Site & Story Status Update – November 2020

So sorry about not updating last night! I was out trick or treating with the family — my mom, my sister and brother, my cousin, and the six nieces and nephews mixed between them — and just before we got home, my cousin tripped and fell. Since I didn’t have any kids to wrangle, I ended up in the ER with her until almost 9. I’ll try to make up Signs of Life sometime this week, but I also just might skip. We’ll see.

Also — this post isn’t as detailed as they normally are. I usually write the post, then use it as a script to make the video but, uh, not this month.


General Life Update

  • I got a job. It made it difficult to write as much as I had during the summer, but we knew that would happen.
  • I get into the weeds a bit about it in the video, but basically — want to write, lack energy some days.

Site & Channel Update

  • Facelift on hiatus until Christmas Break.
  • Planning some Nano videos for FMT and wrap-up for Mad World.

Individual Stories

Mad World

  • Book 3 now out. Assumed you guys liked it since no one complained, LOL.
  • Book 4 doesn’t have an official date since I’m trying to fit it in in the background, but if not done by March, it will go into the Damaged slot for September 2021 release.
  • Some more information in the video about how Book 4 is different — a bit lighter, maybe.

Fool Me Twice

  • I talk about my full NaNoWriMo plans — 25 chapters in 30 days. My upcoming teaching schedule works a bit in our favor, but only 2020 cooperates and thus far, the year has shown no plans to do that.
  • I wrote about six chapters for FMT in October — finished Chapter 7 on Halloween.
  • Enjoying it so far. Would be so much further if I hadn’t gone back to work.

Flash Fiction

  • Uh, it exists. This month, the schedule might be a bit uneven with Nanowrimo, but we’ll see.

And that’s it!


  • I’m just in awe of you. 6th graders are something else. I don’t miss all the duties or in services at all so I feel your pain. You’re so funny.

    According to arcoiris0502 on November 1, 2020