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If you don't like Jason and Elizabeth as a pairing or you have any fondness for the character of Franco, then you should probably click the back button and continue on your way. Happy travels. I hate Franco. He is a lying, violent, sociopathic piece of shit, and I hope this character gets yeeted into the sun. Thank you.

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August 12, 2020

This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series Vlog: Mad World, Book 3

So this is the new format of my video posts, which I’m going to be working on when I have a chance over the next few weeks. I found a service that transcribes videos really cheap ($12 for two hours of footage) but the transcripts have to be cleaned up. This was my first attempt at cleaning up a transcript, lol. If anyone would like to take a stab at cleaning it up further, have at it. I didn’t want to spend my whole day working on it, to be honest, and, wow, my speaking style is…all over the place. I’ll work on that.

Eventually, every entry in a series will have a post — so the table of contents will be listed below, but doing the backlist is a lot less of a priority at the moment. I’ll have Fool Me Twice’s two posts done tomorrow for the update. This will also be the only time I cross list the video posts in the Site New update. In the future, the post will be ready and linked in the daily updates. It will also have a section on the site.  It just wasn’t ready for this morning. Hopefully this helps!

Mad World Vlog: Planning, Writing, Editing & Publishing

  1.  Why Are We Here?
  2.  Where Are We Going?
  3. So, Still Writing?
  4. This Is My Lex Luthor.
  5. We’ve Reached The End. Of Disc One.

Also featured in Camp NaNoWrimo, April 2020.


(please excuse messiness — it’s my first time, lol, and my speaking style is very…all over the place)

Welcome back to Crimson Glass on YouTube. So this is part 5 of Writing Mad World. I finished the first draft yesterday. I want to get that out of the way and say now.  I’m pretty excited about it. I wasn’t sure if I would need to make another one of these before I actually got into revisions, but I thought well, I’m making a video about Fool me Twice Today. Let’s just get it done. So it’s done.

It ended up being 653 pages 235 thousand words. Um, it’s 41 chapters. I don’t know. I lost count. That’s the reason I don’t know how many chapters technically it is because I have 90 overall chapters in the trilogy and the first 50 of them are in the first two books. So I’m going to say yeah, that’s probably about 39 to 40 chapters and it’ll probably be more by the time we’re done. So the one–the thing I really want to talk about in this video is writing an ending to the story and approaching material with an eye of reminding yourself who’s in charge. So and this is a lesson that for some reason I have to learn like over and over and over again and I really can’t tell you why.

So what happened is that I got to Monday and I have been reading a chapter a day and I was like, yes, we’re going to finish I might not get the epilogues done on time.  But that’s alright. They can be finished during the beta draft that really it. They’ re just wrap-ups. It’s really not that big deal and then I finished on Monday and I realized on Tuesday. Oh my God. I don’t really want to write the ending of the story and I couldn’t decide at first if it was just like I’m really tired. I’ve been living with the story now for 66 days at that point because I started like daily on June 1st,
and I couldn’t decide at the problem if I was having was just that I was tired because sometimes you know, you get to the end of the project you get tired, so I try to like open it up and look at it and I started to write the first scene. I’m just like I really don’t want to I don’t want to do it and I think it’s because I realized that in order for the ending to work the way I had originally outlined because some things have changed-because Elizabeth was not going to be living in a house that they were supposed to have moved during Mad World Book 3, but it didn’t end up happening and never was never a moment on the page where it made sense for that to happen and they end up not having a huge time Jump. I was going to skip six weeks at some point and that I’m not doing that.

So for a variety of reasons Elizabeth is still in the–Jason Elizabeth are both in the penthouse at the end of the story. And that matters because I need something to have happened to Elizabeth that can’t happen unless she’s an idiot and I really can’t stand when a character does something dumb like, you know, when you’re watching a movie and your kid the characters just starts like she’s like,  like don’t go upstairs. You know what you did to open that door and don’t look up like Don’t Look Under the Bed like, you know, your starts screaming at the screen at your character. That’s how I felt. Like people would be thinking about Liz and Carly at this point and I was just like this is not working and, again I was not entirely sure if it was not working because I was just really tired and so my like my enthusiasm was just gone and if that’s true, like I just got to power through it and get it done.

But if it’s because of material’s not working, which is the same problem I was having in July which is the same thing I talked about in the last video, like, literally I just talked about how you got to make this decision. So I talked to Ang in DMs and I was like, I really hate the ending. I’m paraphrasing– but I was just like this is not working. I really hate it. She’s like what’s the problem was like well in order for the end of the work people they have to be stupid. And the this thing–this can’t happen if Liz is in the penthouse. She’s like, okay, why doesn’t Liz leave the house? Why does she have to be in the penthouse?

