April 27, 2020

Mark your calendars! Next monday, we’re going to launch For the Broken Girl, Book 1: Reflections of You! I finished the beta draft this evening and have uploaded it for my Crimson Devoted Tier at Patreon. From here, I need to do last minute typo and spelling checks, but we’re as close to done as one can be. So excited!

For the Broken Girl is, I think, the longest story I’ve written. Before this, it was Book 2 of Mad World which was about 170k and The Best Think at 168k. Broken Girl is 178k. I’m actually pretty excited about this because before January, I didn’t have a single word of this particular draft done at all. I wrote all of that in the last four months.

I posted a lot about it on Twitter and Patreon, and since I started the revisions, in a vlog on the channel at YouTube, so definitely check out those places for updates more often.

I’m going to be working on promotional stuff to get the site ready — it’s been about six months since I was updating regularly. I’ll be posting this book three times a week, from May 4 through around July 11. Can’t wait for you guys to read it!

April 9, 2020

This is a text version of a video I posted on the channel last week, but I know not a lot of people can watch the videos.


  • I’m working from home like a lot of people but with an added twist — a week and a half into remote learning, my district decided that there was no point in paying me and the teacher I’ve been subbing for since November to be at home, so they brought her back. What a time to nearly be out of a job!
  • Luckily, my principal found a spot for me and I took over Spanish. It’s an elective, so it has a bit of a smaller workload than my ELA/Science classes. I’m just happy to still have a job!

Site & Channel Updates

  • Ebooks are the big thing I’m hoping to get sorted out next week. I’m going to be using Scrivener for my ebook output, but I have learn how to use the format. I’m on spring break starting tomorrow, so it’s something I’m putting on the list.
  • Channel – I’m running two video series right now – Camp NaNoWriMo & Revising Broken Girl. Both are windows into my current projects, Broken Girl and Mad World, Book 3, so make sure you’re subscribed!  I’ve linked the most recent videos below.They’re almost always less than ten minutes.

Story Updates

  • Alpha Draft of For the Broken Girl was completed on schedule on March 28, and I dug into the revisions for the Beta Draft over this last weekend. I’ve started the rewrites and revisions, and hope to be finished them by April 19.
  • If you’re a Pateron Supporter at the Crimson Devoted ($5), you’ll get the Beta draft by that point. The Posting Draft/Ebook is scheduled be ready any day between May 1-5 for those of you on the Crimson Adored ($7) tier.
  • Book 1 will be published three times a week, starting Monday, May 5.
  • I started Mad World, Book 3‘s alpha draft last week. I set a soft deadline of May 15 (boy, it’d be great to be done by this date!) and a hard deadline of June 15 (any later than this, and we have to move the September publication date)
  • The next project is Fool Me Twice. I’ll be starting that discovery draft on June 1 and going into the alpha draft for Camp NaNoWriMo in July.

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