9. After that, I’m just going back to my regular double job life. Hopefully, next year, I’ll get a full-time job so I won’t have to work two jobs. I do have to write a research paper at some point in the next year, but I haven’t decided if I want to do it next fall or spring.

Site Status

  • I desperately need a new layout, but I just haven’t felt up to creating a new one. These last eight months or so have just been personally exhausting.
  • I want to get back to doing ebooks but its fallen off my radar for the moment.

Story Status

In Progress

  • Bittersweet – This remains in the same place as before. I still have to finish the the last five chapters or so, and about five or six need to be beta’d. I’m really hoping that I’ll be able to finish it up by the end of May and sent it over to Cora. I don’t know yet when I’ll start posting it again.
  • Damaged – My God. I sometimes feel like Season 3 will never happen, and I’ll be real with you. The major problem I’m having is that I set up a story in Season 2 with the murders at the end.When I started writing Season 3, and I just don’t want to write the original idea so I’ve been trying to get myself out of that. I’m also playing around with the pacing and amount of episodes. This is going to happen. I just…ugh.
  • Mad World – This is a work in progress. I’m refining my outline so I can set up bread crumbs correctly. I wasn’t expecting to still be writing Bittersweet in May, so that threw off my entire schedule. I know how Parts 1 and 2 are going to work, so as soon as I figure out the ending for the whole thing, I’ll be working on it this summer.
  • Fool Me Twice – I’ve moved it out of workshop because I’ve figured out the major plot points and how to make it flow. I just have to sit down and work it out. I’m torn because I think the only way to do this is to make it an alternate version of the show like Damaged, but I’m not sure I have the energy.


  • Sky is Falling – I want to get back to this idea because I really love it. But I have to flesh out the world a bit more, figure out all the relationships so I can push it forward.
  • Scottish Romance — A lot of y’all have been writing in about this one and it’s on my plate, I promise. I wrote myself into a corner because I feel like I hurried the romance and the relationship and I also didn’t know who the villain would be. I’m working on it and I hope to bring it back soon.

Coming Soon

There are a few stories I’ve got tucked away in outline status, including some old ones that were around from before the five year hiatus from 2008-2013.

  • These Small Hours – a rewrite of the post-Kate shooting that has Johnny/Nadine and Jason/Elizabeth taking on mob romances, bad drugs, and complicated relationships.  It’s actually mostly outlined, it’s just been sooo long since I’ve really written Nadine in a canon story, I want to make sure I have her voice nailed.
  • Feels Like Home – this is the rewrite of Tangle and I’m still outlining it. There are some aspects that haven’t fit in neatly.
  • Counting Stars – this was a story set in 1999 that I’m still dealing with some kinks in. I had another idea for another version of 1999, and I haven’t decided if I want to find a way to merge the idea or make them separate stories.
  • Fallen From Grace – This remains in the same position it was a year ago — I’ve outlined it but I’m not sure how I want to end it. It’s a rewrite of 2006 with Nikolas/Robin, Patrick/Elizabeth, Lucky/Sam, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted those to be my ending couples or not.
  • Collision – another version of 2006 with a kind of Cassadine twist. I’m not sure if I want to incorporate pieces of this into Damaged or make it a separate story.
  • For the Broken Girl — another version of 2006 with  focus on Lucky’s drug storyline. I wanted to find a way to have that story use Jason’s past with Lucky more effectively, I just haven’t worked out how to approach it. My original version was a rewrite of the summer and was super twisty and angsty. My second go was to take the story back to spring and rewrite Sam’s shooting. I’m still working it out.

I have a lot of ideas and a lot of content planned. It’s just a matter of my life letting me get to it.