I thought well, she wouldn’t leave because you know the way the story works is–it’s a Monday in the story and Cam’s just come home from the hospital on Friday and he was a premature baby. So, you know, she’s he needs a ton of care of right, you know hands-on and Jason would be in Crimson Point. So like he’s not going to leave him alone with a babysitter to go have lunch. Like she’s not after the story I just told–not that she can’t do that–but I’m just saying it’s been it’s been less than four days since he came home. She’s not going to leave him with a babysitter just to go out and have lunch–like she’s just not there the point in her life.

That got me thinking — does Jason have to go to Crimson Point? Why can’t he be the one that stays home? After that I sat down my restructure my final chapters based on, you know, Liz leaves Jason stays. That was Tuesday.

I wrote two chapters hour and a half and then yes, Wednesday. I wrote the two chapters. And then yesterday I finished and I wrote the last chapter and it’s all done and it was just like that simple. It was just a matter of and for some reason being very very psychic and knowing exactly the right question to ask me. And me taking a moment to realize just because I outlined it some way–I mean, there are a couple of things that do get lost by it not being the way I anticipated. There’s a Michael thing that I was hoping–I really would have liked to have come full circle on but it’s okay that it’s not there. I think overall the things I get by making the change are better than the things I lose and I can still look for a way for that to be full circle later on, like in revisions. I was really–until I made that choice to make that change–I was really thinking about Why don’t I just write what I originally have outlined then I’ll fix it and revisions but in by fixing them like I would just I would basically have to rewrite it. And I’m just not in the mood right now to create more work for myself.

Like it’s one thing to write something get to the end of it and think that didn’t 100% work or een 90% work. Like that’s the way I feel about the middle part of the story–the middle 17 chapters that were written first but ended up being in the middle because they don’t fit now–I know how much work they’re going to need. So the last thing I want to do is create more. For myself, I don’t ever want to go into a scene thinking it’s alright, if it doesn’t work. I’ll fix it in revisions. I’d rather have that attitude after I’m done. Like there’s a Laura and Carly scene. I was really I wrote it early early in the whole draft and I was like, I thought that might be a relationship I could play with but they’re ended up not really being room for it. So when I go back through edits, I’m probably gonna end up removing that scene and that’s okay. Like I like that scene. I’ll probably post it somewhere isn’t it as a deleted scene, but I you know, it doesn’t really fit with the overall story ended up telling so that’s different though, because that was me playing around with that characters characters in a scene hat isn’t bad. It just isn’t going to fit the narrative I can cut that but it’s another thing to go into a scene thing. Yeah, this is not going to work, but I’m going to fix it in reisions. Anyway, like I don’t want to create that work for myself.

So mad world book 3 is done. It’s going to be released to the well done. I used on so subjectively it’s going into revisions. So it is Friday the day that I am filming that you guys are probably seen this on Saturday if This video worked because this is now the third time I filmed at the first time I messed up the audio. I’m not great at this. I’m using a new camera today as you can probably tell from the quality. So apologies and I’m messing up where I’m supposed to look because I have to look somewhere different now–apologies for that as well. I am not a professional, you know.

I’m taking the next few days off Friday and Saturday and on Sunday and Monday, I’m going to reread the whole thing and make like large scale notes about what are specific stories I missed. What are some specific things I want to do and then I’m going to go through a chapter. By chapter breaking it down making like I’m going to plant it chapter by chapter and then go through a chapter by chapter.

So I’ll check in with you guys next week because I should be kind of closer to getting into a full-scale edit. I really am thinking that the first 15 chapters are probably just clean up go for consistency–Spellings,  typos just stuff like that. There’s a couple of points. I want to hit a little harder. It’s the middle chapters that are probably gonna need the most work and I think that I’m going to make sure that I have at least 17 days of just working on them.  Alright, so today is August 7th. I’m taking off today and tomorrow so it looks fresher on the 9th and the 10th. I’m going to reread and then by the 16th, I want to start working. But now that I’m looking at that–that only gives me two full weeks to rewrite all those chapters in case I need to rewrite all those chapters.

