Crimson Glass: 2020 in Review & The Year Ahead

Note: This is not a transcript of the video. I wrote it before I filmed the video. It’s the basic facts. I get into more detail and whatnot in the video if you’re interested.

Recapping 2020: The General Gist

  • 2020 was, uh, a year that happened which is probably the best I can say at this point.
  • In all seriousness, outside of the world falling apart and the pandemic, for me, personally, 2020 had a lot of ups and downs personally and career wise. I took over my parents’ house at the end of 2019, but 2020 was the year where I definitely proved I could handle it financially, even on the reduced income I was making last year as a long-term sub.
  • Professionally, I worked every day over the last two academic years which is great. Last year, I worked as a long-term substitute in one district, then was fortunate to find full-time district employment in a new school this year. I have a steady paycheck, paid holidays, more sick and personal time, and health insurance. It’s a one-year contract but the odds are in my favor that as long as this position is here next year, I should get an invitation to return.
  • Writing wise, this was also my best year on record. I spent a lot of the year studying my own process and refining it so that I could be more productive and make firmer promises about release dates and quality.  I wrote more this year than any year since I started writing Liason fanfiction in 2002 and 2003.

Recapping 2020: Site & Channel

  • The site underwent massive renovations which are continuing through next year. I moved the site to its new home on a domain which allowed me to create sub-sites for my larger stories and create a more immersive experience for each story. I also began reorganizing how my stories are presented and making an effort to make the site more user friendly and easier to navigate.
  • I started the YouTube channel last December, then relaunched in February with a firmer idea of how it would be used. I have a quasi-schedule with monthly site & story status updates as well as individual story vlogs. I did a few livestreams as well. It was my goal to be more accessible to the community since I decided to start releasing my projects all at once so I might disappear for a few weeks or months between releases.

Recapping 2020: Promises Kept

  • Last year, I made two big promises. I said that you would get For The Broken Girl, Book 1, and Mad World, Book 3. I kept both those promises. Broken Girl was released in May and June, and Mad World Book 3 was my first giant, all-at-once release, which I think went over pretty well.
  • I also said I wanted to write more flash fiction and short stories. I did both of those things, particularly during the summer with daily flash fiction.
  • I’m really proud of myself for setting realistic goals and then holding myself to general deadlines. I might have missed some internal deadlines for first drafts and releases, but once I gave you guys firm dates for releases, I kept them.

What’s Next in 2021: General Life

  • In 2021, I hope to continue my professional success. If I get invited back next year, I’m on the tenured track which would be amazing. I’m looking into getting additional certificates in middle school ELA, Science, and French to make myself more useful to the district and my observations this year have led me to believe that as long as – A, the position is here and B, I don’t mess up somehow, I’m in good shape to return.
  • I have a lot of personal projects to work on in the house I took over — as soon as I’m on tenure track, I’m going to buy the house from my parents and start making renovations — painting, working on the bathroom, kitchen, and making my office and bedroom even more suited to my needs.
  • Writing wise, I’m going to continue my 2020 approach:  tracking my process to make adjustments, being kind and generous to myself by taking time off when I need it, and keeping firm promises to the community.

What’s Next in 2021: Site & Channel

  • I plan to continue working on the site renovations which are detailed in the Crimson Glass Facelift post I put together. I have some larger projects (the sub-sites) to work on. I also want to relaunch some of my older ebooks by cleaning them up and redesigning them. I want to offer more ebooks as well.
  • The channel is going to have more regular content. As I get better with editing, it becomes easier to do that. We’ll keep the monthly site & story status updates, and I’ll be adding weekly vlogs for whatever project I’m working on.
  • I’m also interested in doing more GH commentary on the channel in 2021. One of my resolutions this year is to put GH and Days back in my daily schedule. I fell off this year because I was busy with work, but I do miss my soaps.
  • I’d be interested in doing an Live Q&As if that’s something anyone wanted.

What’s Next in 2021: New Promises

  • This coming year, I will be publishing three novels which is realistic since one of them is already drafted. General release dates are as follows:
    • Fool Me Twice, Book 1: February 2021
    • For the Broken Girl, Book 2: June 2021
    • Mad World, Book 4: October 2021
  • I also plan to work on the following projects
    • Fool Me Twice, Book 1:
      • Revisions: January & February 2021
    • For the Broken Girl
      • Discovery: January 2021
      • Alpha: February-March 2021
      • Revisions: April-May 2021
    • Mad World, Book 4 (this might change — I’ll keep you updated)
      • Alpha: June-July 2021
      • Revisions: August-September 2021
    • Fool Me Twice, Book 2
      • Discovery: August-September 2021
      • Alpha: October-November 2021
      • Revisions in 2022. Expected release February 2022.
  • Flash Fiction & Short Stories
    • I don’t have a firm date to reintroduce and complete in progress flash fiction at this time. I’m spending part of my holiday break thinking it over.
    • Once they do come back, we’ll probably be doing one story at a time on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays until all are complete.
    • I won’t be writing any new flash fiction until the stories I’ve posted have been revised and republished.


  • Wow! You accomplished many things in 2020. I wish you lots of luck in keeping your teaching job. It never hurts to have more certifications especially in Science. I’m so in awe of your organizational skills. I also enjoy learning about your writing process. It’s so interesting to me. I’m excited about all of your novels.

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