You know what though? If I have to take part of September to go through the beta draft. That’s actually okay because I’m end up taking a whole week from revisions this point. So yeah, so that’s the goal is August 31st. If I don’t make it it is what it is. It’s okay. The better my beta draft is the easier that third draft is so the October 6th 8th shouldn’t shouldn’t change a lot. I’m not really I see no reason with the first draft being done in August whiBye.le you guys Not have it in October 6. All right, so that is part 5 of Writing Mad World. I will see you guys next week with part 6 in which we will have a better sense of how much work I’ve created for myself.

Your Update Link: Whatever It Takes, Part 16

Another series is finished and moves into revision. As I said last week, I wanted to finish all current series in progress, then take off the last week of August to get ready for the new school year. Once I know if I’ll be back to work full-time in September, I’ll work out a schedule and unveil the next set of series, one of which will include the sequel to Darkest Before the Dawn. I’m still working on revision ideas for An Everlasting Love — Mad World has eaten all my energy, lol. That’s another reason I want to take off the last week of August.

I started working on the beta draft for Mad World and we’re getting closer to the idea of splitting this into two books. I’m pretty sure I’ll know for sure after I complete today’s work. Each day, I’m taking ten chapters and looking over notes, adding scenes and chapters where they need to be. I’ve added plans for about six or seven scenes in existing chapters and then two more chapters — on top of at least five or six chapters I know have to be added to today’s batch of ten. That’s only the first half of the book — you see why I might be splitting it.

See you guys tomorrow!

August 11, 2020

Your Update Link: Desperate Measures, Part 17

Good morning! It’s been a very annoying 24 hours. I was supposed to have Zoom job interview yesterday and then I realized that the principal said Monday, August 11. I was working on this week’s Bullet Journal spread, and uh, it turns out Monday is August 10. So at 10 AM I suddenly found myself wondering — when exactly does this principal think our interview is? There I was, all washed, dressed, and ready — and it’s today instead. The universe is against me.

In other news — that third episode tag isn’t quite ready and I’m annoyed because it was supposed to follow Friday’s show with Jason’s accident and will make much less sense now. Luckily, through reading your comments, it looks like 85% of you are not watching currently so you probably won’t notice. Heh. I’ll try to work on it today and get it finished. It’s my favorite of the three, so I’m definitely writing it.

MAD WORLD! I finally finished reading the draft yesterday but it took FOREVER, lol. I didn’t finish until after 9 and I had to get to bed to get for my interview. I’m going to sit down today and start sketching out the big changes I wanna make. As you guys know, this story is ALREADY a beast with forty chapters and 235k. Based on my initial read, I’m going to have to add anywhere from 5-7 to chapters.

I’m still not sure how it’s going to affect publication. I was pleasantly surprised that the middle chapters I was sure would need the most work aren’t that bad — the first few chapters need more work — but the rest of the chapters need tweaks and additions. That makes me feel a lot better about getting a full beta draft done on time.

For Fool Me Twice, I spent some time on Saturday and Sunday working on it, but not yesterday. Today, I’ll be getting back to my daily 25 minutes sprints and hopefully adding a second one to spend a full 50 minutes on discovery.

There are two videos on the channel that got uploaded, but I want to put separate posts with their text highlights. My schedule is getting a little crunched, to be honest, because this interview is on a different day than I was expecting. The only reason I can fit Flash Fiction in today is because I’m washing my hair at 9 AM, then letting it lightly dry until after Flash Fic because it’ll be faster to dry it.  I’ll be back with them later.

August 10, 2020

Your Update Links: Darkest Before the Dawn, Part 12 | This Is Me Trying

Happy Monday! Sorry for not posting the episode tag yesterday. I woke up SUPER late because I accidentally stayed up until 3 AM on Saturday night (LISTEN I AM AN ADULT I DO WHAT I WANT). I knew I had to really focus on getting as far as possible in rereading Mad World, so I just put it off and then never got a chance to get back to it.  I still need to add it to the Alphabetical List & Alternate History page. I’ll do that today.

Like Strong Enough, I included an in depth recap. It’s not exactly tied to Strong Enough, but you could see them existing in the same universe. It’s not Jason/Elizabeth — more of an explanation of the Jake shares debacle, LOL, and getting Elizabeth and Sam in a scene together. I hope you enjoy This Is Me Trying. I should have the third tag, If Wishes Came True, tomorrow or Wednesday. (And yes, I’ve been listening to a lot of Taylor Swift’s folklore, why do you ask?)

I’m working on rereading Mad World today, so that’s obviously the priority. I have lots of thoughts, but I want to wait until I’m done rereading to share them. I’ll see you guys tomorrow!

August 8, 2020

Your Update Links: Whatever It Takes – Part 15 | Strong Enough

That’s right – I have a surprise ficlet (Strong Enough) for you guys and even more interesting news — it’s the first of at least three stories I was inspired to write by watching four episodes of General Hospital this week.

I want to take a moment for you to digest that statement because I am as shocked and appalled by it as you are. I watched FOUR episodes of GH yesterday and was IMMEDIATELY inspired to write episode tags. Just so there’s no misunderstanding — these episodes were not from 1999, 2002, 2006, or even 2012 — They were episodes that aired August 3-6, 2020.


So today, I have the first episode tag for you. It fits between Wednesday and Thursday’s episodes, after that gorgeous Sonny and Elizabeth scene (wait. did i just say that about something on THIS SHOW??) in the hospital and before Jason’s scenes at the courthouse on Thursday with Chase and Jordan. If you’re not super sure what’s going on with the show these days, I’ve included a recap in the timeline portion of the story. This is the level of detail that I hope my timelines will have going forward. Let me know if it helped.

Tomorrow and Monday, I will update with the next two episode tags. I did a quick Twitter poll last night to choose the order because I honestly had no preference — I WANT TO WRITE THEM ALL. YOU GUYS WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME.  If you want a preview of the next two stories, I already posted their info on the Alternate History page. Just skip to 2017-Present.

Please enjoy. I will see you guys tomorrow with This Is Me Trying.

August 7, 2020

Your Update Link: Desperate Measures, Part 16

If you’ve visited this page after getting the email update notification, then you get to see the title, and yes, you are not wrong. You’re not hallucinating. Yesterday, I finally FINISHED the first draft of this massive insane mess, lol. After 653 pages, 235k words, and arounf 100 hours of my blood, sweat, and tears — Book 3’s first draft is done and available at Patreon for $3 and up tiers. It is, I repeat, a giant mess but it’s there if you want it.

Fool Me TwiceWhile I take two days off from Mad World, I’m digging in more deeply to Fool Me Twice discovery and am super excited about the Jason scenes I planned yesterday. I found a REALLY great way to revisit the AJ murder mess that lets me not only revisit Jason’s early history, but Sonny and Carly’s relationship with Michal AS WELL AS Liason history with Jake and their friendship AND MONICA GETS TO SCREAM AT CARLY. LOL. I am freaking pumped to write that section of the story.

Filmed vlogs for Mad World and Fool Me Twice — Mad World will be up tomorrow, I think, and you’ll see today’s episode of FMT in about a week — there are still two more episodes from last Friday that need to be posted.

See you guys tomorrow!

August 6, 2020

Your Update Link: Darkest Before the Dawn – Part 11

Reminder: I use the little photos to indicate different topics in my update posts, so you can skip to anything you want read more easily.

Good morning! (Can I still call it morning? LOL) This update is late for…reasons.  I had a great day yesterday and stayed up a bit late working on a few things — and that was a mistake. One of my favorite YouTube channels uploaded a 4hr36 minute documentary about the career and downfall of YouTube influencer Nikocado Avocado, and…I started watching it. I did not finish it — but I was up until midnight, then turned off my alarm and rolled over. I have no good defense except I have a shameful secret: I am OBSESSED with YouTube influence drama scandals. I’ve traced it back to the fact that my soap operas are boring and these people are MESSY. I’m not proud of it…but that’s why your flash fiction is late.


I had a great day writing yesterday — I wrote two chapters and today, after lunch, I’ll be starting the FINAL chapter in Book 3. That’s right, folks — I am FINALLY at the end of this beast. I have two epilogues planned but because the draft is so crazy messy, I think it might be easier for me to write effective epilogues once I’ve done the first pass at revisions. Either way, we’re finally nearing the end of the journey with this trilogy which feels suuuuper weird, I’m not gonna lie. I’ve been living with this story in one way or another since 2004, and almost full-time for the last four years so I think we’re all going to enjoy moving on to something so different like a 2017 rewrite.

Once the first draft is done, it’ll be posted at Patreon, and then I’m putting it away for two full days. On Sunday, I’ll reread it — this might take me into Monday, too, I won’t lie. I’ll start making notes about revisions. After that, I’ll start structuring the beta draft, figuring out what to edit, what to cut, what to add, etc. I hope that will take me about a week. Then — I’ll start moving through it chapter by chapter. The hope is to be done the beta draft by August 31. I lost about a week of revision time (optimally — I’d be starting that chapter by chapter work next week) so I might be a week off everywhere, We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

In my final bit of news for the day — I’m making more progress on the Alternate History temporary page. The plan for this week is just to finish writing out the new summaries and copy. I’d love if you guys took a quick look at it and let me know if you think it makes sense, if it helps you get a better sense of what you’re reading. I finished updating the copy for 2002 last night, and will finish the rest of it by Satuday, I think.



Today’s video is the next video in my FMT vlog series. I’m filming tomorrow for Mad World and Fool Me Twice, so if anyone has anything they want me to talk about, let me know. 

Fool Me Twice – Video 2 – Who’s in this Story Anyway???

  • I start with a brief recap of Video 1 — setting out the premise and why I write the story.
  • Who should be in this story? Who gets the POV and story?
  • Four main POV characters — Jason and Drew as main, Elizabeth and Sam are secondary leads.
  • Drew as a blank slate.
  • Who are my endgame couples? Do my readers want Jason/Sam? (Spoiler Alert: I’ve met you guys, so no.)
  • Brainstorming characters – who should be in Jason and Drew’s story and why?
  • Trying to avoid spoilers.
  • More Andre and Anna. No Peters allowed. More WSB and Cassadine. Deeper levels of bad guys.
  • Jason as Patient 6. My Patients 1-4 will be different. (Drew being 5)
  • Using Cassadine and Spencer back story, digging back to Cassadine screwing with memory and brainwashing for long time.
  • Bringing in Helena’s hatred of Elizabeth
  • Who are the characters? What are their relationships to each other? What is their history? What can they bring to the table separately from their connection to Jason and Drew?
  • Mini-rant about Ryan story centering on Ava and how I am NOT rewriting it.
  • Summary – connecting Video 1 to 2 and how it fits together in the process.
  • What makes me excited to write this one.

August 5, 2020

Your Update Link: Whatever It Takes – Part 14

Another day, another flash fiction for you. I just sat down to look at my calendar of Flash Fictions, and it looks like Whatever It Takes will wrap up next Wednesday — only two more parts! It’ll go into revisions as well. Then Darkest Before the Dawn and Desperate Measures will wrap up the week after — all four series will be completed on August 22. I’m going to take a vacation, reset, and work through revision ideas. Then I’ll be back with the sequel series to Darkest Before the Dawn in September. I should know the schedule by then as well.

Yesterday, I managed to finish merging the Ficlets onto the temporary Alternate History page, and all that honestly means is I put them all onto the table in chronological order. It’s honestly the easiest part of the whole project, LOL. Next, I have to write all the copy (summaries and details), THEN I have to do the hard work of moving the stories into that category, creating graphics, etc. But hey! This is also an important step.

Today, I’m going to be spending all day writing Mad World. I was having some tiny issues with the end of the story — I knew exactly how it should end, but sometimes it’s hard to put characters into situations without them doing absolutely stupid things, LOL. And I try really hard to keep my characters from being dumb. So I was glaring at my screen yesterday, then Ang came along to help me fix it. So today and tomorrow, I’m finishing up the draft. Then I’m taking Friday and Saturday off from Mad World — and I’ll be reading the draft on Sunday. On Monday, we’ll go into revisions. This should be interesting.

See you guys tomorrow for the next part of Darkest Before the Dawn!

August 4, 2020

Your Update Link: Desperate Measures, Part 15

Hey! As I said yesterday, today’s Flash Fiction was delayed. I thought it would be due to the doctor’s appointment I had this morning, but the tropical storm decided that I wasn’t leaving the house, heh. The worst of the rain for my area with the flash floods would have been when I was supposed to be driving there and back, so I rescheduled. I still decided to wait until the worst of the rain and wind had cleared in case I had a power outage. We’re all good here now 🙂

Plugging along with Mad World. Can’t believe there are only three chapters left! Some of the early feedback from Patreons is starting to roll in, and I really appreciate all the ways they’re helping me sort out where stories and characters kind of get dropped. That’s one of the interesting things that happens when you write something with so many characters that is so big — you start getting really focused on the big things, and the little stuff gets dropped. Revisions will be weird, lol.

The first video in the Fool Me Twice vlog is dropping today — I’ve embedded it below with text highlights. On Friday, I’m making the next set of videos — a follow up to Mad World to kick off revisions, and a summary of discovery for this week. Let me know in advance if there’s anything you want to me talk about in those videos.

I’ll see you guys tomorrow!




  • this title is totally taken from the Sega Lion King video game. Every time you started the game, you’d get Timon’s voice saying “it starts” and, like, I died a lot so it’s embedded in my brain, lol.)
  • Also — I filmed a first version of this that ended up being a 16 min rant about how terrible the show did with this story.
  • How I start stories — I start with kind of premise. What am I doing? Why am writing this? What makes me want to rewrite this story?
  • Talking briefly about last year — I get more into last year’s problems in Video 4.
  • Learned a lot about my process that I’m going to apply this year.
  • Excited to write a story without a lot of trauma and sexual violence, soooo yay. Except Franco is in this one.
  • What is the premise. (I debate the plural of this word briefly).
  • I rewrite the show more than creating new universes. What story am I rewriting?
  • Two reasons I rewrite:
    • 1. I like the show’s version, but they zigged instead of zagged. What if they’d zagged? (this relates to the story I wrote with Broken Girl. Love the 2006 Liason reconnection, but wanted a different spin centering on Liz not Lucky.
    • 2.  The show’s version was garbage. See: Mad World. And Fool Me Twice is also this. LOL.
  • Biggest problem with the show is that they didn’t think through the implications of the memory swap, didn’t use all the history they couldn’t have, Oscar and Kim didn’t work in practice because they had no emotional connection to Drew because he didn’t know them. That would have changed Drew’s story a lot. How to fix Oscar.
  • Franco got centered for no reason that made sense – if you want that, let’s do something interesting with it that builds on history.
  • My idea is to take advantage of all the ways to deepen the story and create long-term consequences. A big miss was the Ava situation — could have given us a way to deal with AJ and Morgan again and bring up Sonny/Carly’s sins.
  • Sam got screwed out of a whole-ass emotional journey and all of those characters deserved more.
  • Also want to play with Drew/Liz friendship.
  • I want the show to call Sonny/Carly out on their hypocrisy more.
  • Using the same beats the show did but changing the bad guy and spending more time with emotional beats and reconnections.
  • Mini-rant about GH because none of the stories have consequences. I’m thinking of 90s – Jason’s lost of memories in 1996 like Franco in 2019 — but Franco got his back and nothing changed. Jason didn’t — everything changed. Serial killer story changed nothing.
  • Books 1 and 2 mostly plotted out — Book 3 depends on Books 1 and 2.
  • this first video rambles a bit because it’s really kind of my thinking through ideas of a story and all the things I’d like to do.
  • Really want to focus on Jason/Drew relationship, particularly building a character for Drew.
  • Then I have brief recap of everything that we’ve taked about that gets moved into the next step of the process with shade thrown at the useless of Peter.

August 3, 2020

Your Update Link: Darkest Before the Dawn, Part 10

Happy Monday! Feeling great today — woke up on time and getting everything done on schedule. It’s really satisfying to be on top of things again and resetting realistic expectations. I’m also dipping my toes into the CG Facelist project as well again. I updated the Recent Updates page with news from July 21-through Saturday. Because it’s all Flash Fiction, I didn’t spend a lot of time with links because you can find all the Flash Fiction on the same page. I just linked that at the top. I’m hoping to get back into the habit of updating that more often.

I also continued the Alternate History redesign. I decided the best way forward was to finish planning the reoganization by writing the new copy for the page and merging all relevant stories onto that page. Then, when I start to update the individual stories, I can take my time, work on the graphics, and get it all done faster and more efficiently. You can view progress on the Working AH page I set up to avoid any issues on the current AH page. I’m finished writing the descriptions through 2005, but tomorrow I want to merge Series & Ficlet titles so that it’s all up to date.

In writing news, I spent the weekend working on finishing Mad World’s first draft and dipping into Fool Me Twice’s discovery draft. I have four chapters left to write, putting me on target to finish on Thursday. Chapters 51-82 have been posted on Patreon for $3 and above tiers. The last eight chapters and epilogues should be up by Friday.  Around 600 pages have been made available — honestly not sure how long the last eight chapters will be. This thing is a beast, LOL.

I’m only spending about 20 minutes a day right now on the FMT discovery, but I’m excited to start planning it with the changes I’ve been working on. The first episode of my FMT vlog will be posted tomorrow. I’ll embed it and add text highlights.

The last thing I want to say for today is that tomorrow’s Flash Fiction update will be up in the afternoon. I have a doctor’s appointment at 8:45 AM, and I won’t be back by 10 AM because the office is almost a half hour away and wait time for this place has been known to last almost an hour, lol. So I’ll get the update up when it’s ready.